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5 Comments on “Link to Us!”

  1. john hess Says:

    what has happened to rich fields??
    has he retired or gotten fired??
    has he gone on vacation or somewhere to lose wght like drew did (personally, i don’t think he needs to lose anything)??
    who is this JD character – a replacement or a sub for rich??
    been a fan for more than40 years now and someday hope to get out there someday soon and be on the show before i die!!

  2. Debra Paishon Says:

    What happened to Rich Fields ? The guy that is doing the announcing now is horrible !! He has one of them voices that makes me cringe ! Because of this new announcer I do not watch the show as often as I used to . Personally I think you should bring back Rich , he is the only one to date that can come close to filling Rod Roddy’s shoes .
    Please bring Rich back . I love the show but this new guy is ruining it .

  3. Colin Says:

    Information as to Rich Fields whereabouts circa Fall 2010 can be found here.

  4. Joanna Danner Says:

    Price is Right visit to be aired on April 20th was fixed. No one after number 150 was called. Cursory interview for anyone over number 150 so they pretend we all had an equal chance to dazzle them. Also, big snafu with last contestant. One name called which did not appear to be the name written on the card – show runner had panicked look and ran to side to confer. Card was never shown?!Was my name on the card? Something was definitely rotten in Denmark.

  5. Joanna Says:

    The name debacle at the end of show needs further investigation. In addition, why even say that everyone would have an equal opportunity when it was obvious that the decision was made way in advance. This smacks of a fix similar to 64 Thousand Dollar Question…..

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