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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 6-26-2009)

Aug. 31st 2009

Grand Game: Bonnie lost $1000 (Target Price $4.75)

One Away: Amanda lost; Honda Accord ($22,864)

Squeeze Play: Robert lost; Trip to Barcelona, Spain ($8541)

Showcase Showdown #1: Robert wins with 90 cents

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: Meaghan wins; Headphones, Recliner, and Home Stepper

Squeeze Play: Fred wins (removed “0”); Honda Fit ($15,856)

Bonus Game: Craig wins (“Bonus” in Third Window); Spa and Barbecue Island

Showcase Showdown #2: Craig wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Robert wins; Trip to Miami, Florida, North Carolina, and Hearst Castle ($26,976 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-15-2009)

Aug. 28th 2009

Range Game: Susan lost; Hot Tub ($5233)

Now or Then: Valeria wins (“Then” October 1994); Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark

Money Game: Paul wins $165; Chevy Impala ($25,329)

Showcase Showdown #1: Paul wins with 90 cents

Bonkers: Casey lost; 50-inch Plasma TV and Cabinet ($6998)

Punch A Bunch: Randy wins $250 with 3 punches

Lucky 7: Dwight lost; Ford Mustang ($23,289)

Showcase Showdown #2: Casey wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Paul wins; Dining Room Group, Kitchen Island, Outdoor Seating Group, and Outdoor Theater System ($25,734 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-5-2009)

Aug. 27th 2009

Cover Up: Katherine lost; Chevy Impala ($25,134)

Most Expensive: John lost; Clothing, Motorscooter, and Home Waterfall

Shell Game: Courtney wins (Shell #2 contained Ball); Trip to Cleveland, Ohio and $500

Showcase Showdown #1: Courtney wins with 85 cents

Pick A Number: Renee wins (chose “4”); Trailer ($6495)

Line ‘Em Up: Michael wins; Freezer, Dumbbells, Web Camera, and Ford Focus ($19,360)

Bullseye: John hits $10.17; Trip to Hawaii

Showcase Showdown #2: John wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Courtney wins; Living Room Group, Electronic Reader, and Pontiac G3 ($35,037 in prizes)

Today’s first Item Up for Bids, a TV Set, included the sort of lights viewers got to see for many years at the beginning and middle of the show. “Twenty-one thousand, eight hundred sixty-one dollars, is she right?” Drew quickly shouted after Katherine’s first chance in Cover Up. Renee sounded confident when she repeated “one dollar” on the second prize up for bids, but she could not decide between one dollar, one thousand dollars, and one hundred dollars. Courtney, who almost fell upon her arrival on stage, got to play Shell Game. “We hardly play this game, we haven’t played this game in a while, so you’re lucky”, Drew acknowledged about Shell Game. Drew’s quick reveal of the ball and Courtney’s quick departure from the Turntable set came at the expense of building suspense and a few more seconds of the host with the winner on camera. Renee ran over to her new Camper, jumped in, and fell out from the side in which she came. “Dive, dive, dive”, said Drew after everyone in Contestant’s Row overbid for the second time on the fifth Item Up for Bids, a Barbecue Grill. Michael was down on his knees after the Ford Focus was revealed. After he won Line ‘Em Up on his last chance after getting none of the three digits in the price of the Ford automobile with her first chance, Michael ran over to his prize and put his head through the driver’s side window. John, a combat engineer for the Army, got to play Bullseye. “You’re going to Hawaii thanks to the fish sticks”, said Drew after John won the game with three boxes of Fish Fillet. Today’s Showcases featured a Trip to Hawaii, India, and a Pontiac G3. We end today’s show with Courtney and her crew sitting on her new couch.

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-4-2009)

Aug. 26th 2009

Freeze Frame: Imran lost; Trip to Argentina ($8860)

Half Off: Tiffany wins $500 (One Half and Box #15); Box #4 contained $10,000

Any Number: Cora wins Outdoor Clock ($963); Ford F-150 ($22,487 )

Showcase Showdown #1: Imran wins with 95 cents

Hi Lo: Jenni wins; Kitchen Set

Squeeze Play: Alvester lost (removed “6”); Hot Tub ($8694)

Pocket Change: Joshua lost with $1.00 ($1.75 for car); Mercury Milan ($21,397)

Showcase Showdown #2: Alvester wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Alvester wins; Desktop Computer, Trip to San Francisco, California, $300 Gift Card, Blu-Ray Player, 37-inch TV, and Trip to Japan ($22,260 in prizes)

