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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 3-13-2009)

Jul. 31st 2009

Cover Up: John lost; Ford Fusion ($23,519)

Squeeze Play: Bethany lost (removed “7”); Hot Tub ($6713)

Az 1, 2, 3: John wins; Chair, Handbags, and 26-inch TV

Showcase Showdown #1: John (1) wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Bullseye: Kevin hits $10.17; Dining Room Group

Punch A Bunch: Chanholm wins $10,000 with 4 punches

That’s Too Much: Bonnie lost; Chevy Malibu Hybrid

Showcase Showdown #2: Bonnie wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Bonnie wins; Digital Camera, Waterproof Digital Video Camera, Trip to Key West, Florida and Peru ($26,400 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 3-31-2009)

Jul. 30th 2009

It’s In the Bag: Michael wins $8000

Pick A Number: Lisa lost (chose “7”); 50-inch Plasma TV ($4998)

Lucky 7: Clarissa lost; Volkswagon Beetle Convertible ($27,198)

Showcase Showdown #1: Clarissa wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Bonkers: Charles wins; Pair of Sand Buggies ($7998)

5 Price Tags: Tammy lost; Ford Focus ($17,250)

1 Right Price: Jesus wins; Bed and Snowboard Equipment ($4238)

Showcase Showdown #2: Jesus wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Clarissa wins; Kitchen Set, Dining Room Group, and Trip to Germany ($22,970 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 4-7-2009)

Jul. 29th 2009

Grand Game: Carolyn wins $1000 (Target Price $5.50)

Most Expensive: Carro wins; Popcorn Cart, Four Pairs of Shoes (Most Expensive), and Lasertag Equipment

Any Number: Nicolette wins $6.52; Mercury Milan ($21,397) and Stemware ($408)

Showcase Showdown #1: Carro wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Check Game: Bradley wins (Check for $3222); Trip to Carmel, California ($4369)

One Away: Kristen lost; Chevy Cobalt ($18,764)

Side By Side: Shirley wins (Left Side); Offroad Vehicle ($8599)

Showcase Showdown #2: Kristen wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Carro wins; Golf Clubs, Golf Cart, and Trip to Bermuda ($37,329 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-6-2009)

Jul. 28th 2009

Punch A Bunch: James wins $1000 with 4 punches

Money Game: Jeremy wins; Honda Fit ($15,754)

Switch?: Jennifer wins without a “switch”; San Juan Islands and San Juan, Puerto Rico

Showcase Showdown #1: Jennifer wins with 90 cents

Pick A Pair: Martin wins with (Cheese and Chocolate Milk Cost $4.49); Living Room Group and Pinball Machine

Card Game: Lafaye lost ($2000 card); Honda Accord ($22.357)

Balance Game: David lost ($350 + 4000 + $9000); Piano ($15,350)

Showcase Showdown #2: Lafaye wins with $1.00 + 60 cents

Showcase: Video Camera, 50-inch Plasma TV, Handbags, and Trip to London, England and Paris, France ($21,299 in prizes)

Drew called Rich Fields “the voice of The Price is Right” upon his arrival on stage. After the Perfumes up for bids were revealed, the host called every contestant by name before asking each of them for a bid. The large dollar bill in Punch A Bunch featured an image of Drew in a serious pose. James’ first prize slip in Punch A Bunch was $1000, followed by $500, $250, and $1000. “Come on, Honda!” said Drew as he searched for the front of the automobile in Money Game. Jeremy pulled the last two digits himself upon Drew’s request. Jennifer celebrated her 30th year of life on today’s show. Drew moved his arms around along with Lafaye upon her arrival on stage. There was no suspense at the end of Card Game and Drew showed the camera the price of the Honda Accord on his card. Both Lafaye and Martin scored $1.00 in Showcase Showdown #2. Rich Fields interacted with Jennifer during her Showcase.

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 5-11-2009)

Jul. 27th 2009

Squeeze Play: Monika wins (removed “9”); Ford Fusion ($23,519)

It’s In the Bag: Joyce lost $2000

Side By Side: Aaron wins (Right Side); Trip to Saint Lucia ($7986)

Showcase Showdown #1: Monika wins with $1.00 + 5 cents ($11,000)

One Wrong Price: Phyllis lost; Sofa, Dumbbells, and 50-inch Plasma TV (Wrong Price $3599)

Bonus Game: Jose wins (Bonus in Second Window);

Magic #: Brice lost (Magic Number $1612); Video Camera and Spa

Showcase Showdown #2: Jose wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Jose wins; Bedroom Group, Massage Chair, Headphones, and Motorcycle; Trip to Hollywood, California, Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp, Trip to Phoenix, Arizona, and Bass Boat
($72,052 in prizes)

