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Sep. 29th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6244)

Flip Flop: Zockiejawa wins by “flopping” ; Spa ($5334)

Ten Chances: Abigail wins Clock Radio ($50) and Kitchen Bar ($850); Dodge $21,350

Cliffhangers: John wins (14 steps); Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #1: Abigail wins with 90 cents

Switch?: Julie wins with a “switch”; Pool Table and Piano

One Away: Karen wins; Jeep Wrangler ($18,925)

Now or Then: Linda lost (“Then” September 1996); Catamaran

Showcase Showdown #2: Linda wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Linda wins; Living Room Group, Golf Equipment, and Golf Cart ($18,611 in prizes)

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Sep. 28th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6243)

Credit Card: Kathy lost ($2100 Credit Limit); Motorcycle, Country Music Albums, Hostess Set, Day Bed, and Bowling Equipment

Pocket Change: Kyle wins (75 cents for car); Buick LaSabre ($27,831)

Squeeze Play: Joseph wins (removed “7”); Trip to Mazatlan ($2923)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kyle wins with 95 cents

Grand Game: Ingrid lost $1000 (Target Price $4.00)

Master Key: Ann lost (1 Key); Cookware, Floor Clock, and Chrysler PT Cruiser

1 Right Price: Genevieve lost; Home Gym ($1668) and Dining Room Table

Showcase Showdown #2: Ingrid wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “Tears” Showcase, Hot Sauces, 52-inch TV Set, and Chrysler Sebring; “Failed Retail Chains” Showcase, Gardening Equipment, Range, and Travel Trailer

Credit Card’s “array of prizes” received numerous rounds of applause from the audience, including the Bowling Equipment out of all things. After choosing the Country Music Albums and Bowling Equipment, Kathy assumed the Day Bed would not exceed her credit current. Fellow Mobilian and overall Alabamian Genevieve joined Contestant’s Row representing a local senior citizens center. Bob accepted Joseph’s request to no longer kill his patience with the buildup, so the price of the trip to Mazatlan was revealed a few seconds early. Unlike the buildup in Squeeze Play, the one in Grand Game only led to disappointment for Ingrid. Ann joined us on stage $500 richer after an amazing perfect bid in Contestant’s Row. Unfortunately, the only key in Master Key she earned was the neither the namesake of the game, nor the one that would earn her the car. It was the key that opened nothing. Genevieve escapes Contestant’s Row at the last possible moment for a game of 1 Right Price, where a certain Dining Room Table in the $2000-$3000 range was ready for one’s first glance. Bob assured viewers that Genevieve would return for our second Showcase Showdown. Genevieve didn’t make it into the Showcase, but she left today’s show with fund memories and the hearts of her fellow southwest Alabamians watching today’s show. Today’s Showcases featured Hot Sauces, Gardening Equipment, and a Travel Trailer. We end today’s show like any other show with a Double Overbid at the end; Bob mingles with the audience and the rest of the on stage crew, including our announcer Rich waved goodbye.

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Sep. 27th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6269)

Danger Price: Shelly lost; Encyclopedias, Sofa (Danger Price $1488), Popcorn Machine, and Music Box Clock

Let ‘Em Roll: Salvatore wins; Chevy Cobalt

Switch: Larry wins with a “switch”; Trip to Maui and Montreal

Showcase Showdown #1: Salvatore wins with 85 cents

Pick A Number: Donna lost (picked “6”); Player Piano ($7500)

Money Game: Muath wins $246; Ford Focus ($16,330)

Punch A Bunch: Mary Ann wins $5000 with 3 Punches

Showcase Showdown #2: Mary Ann wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Mary Ann wins; “Honorary Italian” Showcase, 10 Cuisinart Appliances, Jukebox, and Trip to Rome ($21,775 in prizes)