The writer could not see the show in a high-definition format today due to his local station’s inability to display distracting weather graphics over a high-definition picture. Drew made his entrance swinging his arms right and left. Imran, a student from the University of Southern California and a member of the MBA program, got to play Freeze Frame for a holiday in Argentina, which, according to Drew, has “great food” and is a place “where everybody is on the Atkins diet” (a joke). The audience was cheering louder than usual during Half Off as Box #15 was being brought over to Tiffany, a student of criminal law from Kent State and a resident of Akron, Ohio. Cora continued to jump as she gave the first few numbers in the price of the Ford F-150 in Any Number. Jenni, bearing a shirt with an image of Drew with the body of Superman, got to play Hi Lo. “Look at the bargain [of] lotion you got for $3.99”, said Drew after Jenni won the game. Joshua was at a loss for words, or speechless, upon his arrival on stage and so am I after Drew treated the Mercury Milan as part of a fictional car lot with his helper (model) as the dealer. Today’s Showcases featured a Texas Hold ‘Em Game Table, Four Motorcycles, and a Trip to Japan. Alvester and Imran’s differences were very close to being tied, but Alvester became today’s Showcase winner.

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-1-2009)

Aug. 25th 2009

Pushover: Joshua wins; Mini Cooper ($19,450)

Plinko: Eloisa wins $11,500 with 4 Plinko chips

Race Game: Matthew wins; Dining Room Table, Picnic Equipment, Golf Set, and Necklace

Showcase Showdown #1: Joshua wins with 75 cents

Range Game: Nancy lost; Iron Bed ($4223)

Stack the Deck: Wanda lost (won “6” and “8”); Ford Focus ($16,872)

Safe Crackers: Jocelyn wins (Combination 690); Swimwear and Hot Tub

Showcase Showdown #2: Jocelyn wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Jocelyn wins; Pair of Rolex Watches and a Trip to Jamaica, Saint Louisa, and Antigua in the Caribbean ($30,429 in prizes)

Joshua, bearing an image of Drew on his shirt, got to play Pushover. “That is the price”, said Joshua as some members of the audience reacted negatively toward $19,450 for the Mini Cooper. “Flip it if you think that’s the right price”, Drew told Joshua at the expense of creating suspense himself. Jocelyn was called to come on down, but all she had to do was come on over from her seat in the front row to her left. Eloisa, a student from the University of Southern California with the number 32 on her clothing, insisted on a different pronunciation of her name (EL-O-a-SA rather than EL-O-E-SA) upon her arrival on stage. “I bet the next one has something to do with baseball”, Drew supposed before the third small prize in Plinko. Drew almost touched Eloisa’s last Plinko chip as he was eager to pick it up from its eventual slot of $500. In Race Game, the camera shot of each price getting removed by Drew was awkward due to his order of removing them before giving them to Matthew, who came to the show from Cleveland, Ohio, the host’s hometown. “A new world record!” Drew shouted after Matthew completed Race Game with 37 seconds left. After Drew reminded Nancy of the Riding Lawn Mower she won in Contestant’s Row, she sounded very happy and surprised. Wanda shared her story of wrecking a friend’s car on the way to the show and Drew would repeat this part of the story at the end of Stack the Deck and during Showcase Showdown #2. Wanda alternated between saying a generic name (“Pain reliever”) and brand name (“Hot Pockets”) in Stack the Deck. “Turn the—“, said Drew as Jocelyn began to turn the spin dial in Safe Crackers. Today’s Showcases featured island hopping and interaction with Rich Fields. Joshua passed his Showcase since he recently returned from Mexico, but his Showcase included a Trip to the Kentucky Derby, a Bar Set, and a Ford Mustang. “Yeah, baby, two (cars) in a row!” Joshua shouted after the Ford automobile was revealed. After Jocelyn won her Showcase, Drew acknowledged his continuation of the reminder to “help control to pet population”, but said he really meant it. We end this week’s worth of shows with Drew hugging Jocelyn’s co-attendant from the studio audience.

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 6-25-2009)

Aug. 24th 2009

Cover Up: Clarice lost; Chevy Impala ($25,329)

One Wrong Price: Robert wins; Daybed, Stemware, and Motorscooter (Wrong Price $899)

Grocery Game: Adrianne lost (Total $21.54); Kitchen Set

Showcase Showdown #1: Adrianne wins with 80 cents

Double Prices: Patti wins; Cruise of Alaska ($5477)

Punch-A-Bunch: Joshua wins $5000 with 3 punches

Lucky 7: Charles lost; Ford Focus ($17,918)

Showcase Showdown #2: Joshua wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Joshua wins; GPS Receiver, Video Camera, Xbox 360 and Games, and Jeep Compass ($34,993 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 4-30-2009)

Aug. 21st 2009

One Wrong Price: Rebecca lost; Home Gym, Playstation 3 and Games, and Water Ski Gear (Wrong Price $1295)

