Other TPiR Links

Various links we have compiled throughout the days, and months, and years… If you want your link or another link that isn’t here to be posted, just post in the forum, or drop us a line at tpirblog@balloflightning.com

Name/Link Comments/Description
Official TPiR Site (CBS) CBS’s Official Site
The Fabulous 60 Minute TPiR Site Great site to find clips of all sorts of things; bloopers, great wins… A must see!
TPiR Summaries Site loaded with TPiR statistics and detailed daily summaries
Bigion’s Games Site with lots of downloadable PC games, including TPiR!
Lycos Gamesville Play TPiR online at Lycos Gamesville… Only a handful of games though…
A Salute to Pricing Games Comprehensive list of pricing games with dates, stats, and pictures…
Golden-Road.net (formerly TPiR Update) Chat about TPiR at Golden Road!  Great site for behind-the-scenes at Studio 33 (a.k.a. Bob Barker Studio)

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