Bob was given a nice camera close up as he walked from the Big Doors. According to Shelly’s shirt, she loves our host, but suggests that he needs “a red headed Barker’s Beauty” such as herself. Max the Dog received some interesting reaction as he made world debut before potential new owners. Before Let ‘Em Roll ended in victory for Sergeant Salvatore of the USA’s Navy, his last cube actually slid with the car side on top before rolling to reveal another car on top. Fellow Alabama resident and proud Crimson Tide fanatic Larry greets our host on stage with “Roll Tide, Bob” before learning about his trips to Maui and Montreal, Canada. Larry performed a little victory dance before throwing his fist forward after an excellent playing of Switch on his day of birth. Donna represented the Fray (pronounced “fry”) family today, all 20 of them on her husband’s side of the family. Unfortunately, none of the Frays will be gathering around a $7500 Player Piano shortly after today’s show. Muath of Montreal and native to the nation of Kuwait has remained a loyal friend and true to Price since the days of receiving video recordings of the show from his uncle. Mary Ann surprised Bob and the rest of us by giving away the $1000 slip found in her second hole until our host surprised her after the buildup leading up to the reveal of the $5000 slip. Today’s Showcases featured traditional Italian music, a trip to Rome, three chances to be a hero, and a Ski Boat. After Salvatore’s Showcase price was revealed Mary Ann would say “thank you” to the one who sent her the shirt she’s wearing on today’s show. We end today’s show with the traditional Italian music playing as Mary Ann and her crew stand in front of her trip to Rome, or the picture of Rome to be precise.

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Sep. 26th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6241)

Triple Play: Terry lost; Pontiac Sunfire ($16,850) and Two More Automobiles

Half Off: Christina lost (Box #10); Two Halves and Box #1 contained $10,000

Coming or Going: Arthur wins by “Going”; Trip to Barbados ($7464)

Showcase Showdown #1: Arthur wins with 85 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Claudette wins; Treadmill and Clock (Bargain of $2000)

Dice Game: John wins (rolled a “6” and “1”); Dodge Neon ($15,615)

Grocery Game: Lisa lost (Total $21.16); 47-inch TV Set and Seating

Showcase Showdown #2: John wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: John wins; Sleepwear, Bedroom Group, and a Hovercraft ($42,094 in prizes)

From the moment he said, “how you doing, Bob?” proud new piano owner and Wisconsin resident Terry was quite a character on stage. Our host was in near danger yet again as Christina actually leaped to hug him. Bob had to settle on the outer edge of the Big Doors to regain what breath Christina took out him. She heeded his warning to keep away as he settled down, by the way. Arthur received plenty of “boos” after making his final decision in “Coming or Going” before his trip’s price of $7464 was confirmed to be right. “You’re Bob Barker…and that’s the wheel…wow”, said Terry, who’s level of excitement and happiness since visiting the show has never diminished. Before Arthur managed to beat Terry’s score of 60 cents, the latter was referred to as, “the happiest man in the studio right now. Claudette now has two new additions to her home on the farm, along with a rather expensive Patio Set (over $3000) she won in Contestant’s Row. Before playing the Grocery Game, Lisa mentioned off camera that she is among the folks who never knew a world without our host. John managed to tie Claudette’s score of 80 in Showcase Showdown #1 before getting $1.00 in his second spin. Today’s Showcases featured Sleepwear for the whole family, a Hovercraft, and a Lincoln automobile protecting “Rock Rocker, Retired Musician” from an old fan from many years ago. There was no overbid in today’s Showcase, but John’s difference was low enough to become our top winner today.

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Sep. 23rd 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6240)

Sqeeze Play: Imani wins (removed “9”); Ford Focus ($17,162)

Any Number: Michele wins Dodge Caravan ($20,214); Bench Press ($569)

It’s In The Bag: Kami lost $4000

Showcase Showdown #1: Michele wins with 30 cents

One Wrong Price: Rachel lost; Motorcycle, Daybed, and Popcorn Machine (Wrong Price $2080)

Switcheroo: James wins Pontiac Vibe ($17,920), Calculator/Radio ($40), Mop ($17), Telephone ($59), and Coin Sorter ($30)

Freeze Frame: Nancy wins; Trip to Austria ($5620)

Showcase Showdown #2: Nancy wins with 70 cents

Showcase: Michele wins; “The Price is Right Water Cooler” Showcase, Computer, Trip to New Zealand, and Ford Explorer ($65,708 in prizes)

