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Cheaters never win! Or do they? Check out this playing of the Shell Game from the 1980s!

“The most talked about incident in the history of the show,” according to Bob Barker, involved a contestant named Yolanda. While running down to Contestants’ Row, she failed to notice that her tube top had slipped off, exposing her breasts. Upon recalling the incident, Barker explained, “She came on down, and they came on out!” When Bob reached the stage, he had no idea this had happened and was amazed at what he perceived to be the audience’s reaction to him, causing Johnny Olson to quip “Bob, they have given their all for you!” TV Guide ranked it as the 19th most unexpected moment in television history!

Poor Joy has no clue what she’s doing, but still manages to pull off a Ten Chances win!

This “slow-moving young man” takes it upon himself to neither flip nor flop!

He might be just a LITTLE bit over!

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  1. TIffany Says:

    Do you by any chance have a recording of the January 24th, 2013 episode?

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