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Jan. 31st 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

One Wrong Price: Christopher wins; Treadmill, Snowboards (Wrong Price $3100), and Stemware

Plinko: Veronica wins $12,000 with 5 Plinko chips

One Away: Suzan lost; Ford Mustang ($20,694)

Showcase Showdown #1: Suzan wins with 75 cents

Side By Side: Katherine lost (Lefe Side); Trip to Jamaica ($7554)

Magic #: Jasmine lost (Magic Number $1606); Desktop Computer and Floor Clock

Line ‘Em Up: Yan wins; Chrysler PT Cruiser ($18,694), Washer & Dryer, Salad Shooter, and Recliner

Showcase Showdown #2: Yan wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Suzan wins ($25,904 in prizes); Bedroom Group, 42-inch Plasma TV, and Trip to Zurich, Switzerland

A brief change in audio (slightly lower) occurred between Bob’s entrance and the first Item Up for Bids. Christopher was confident in his choice of the Snowboards having the wrong price. Audience reaction may have secured that confidence. Veronica left today’s show $12,000 richer. Before realizing that Suzan’s name is pronounced the same as “Suzanne”, Bob pronounced it the way most folks say “Susan”. Suzan proved her loyalty to the show by remembering the name of Bob’s late wife, Dorothy Jo. Before the second digit in the price of the Ford automobile was revealed, Suzan could “see red” already, meaning that the second number was actually “0” and not “2”, as she always believed. The actual price of a Jamaican holiday and return trip home nowadays surprised many witnesses to today’s show, especially Katherine. Jasmine, another loyal viewer took advice from a hockey team member in the audience. If Jasmine had won Magic # with $1606, she would have invited the fellow (who actually suggested $1600, but Jasmine had trouble getting the Magic Number there) who suggested that price out to dinner. Yan had a good chance of winning Line ‘Em Up on the first chance, but managed to rebound to having all three digits correct on his second chance. Today’s Showcase featured gold panning, a Ford F-150, and a Swiss holiday package. Yan always wanted to go to Switzerland, but he decided to pass that Showcase to Suzan. Like Jasmine, Yan took advice from a member of the audience, but the bid of $25,000 was a few thousand dollars too high. Suzan and her crew celebrated her amazing victory in spite of a difference of about $10,000 between her bid and the Showcase.

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Jan. 30th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Coming or Going: Liza wins by “Going”; Pair of Motorcycles ($5198)

Stack the Deck: Shawn lost (wins last three digits); Colorado ($16,450)

2 For the Price of 1: Sandra wins (chooses last number); Tupperware ($589) and Organ

Showcase Showdown #1: Liza wins with $2.00 ($11,000)

Race Game: Jill wins Kitchen Island; Dumbbells, Cast Iron Stove, and Golf Equipment

Cover Up: Brian lost; Dodge Caliber ($15,479)

Freeze Frame: Kenny wins; Iron Bed ($3494)

Showcase Showdown #2: Jill wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Liza wins ($37,802 in prizes); Refrigerator Freezer, Dining Room Group, and Hot Tub

(To The Readers: Folks, due to the lack of reliable information on the actual number of shows, my count of the show is now discontinued. The count began with the “6000th show”, which may not be accurate based on the show’s count over the past few years. Thank you and good day!)

Only a few members of the audience believed that Pool Table owner Liza should have been “Coming” in today’s playing of Coming or Going. Shawn, a resident of South Dakota made sure that Bob knows that his fellow South Dakota natives are proud of him. Bob considers today’s show to be the 6500th edition of The Price is Right, based on their count. Unfortunately, Shawn was unable to win the truck on what was thought to be a milestone show due to one wrong number. Sandra, unlike many other 2 For the Price of 1 players, actually chose the last price digit as her free choice. Liza’s journey to the Showcase began with a good bid of $2100 on a Pool Table, now she is $11,000 after scoring $1.00 in three spins of the Big Wheel. Bob reminded Jill that the Kitchen Island she won in Race Game is a nice prize. Firefighter Brian’s reaction to be in Bob’s presence was a sign of his next reaction when the Dodge Caliber automobile was revealed. His only mistake in Cover Up was the choice of “6” instead of “7” in the price of the automobile. The lowest bid made on the last Item Up for Bids was $650, but the prize had an actual price of $649. Today’s Showcase featured telephone calls, Trips to Barcelona, Spain and Tokyo, Japan, and a Dining Room Group. Liza leaves today’s show with more prizes that most of us could win in one day.