Imani’s confidence in the audience went both ways during Bob’s lengthy interaction with the majority who wanted “9” removed, but the buildup made for an exciting conclusion in Squeeze Play. James joins Contestant’s Row representing the “I Love Bob” gang with a “V” on his shirt. Our host noticed the words “SNOR CAL” on Rachel’s shirt, including the bear that can be seen on the California flag. Michele joins us with a couple of ponytails and a few hairs close to her right eye. Kami celebrated her 30th year of life on today’s show and I assure y’all that the rest of her Price experience has outweighed the low moments, including a weak spin of the Big Wheel. No matter the pace of the show or Rich’s description of the prizes, audience member Sherry did her service to a group of folks who cannot hear. Rachel believed that the Motorcycle’s price, well into the $2000-$3000 range, was wrong. After three good decisions in Switcheroo, James switched the digits in the Pontiac and Coin Sorter prices. Thanks to Nancy’s husband Lou in the audience and her jokingly threatening to end the marriage, she made it to the show and all is well between the happy couple. Today’s Showcases featured water cooler conversations, a Ford truck, a Dining Room Group, and a Snowmobile. In spite of Michele’s low Showcase bid, she would become today’s top winner after Nancy learned of her overbid. Michelle reacted by saying “hello” to some loved ones before joining the rest of her crew near the Explorer. Good day!

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Sep. 22nd 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6239)

Money Game: Timothy wins $220; Ford Mustang ($22,240)

Punch A Bunch: Edward wins $50 with 4 Punches

Race Game: Carol wins; Grill, Karaoke Machine, Dining Room Table, and Golf Set

Showcase Showdown #1: Timothy wins with 90 cents

Check Game: Andrea wins (Check for $2500); Trip to Sedona, Arizona ($3432)

Pass the Buck: Joyce wins $4000; Ford Focus (Behind Card #1)

1 Right Price: Angelo lost; Home Gym and Clock ($2020)

Showcase Showdown #2: Angelo wins with 55 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “Captain Quote” Showcase, Trip to Walt Disney World, Power Tools, and Sailboat; “The Price is Right Department Store” Showcase, Digital Piano, Arcade Cabinet, and Electric Vehicle

Both Bob and Timothy stood in “the good light” on the Turntable before the reveal of the Ford automobile and Money Game in respective order. B.J. was introduced before an audience of potential new dog owners today. Edward decided against the audience suggesting that he goes lower on the price of the Mixer featured in Punch-A-Bunch, which he played with 3 punches before discovering a slip for $100 and a Second Chance in the second hole. After having a combined total of $200 once, Edward decided to take whatever is in the third hole in punched out originally, resulting in the lowest amount of money to be found in the Punchboard. Carol finished the Race Game perfectly in 11 seconds, as Bob stated for the record. Andrea got the full understanding of Check Game after the audience convinced her that she was adding a price too low in comparison to that of the trip. Today’s Check Game total came to $5939, amazingly close to going over $6000 or Andrea would have left the show minus a trip to Arizona. Captain Joyce representing the USA’s Army in uniform and a hairstyle that can be described as “puffy” became $4000 richer in Pass the Buck, yet “just for fun” she found the car concealed behind Card #1. According to Angelo’s hand gestures, he really wanted the Home Gym equipment. Bob threatened Joyce with a court martial after her weak spin of the Big Wheel. She responded by saying, “I know”. Today’s Showcases featured an old sea captain, Power Tools, a Sailboat, and an Electric Vehicle. We end today’s show with Bob meeting members of the audience, our local sea captain waving the hat, and our announcer Rich joining this mysterious “fellow” by the Sailboat.

