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2010 State of the "TPiR Blog"

Jan. 23rd 2010

First, I’d like to thank Mario500 for his years of daily updates. They will be missed but were much appreciated by myself and the thousands and thousands of viewers that came to this site.

With his resignation, a new page (yes, another) is turned in the TPiR Blog’s history. We have existed since myself and my friend Jesse started it when we were in high school (2003). It has grown and grown for the last nine years and we reached record highs in terms of visitors during the entire 2009 year.

With 2010 I hope to bring even more TPiR tidbits to those who have bookmarked this site and those who stumble upon it through Google. I’m not sure the direction we will take yet, although I have been considering (for three years now) switching over to WordPress as our publishing software. In any event, daily updates are (obviously) temporarily suspended for the time being; but they might return in the future. We are the the midst of going game-by-game through the set of pricing games and that will continue for the remainder of this season. Hopefully we’ll have some other big things in store as we move into the spring.

The show has undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years and so have we here. We still look forward to the future. Those of you who drop by, please leave us a message! We are happy to share a little part of our day with you!

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