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Jan. 29th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Switcheroo: Tamara wins Clock/Radio/Phone ($29); Pontiac G6 ($19,430)

It’s In the Bag: Ashley wins $4000

Squeeze Play: Jeffrey wins (removed “5”); 65-inch High Definition TV ($3998)

Showcase Showdown #1: Ashley wins with 85 cents

Poker Game: Leroy wins (Full House); Electric Guitar, Dining Room Table, Exerciser ($500), Wine Cooler ($999)

Money Game: Melissa wins $209 ; Chevy Aveo ($15,509)

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Dennis lost; Scooter (Bargain of $2000) and Floor Clock

Showcase Showdown #2: Dennis wins with 30 cents

Showcase: Dennis wins ($34,495 in prizes); “It’s Not Easy to be a Model” Showcase, Electric Massagers, Trip to New Zealand, and Dodge Nitro

Tamara is the second contestant in the past few weeks to bear that name. When she first saw Switcheroo, she found it very familiar, proving her loyalty to the show. Tamara’s state of fright after her second chance of playing Switcheroo almost made Bob forget the point he was going to make about the changes made to the prices. Ashley decided to stay at $4000, as she was unsure about the last couple of bags. Unlike Bob, she was very interested in the last two items behind their respective prices. Each member of today’s studio audience signed Jeffrey’s shirt (he was wearing two shirts). He gave the shirt (except the name tag) to Bob after winning his way on stage. I hope Jeffrey signed the shirt as well. Hit Me may be gone, but Poker Game continues to be played in a time when many TV networks have their own card game show. Melissa probably misunderstood member of the audience telling her to choose “09” in Money Game, which may explain her choice of “90”. Both prizes in Barker’s Bargain Bar today had an actual price above $4000, but the Scooter had the bigger bargain. Today’s Showcase questioned Amelia Earhart’s disappearance and gave attention to the “hand flip” gesture when a prize is revealed. Dennis leaves today’s show with top honors.

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Jan. 26th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: Angela lost; Serveware, Drum Set, and Washer/Dryer

Spelling Bee: Lori wins with 2 Cards (CAR Card); Chevy Aveo

Bonkers: David lost; Brass Bed ($5129)

Showcase Showdown #1: Angela wins with 90 cents

Ten Chances: Adam wins (7 Chances); Telephone ($60), Bar Cabinet ($650), and Pontiac G6 ($19,780)

Pushover: Regina wins; Chevy Cobalt ($15,199)

Double Prices: Cristin wins; Jukebox ($8995)

Showcase Showdown #2: Adam wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Adam wins ($39,731 in prizes); Burritos, Dining Room Group, and Waverunner

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Jan. 25th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Make Your Move: Charles lost; Snow Cone Maker ($28), Sofa ($969), and Snowmobile ($6598)

Punchboard: Rachna wins $1000 with 4 Punches

Lucky 7: Alisa wins ($2 left); Dodge Magnum ($24,735)

Showcase Showdown #1: Alisa wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Shopping Spree: Stella lost ($4000 to Spend); Dining Room Table, Home Gym, Accordion, and Freezer

Pass the Buck: Tara wins (2 Chances); $3000 and Ford Focus

Range Game: Kathryn wins; Spa ($9495)

Showcase Showdown #2: Kathryn wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Kathryn wins ($74,724 in prizes); “Clocks” Showcase, 32-inch High Definition TV, Trip to London, England, and Chevy Corvette

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Jan. 24th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Safe Crackers: Heather lost (Combination 960); 50-inch Plasma TV and Karaoke Machine

