Odds of winning

Are you a gambling man… or woman?  Here’s the breakdown of odds of winning pricing games on the price is right.  Odds/games in green are easiest to win, odds/games in yellow are harder to win, odds/games in orange are even harder to win and games in red are the hardest to win on TPiR!  This list only assumes perfection (such as $50,000 on Plinko), and that a contestant plays the game correctly (such as winning all the choices on Pass The Buck).  It also assumes random choices for games like It’s In The Bag– obviously the more shopper oriented you are (or are able to listen to the audience!) the better your chances to win!

Game Odds
5 Price Tags 1:2.5
Barker’s Bargain Bar 1:2
Bonkers 1:8 (Two tries), 1:4 (Four tries)
Bonus Game 1:2
Bulls-eye 1:2.5
Buy or Sell 1:2
Check Game NO ODDS
Check Out NO ODDS
Clearance Sale 1:3
Cliffhangers NO ODDS
Coming or Going? 1:2
Credit Card 1:10
Danger Price 1:4
Double Prices 1:2
EZ as 1-2-3 1:3
Flip Flop 1:3
Freeze Frame 1:8
Grand Game 1:15
Grocery Game NO ODDS
Half Off 1:2
Hi-Lo 1:20
Hit Me 1:2
It’s in the Bag 1:720
Joker 1:2.5
Line ‘Em Up 1:9
Magic # NO REAL ODDS (Pick $1600 and you’ll win 9 out of 10 times– or at least, that used to be the case)
Make Your Move 1:6
Master Key 1:2.5 (car), 1:5 (master key)
Most Expensive 1:3
Now or Then 1:3.33333333
One Right Price 1:2
One Wrong Price 1:3
Pathfinder 1:3 (if contestant gets all prizes correct)
Pick a Number 1:3
Pick-a-Pair 1:2.5
Penny Ante 1:2.5
Plinko (winning $50,000!) 1:59049
Poker Game 1:2
Punch-a-Bunch 1:25
Pushover 1:5
Race Game 1:8
Range Game 1:4
Safecrackers 1:6
Secret X 1:2 (both X’s), 1:3 (one x)
Shell Game 1:2
Shopping Spree 1:4
Side by Side 1:2
Squeeze Play 1:3
Step Up 1:24 (Win everything), 1:6 (Three prizes), 1:2 (Two Prizes)
Swap Meet 1:3
Switch? 1:2
Switcheroo 1:5
Take Two 1:3
Temptation 1:16
Triple Play

1:24 (Must win all cars)

3 Comments on “Odds of winning”

  1. James Says:

    (I realize these aren’t the parameters for the probability, but..)

    For secret X, assuming you guess the first prize correctly, isn’t it in your best interest to put all 3 X’s on the same side? Even if it is a complete coin flip, your probability of winning is 50% either way. 50% guessing the prize vs. (50%*1/3 + 1/3) Also, we can all assume that the contestant has at least some knowledge of the prize (or with the audience’s help) and as his or her knowledge increases, so does the benefit of putting all X’s on one side.

    -math student home sick

  2. Bill M Says:

    James, could you explain the rules of the game? I can picture the game board and the “X”es, but I don’t remember how it is played. Thanks.

  3. ron labonte Says:

    don’t you think with odds like 60000 to one for plinko you should raise up the odds like if you get all 4 first 10000 chips if you win the last one you can win like one million dollars ,you know no one is ever going to win it anyway but your raitings will go up just cause you can win one million dollars at plinko

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