Joyce came on down, walked back up, and came on down again as one of today’s first four contestants. “Standing ovation from the crowd”, said Drew after Monika won Squeeze Play after great shouts of “9” by members of the audience. The loss of the commercial break between Pricing Game #1 and Pricing Game #2 continues, giving viewers today no good time to let the moment of the “standing ovation” settle in their minds. “That was easy, especially after playing this for a while”, said Drew after revealing the first item in It’s In the Bag. “Welcome back to the greatest game show in the word, The Price is Right”, said Drew after the first commercial break. “Yes, I don’t believe it! Good for you!” Drew reacted after Aaron won Side By Side before the host came close to hitting the camera with his hand. “Big number, big number, eighty-five, eighty-five, stop!” Joyce said in the style of many Press Your Luck contestants as the Big Wheel was coming to a stop at 30 cents in Showcase Showdown #1. Monika and Drew danced after her first spin and second spin, which was a Bonus Spin. After speaking with Phyllis, Drew was very quick to ask Rich Fields to introduce the prizes in One Wrong Price. “Why didn’t I pick the TV?” Phyllis asked after choosing the Sofa. Drew referred to the Lobster Tennis Ball Machine as the “potential neighbor-annoying-[tennis]-machine” while removing the actual retail price slip from his envelope. “Go see your car there, buddy”, Drew told Jose after winning Bonus Game. Drew left the Magic Number at 516 after demonstrating Magic #.

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 4-13-2009)

Jul. 24th 2009

Any Number: Bobbie wins Ford Fusion ($23,194);

Freeze Frame: Holli lost; Clothing ($8024)

Bonus Game: Carman wins Catamaran (“Bonus” in Third Window)

Showcase Showdown #1: Carman wins with 65 cents

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: John wins; Dinnerware, Laptop Computer, and Washer and Dryer

That’s Too Much: Kimberly lost; Chevy Impala ($24,540)

Now or Then: Eda wins (“Then” February 1995); 65-inch TV and Subscription to Netflix

Showcase Showdown #2: John wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Carman wins; Living Room Group, Home Theater System, and Trip to Japan ($23,369 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 3-5-2009)

Jul. 23rd 2009

Plinko: Jennifer wins $11,500 with 3 Plinko chips

Lucky 7: Gary lost; Ford Fusion ($18,752)

One Wrong Price: Kelly wins; Clothing Accessories (Wrong Price $2830), Bar Set, and Luggage

Showcase Showdown #1: Gary wins with 80 cents

Grocery Game: Lorraine lost (Total $24.18); Pair of Motorcycles

Card Game: Kathleen lost ($1000); Dodge Charger ($24,970)

Flip Flop: Kevin lost by “flopping”; Jet Ski ($9398)

Showcase Showdown #2: Lorraine wins with 55 cents

Showcase: Lorraine wins; Netflix for a Year, Laptop Computer, Trip to Casablanca, Morocco and Innsbruck, Austria ($19,598 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 2-24-2009)

Jul. 22nd 2009

Freeze Frame: Derek lost; Trip to the Grand Canyon ($5425)

Pathfinder: April lost (stepped on “0” and “7”); Mini Cooper ($20,745)

Pick A Number: Sally wins (chose “2”); Exercise Machine ($12,995)

Showcase Showdown #1: April wins with 60 cents

1 Right Price: Sarah wins; Pair of Electric Guitars and Drum Set ($2841)

Line ‘Em Up: Zachary lost; Chevy Impala ($25,134)

Bullseye: Brittney wins (Hits $10.50); Pair of Motorscooters

Showcase Showdown #2: Zachary wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Zachary wins; Double Showcase Winner, Bedroom Group, Snowboard Equipment, Snowmobile; Nine MP3 Players, Monthly Spa Party for a Year, and Trip to Stockholm, Sweden ($37,897 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 2-25-2009)

Jul. 21st 2009

Spelling Bee: Henry spells CAR; Jeep Wrangler

Bonkers: Kristen lost; Trip to Granby, Colorado ($9728)

One Wrong Price: Sonya lost; Fireplace (Wrong Price $1850), Bed, and Trio of Coats

Showcase Showdown #1: Henry wins with 90 cents

Any Number: Michael wins Picnic Equipment ($465); Ford Focus ($19,132)

Grand Game: Linda lost $1000 (Target Price $7.00)

Squeeze Play: Ryan wins (removed “6”); 50-inch Plasma TV ($3998)

Showcase Showdown #2: Linda wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Ryan wins; Electronic Darts Game, Bart Set, and Trip to Dublin, Ireland ($22,378 in prizes)

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Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (OAD: 2-20-2009)

Jul. 20th 2009

Switch?: Linda lost with a “switch”; Apparel and Desktop Computer

It’s In the Bag: Carrie lost $2000

Money Game: Jacob wins; Ford Focus ($18,387)

Showcase Showdown #1: Linda wins with 95 cents

Range Game: Dixie wins; Trip to Anchorage, Alaska ($3902)

Pick A Number: Alma lost (chose “5”); Chevy HHR ($20,974)

Race Game: Stephen wins (0 seconds left); Bar Set, Globe, Electric Guitar, and Golf Equipment

Showcase Showdown #2: Stephen wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Stephen wins; Bedroom Group, Cinema System, and Hot Tub ($25,042 in prizes)

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