Grand Game: Lashauan wins $10,000 (Target Price $5.00)

Dice Game: Steven lost (rolled “4”); Dodge Caravan ($21,264)

Showcase Showdown #1: Steven wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Cliffhangers: Patrick wins (23 steps); Dining Room Group

Temptation: Jeffrey wins; Armoire, Bowl of Cash, Bracelet, Vacuum Cleaner, and Pontiac Grand Prix ($23,625)

Coming or Going: Samia lost by “Coming”; Trip to Paris, France ($5486)

Showcase Showdown #2: Patrick wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Double Overbid; “Dear Crabby” Showcase, All Terrain Vehicle, Sauna, and Boat; “The First Bank of Price” Showcase, Golf Equipment, Espresso Machine, and Pair of Motorcycles

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Jan. 23rd 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Freeze Frame: Denise wins; 56-inch High Definition TV ($3299)

3 Strikes: Matthew lost; Lincoln Navigator ($56,321)

Balance Game: Frank lost ($3000 + $1000 + $176); Bed ($3176)

Showcase Showdown #1: Frank wins with $1.00 ($1000)

1 Right Price: Dale lost; Motorcycle ($3149) and Dining Room Table

Pathfinder: Jesse wins; Chevy Impala ($22,169)

Clearance Sale: Adam lost; Banjo, Elliptical Trainer, and Bar Set

Showcase Showdown #2: Adam wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Frank wins ($27,843 in prizes); “Eats on Feets” Showcase, Cellular Phone, Range, and Ford Mustang

No one dared to bid more than $1000 for the Wooden Table featured as today’s first Item Up for Bids, but Denise had the closest bid of all. With the first, second, and fourth digits in place, Matthew (once called “Frank” by Bob) had two digits and two strikes. He was in the best position to win 3 Strikes before the third strike. Frank, whom Bob asked if he could be called “Matthew”, had a price of $4176 for the Bed in Balance Game. Unfortunately for Dale, the Dining Room Table was priced less than the Motorcycle. After being called to come on down, Mervin managed to sneak up on Bob as he asked for the next Item Up for Bids. Mervin went to his spot in Contestant’s Row to the sounds of applause, but missed out on the Sound System featured on the Turntable. A fellow contestant was kind enough to tell Mervin what the item was. Today’s Showcase featured roller skate, a Ford Mustang, and a Hong Kong holiday package. Both Showcase bids were very close today, but Frank’s bid turned out to be even closer.

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Jan. 22nd 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Flip Flop: Edward wins by “flopping”; Trip to Lisbon, Portugal ($6490)

Any Number: Ryan wins Guitar ($849); Ford Mustang ($20,375)

Plinko: Donna wins $12,000 with 5 Plinko chips

Showcase Showdown #1: Donna wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Charles lost; Treadmill (Bargain of $1000) and Fireplace (Bargain of $700)

That’s Too Much: Benjamin lost; Dodge Dakota ($21,850)

Bullseye: Nicole wins ($11.96); Pair of Motorcycles

Showcase Showdown #2: Charles wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Donna wins ($38,168 in prizes); “Yoga” Showcase, Trip to San Francisco, California, Grill, and Travel Trailer

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Jan. 19th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6493)

Shell Game: Melissa wins with 1 Chip (Ball Under Shell #3); Chevy Aveo

Money Game: Yvonne wins; Pontiac G6 ($19,725)

Grand Game: Charlee wins $10,000 (Target Price $5.00)

Showcase Showdown #1: Yvonne wins with 85 cents

Pocket Change: Angela wins with $1.15 ($1.00 for the Car); Pontiac Vibe ($18,670)

Clock Game: Alma wins (7 seconds left); Karaoke System ($739) and Sofa ($963) (+$1000)

Double Prices: John wins; Trip to Dublin, Ireland ($6861)

Showcase Showdown #2: Alma wins with 70 cents

Showcase: Alma wins ($25,894 in prizes); Dining Room Group, Cappuccino Machine, and Pair of Motorcycles

