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We have many, many readers who write to us saying they had been on the Price is Right, and had a great time at the show and the surrounding California area.  We want to hear your story!!!  Here’s all you have to do… Remember you can be a contestant, audience member, employee, anyone to write a review…

1.) Write a description of your visit to the show, describing how you felt, what people were like, where you stayed, where you ate, what time you got to the show, etc.  It can be as little as a brief summary, or you can make it your own novel!

2.)  Copy these questions and answer them in an e-mail:

  • Where did you stay?
  • What are some of the places you ate and how did you enjoy the experience?
  • Where else did you visit besides TPiR when you were in California?
  • What time did you arrive at the studio the day of the taping?
  • Describe what you had to do in the screening process before the show.
  • What was your first reaction to being in Bob Barker Studio
  • How was the atmosphere inside the studio?
  • Did things run smoothly?
  • How was the show, and was it different from watching at home?
  • If you were lucky enough to get picked as a contestant, how excited were you to be on the show?  Did you make it out of Contestant’s Row?  If so, what game did you play?
  • After the show, how did the staff treat the audience members?
  • Overall, give a brief description of how you enjoyed your visit to TPiR.

Remember to send all interviews/reviews to with the words “Interview” or “Review” somewhere in the message title… Please also make sure to include your name and the date(s) you attended the show… We will post as soon as time permits… You will get your own page, detailing your experiences!

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