Get in Contestant’s Row!

Going to TPiR for the first time?  Need to know how to get into contestants row?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Here you will find our info on how to get on TPiR!  Have a suggestion we don’t have here?  Feel free to e-mail us at:

What you should try your very hardest to do:

WEAR A TPiR SHIRT:  Not a store bought one, but rather a homemade one.  It’s advertising that sells itself for TPiR.  Plus what’s better than a delirious fan in a “PLINKO OR BUST” shirt?

WEAR A COLLEGE SWEATER:  TPiR strives to bring in youthful viewers and reward them for being on TPiR.

WEAR A MILITARY UNIFORM:  Especially after 9/11, the military has been well represented on TPiR.

TRY TO COME WITH A LARGE GROUP:  Go with college buddies, nursing home buddies, or mix in with any group there.  Odds are that one member of the group is picked, and even if aren’t that lucky, hopefully you will known the person that is.

LOOK ALIVE AND HAPPY:  Don’t look tired, even if it has been a long wait.  If you are energetic while others around you are tired, you stick out like a sore thumb… In a good way though.

IMPRESS THE PRODUCERS:  Try to be nice and say impressive things such as “I used to come home during school to watch TPiR” or “I watched this show every day with my grandma.”  Note your TPiR achievements, such as in our case… WE HAVE A TPIR WEBSITE!

What you should try your very hardest not to do:

LOGO IS A NO GO:  Don’t wear logos, what’s embarrassing is a contestant who gets called up, and CBS demands them to take off their Adidas shirt.

DON’T TRY TO MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT:  Spiky hair, Nose or tongue rings, baggy pants halfway down your legs… These don’t sit well with producers.

DON’T BE OVEREMOTIONAL:  Don’t freak out when being interviewed and jump up and down like a 12 year-old girl… Imagine this person on TV.

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