After lifting two shells without a chip, Bob and Melissa agreed to lift the shell that concealed the ball together. Charlee bid one dollar more than Captain John did on the Stemware up for bids. As a Navy veteran, Bob warned Charlee that the Navy captain could “have you on his lap” if she outbids him again by one dollar. Yvonne found both ends of the Pontiac G6’s price without a mistake in Money Game. Charlee outbid Captain John by two dollars to win her way on stage. Offering cars in every Pricing Game can get boring, said Bob. “Sometimes” it can be boring, according to Charlee. The student from Idaho did not let negative reaction from the audience change her mind about her choice of the Skin Cream being less than $5.00. With 40 cents to go in Pocket Change, Angela hoped for a big number in her last envelope. After looking inside the last envelope, Bob tricked Angela into thinking that it had something less than 35 cents. In the same sad tone of voice, Bob surprised her when he revealed the 50 cents. Angela enjoyed falling for that trick and returned to the audience a happy automobile owner. “Oh, no” was Alma’s reaction to the Clock Game, indicating her years of loyalty to the show. After an excellent game of Clock Game, Alma should have more positive feelings toward the game. Before John (not Captain John) could make today’s show a perfect one, Bob asked for the number of perfect shows (“70”, our host said) in Price history. Today’s Showcase featured Parkas, a Ski Boat, and a Pair of Motorcycles. We end this week’s worth of shows with our Canadian grandma Alma and her crew celebrating on stage. Good day!

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Jan. 18th 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6492)

Swap Meet: Robin lost (Necklace $1499); Bar Set, Pool Cleaner ($1499), and 46-inch High Definition TV Set

Half Off: Jon lost (2 Halves and Box #7); Box #14 contained $10,000

Hole in One: Anthony wins (Putts from Line 4); Pontiac Grand Prix

Showcase Showdown #1: Robin wins with 80 cents

Range Game: Darian wins; Hovercraft ($15,815)

Switch?: Leah wins with a “switch”; Exerciser and Dining Room Table

Cover Up: Tamara lost; Jeep Wrangler ($19,710)

Showcase Showdown #2: Tamara wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Robin wins ($24,536 in prizes); Bedroom Group, Luggage, and African Safari

Since Jon was still being processed outside Stage 33 at Television City due to the long line outside, our announcer Rich moved on to the next contestant to finish today’s first four contestants line-up. Robin covered her mouth with both hands after the Big Doors revealed the other Swap Meet prizes. The Necklace may have been expensive, but not compared to a 46-inch High Definition TV Set. Jon, 22-year viewer of the show, and bearer of the “Uncle Bob!” shirt became today’s fifth contestant to come on down and the second to win his way on stage. Jon was so eager to open Box #7 that he attempted to open it the first time Bob said “one, two, three, now”. Anthony of the Navy took the audience’s advice on the first two items in Hole in One, but he was completely on his own after that, even as the audience reacted negatively to his last two choices. Bob made a successful inspiration putt today. Darian always said he wanted a hovercraft on the show. There is no doubt that some viewers of today’s show will make his feelings about Leah known online. Hopefully these viewers will reframe. Anyway, Leah did not let audience reaction change her decision to switch the prices to their respective prizes in “Switch?” today. Bob asked Tamara how her name is pronounced (“TA-MA-RAH”, as Rich pronounced it, but later pronounced it “TA-MARE-AH” like Bob) before asking for her bid on a Baker’s Rack (brought out by the train), minus the “stuff”. Tamara’s first price in Cover Up was $19,790. If she had not chosen “9” for the fourth digit, Tamara would have had a better chance of winning the game. Tamara said “hello” to members of her family after her first and second (bonus) spins in Showcase Showdown #2. Today’s Showcase featured an African Safari prize package, a “Lady President” theme, and a Pontiac G6 automobile. Tamara’s Showcase bid was nearly $10,000 away from the actual retail price, thus making Robin the winner with a smaller price difference.

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