Squeeze Play: James lost (removed first “9”); 50-inch Plasma TV ($4998)

Gas Money: Deborah lost $4000; Honda Element ($22,385)

Showcase Showdown #1: Rebecca wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Now or Then: Kevin wins (“Then” December 1999); Living Room Group and Motorcycle

Switch?: Joan lost without a “switch”; Handbags and Floor Clock

Master Key: Scott wins with Key #5 and Key #2; Compact Disc Recorder, Cutlery Set, and Honda Civic

Showcase Showdown #2: Scott wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Scott wins; Clothing, Luggage, Trip to Milan, Italy, and $500 in Cash ($39,037 in prizes)

Drew once again had his arm around his helper’s (model) back after receiving his cordless microphone. “Drew, make the 14th anniversary of my 29th birthday the best” were the words on Rebecca’s shirt, as read by the host. James received some great applause after choosing to remove the first “9” in Squeeze Play instead of the “2” to win the Plasma TV Set. Joan, a retired corrections officer for New York, New York, got to high-five Drew after finding her spot in Contestant’s Row with the help of the host and a fellow contestant. Deborah wanted to “do the bump” with Drew and they did before playing Gas Money. The loud International House of Pancakes advertisement made its return before Showcase Showdown #1. Rebecca appeared in both a frontal camera shot of the Big Wheel as she started to spin and the triangle camera shot during her bonus spin. Drew allowed Rich Fields to tell viewers how they could get tickets to visit the show. “Drew. Tell Us. Boy or Girl”, Kevin’s shirt asked before Drew answered by reading a card from a previously unopened envelope. Kevin leaped off the stage to hug his wife upon learning they will have a boy. Drew reminded viewers “it’s a boy” after the next commercial break, but did not tell viewers who may just be tuning in who would be having the child. The last Item Up for Bids, a Video Camera, provided viewers with its own view of the host, who interacted with the camera and its holder in a silly way. Scott, a voice teacher, raised his eyebrow a few times as he used his key to open the padlock for the Honda Civic in Master Key. Drew used the other key by himself to unlock the Compact Disc Recorder after Scott ran off to get into his Honda automobile. Today’s Showcases featured a Cruise of the Orient, Rich Fields asking Scott if he ever imagined himself wearing clothes found in a fashion magazine (yes), and a Trip to Milan, Italy. We end today’s show with a camera shot of Scott’s $500 being used as a fan, by not Drew, but by one of his helpers.

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 6-17-2009)

Aug. 20th 2009

Money Game: Lisa wins; Honda Civic ($18,372)

2 For the Price of 1: Grant wins (chose middle number); Refrigerator ($699) and Pair of Motorscooters

Check Out: Norman lost ($3.47 difference); 42-inch TV and Speaker

Showcase Showdown #1: Norman wins with 90 cents

Race Game: Brenda wins; Speaker System, Secretary Desk, Necklace, and SCUBA Equipment

5 Price Tags: Doris wins (3 chances); Honda Fit ($15,550)

Pushover: Adam wins; Spa ($5350)

Showcase Showdown #2: Doris wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Norman wins; Couch, Barbecue Island, Portable GPS Computer, and Trip to Spain ($17,962 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 3-17-2009)

Aug. 19th 2009

Freeze Frame: Ananda lost; Motorscooter ($8699)

Pocket Change: Jennifer lost with 75 cents ($1.25 for car); Chevy Cobalt ($18,329)

One Wrong Price: Yvonne wins; Shoes, Table Tennis Set (Wrong Price $1395), and Floor Clock

Showcase Showdown #1: Ananda wins with 55 cents

Now or Then: Carl wins (“Then” September 1998); Trip to Vancouver, Canada

Cover Up: Shawn lost; Pontiac G6 ($21,926)

Pick A Number: Michael lost (chose “4”); Bed ($3791)

Showcase Showdown #2: Carl wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Carl wins; Office Group, Laptop Computer, 32-inch TV, and Ford Flex ($47,392 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-14-2009)

Aug. 18th 2009

One Away: Laura wins; Jeep Wrangler ($22,194)

Pushover: Rafael lost; Bed ($4361)

Hi Lo: Donna lost; Hot Tub

Showcase Showdown #1: Laura wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Check Game: James lost (Check for $3200); Trip to Miami, Florida

Pocket Change: Jana lost with $1.60 ($1.75 for car); Hyundai Elantra ($18,426)

1 Right Price: Melissa lost; Dresses and Pool Table ($1726)

Showcase Showdown #2: Melissa wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Laura wins; Bracelet, Hand-Held Computer, and Smart Pure Coupe ($50,688 in prizes)

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