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Sep. 21st 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6238)

Range Game: Jennifer wins; Cruise to Alaska ($3997)

3 Strikes: Terence lost; Lincoln Town Car ($43,529)

Grand Game: Karen lost $100 (Target Price $7.00)

Showcase Showdown #1: Terence wins with 80 cents

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: Rebecca wins; Espresso Machine, Pair of Electric Guitar, and Motorcycle

5 Price Tags: William lost (No Tags); Jeep Wrangler ($18,765)

Coming or Going: Christopher wins by “Going”; Bed ($5534)

Showcase Showdown #2: Christopher wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Christopher wins; “Song and Dance” Showcase, I-Pod (MP3 Player), Jukebox, 47-inch TV Set, and a Pontiac GTO ($50,184 in prizes)

William stated his first bid as, “I’ve got a 676 for you, Bob” before his fellow contestant Jennifer bid a few dollars higher on a Bumper Poll Table worth over $2000. Our “Nurse Friend” now has a cruise to a largest of all states making up the USA in her future. Terence correctly guessed “5” as the third digit of the Lincoln Town Car sitting on its own turntable without error, but his game of 3 Strikes would immediately go downhill strike after strike after strike. It’s safe to say that Karen watched the show for about 30 years, but some loyalists would question whether she is a loyal friend & true after playing Grand Game with a $7.00 target price. Technical problems may have ruined the viewing experience for Price viewers in the Mobile-Pensacola area, but we were lucky enough to hear Rebecca win Eazy Az 1, 2, 3. Bob mistakenly identified recent war veteran Christopher as a “veterinarian” shortly before acknowledging this mistake after years of working with animals, when the first letters “vet” would mean something other than a serviceman who served in a conflict. William’s loss in Price Tags prompted our host to ask Roger in the producers’ corner about the last outcome similar to this one. “In the last few years”, according to Roger before Bob jokingly said “1987”. After Christopher escaped Contestant’s Row, he said “hello” to his wife’s grandma & life long Price loyalist and his two sons. Technical problems at WKRG-TV5 resumed briefly as our “contestants not appearing on stage” learned what they’ll be returning home with. Today’s Showcases featured Cooking Books, an MP3 Player by Apple Computer, and a Pontiac sports car.

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Sep. 20th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6237)

Lucky 7: Jill lost; Ford Freestar ($27,68 )

Plinko: Karolee wins $100 with 4 Plinko chips

Clock Game: Cynthia wins (11 seconds left); Dining Room Table ($814) and Pair of Bicycles ($898) (+$1000)

Showcase Showdown #1: Karolee wins with 50 cents

Shopping Spree: Edwin lost ($4400 to spend); Elliptical Trainer, Sofa, Bathtub, and 27-inch TV Set

Let ‘Em Roll: Troy wins $2500; Dodge Neon

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Beverly lost; Trip to Maui, Hawaii ($2000 bargain) and Montreal, Canada

Showcase Showdown #2: Troy wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Troy wins; Gardening Tools, Computer, Trailer, Bedroom Group, Swimwear , and Watercraft ($48,050 in prizes)

Bob made his entrance through the Big Doors today. Ronald of Contestant’s Row misheard Jill being called on stage before realizing it was her who won the Ski Equipment with a $1400 bid. Karolee was unable to keep her grandma’s promise of not dropping letting a Plinko chip fall into the $0 slot. Oh well, $100 is always a lot of money to its beholder. Cynthia wearing a shirt with Bob’s photo and “I (Heart) Bob” on top never struggled in today’s appearance by the Clock Game. Karolee will be returning home to North Carolina $100 richer and as a former contestant who survived the audience boos after her unsuccessful first spin of the Big Wheel, leading up to a spot in today’s Showcase. Kyle Barker addressed our host as Mr. Barker before saying his first bid. There was a brief moment of groans in the audience as Troy reached the stage. “Show me the money”, Troy said twice before translating for Bob that he wants to leave Let ‘Em Roll $2500 richer. Beverly just became a grandma to a boy who was 3-months-old at the time today’s show was taped, which was back in June. Troy ends today’s show as Year 34’s first Double Showcase winner, with a difference of $89.

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Sep. 19th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6236)

Golden Road: Bobette wins; Pencil Erasers (81 cents), Luggage Set ($845), Hot Tub ($6495), and Dodge Viper ($85,694)

Half Off: Dustin wins; 3 Halves and Box #3 contained $10,000

Pushover: Zane wins; Trailer ($7039)

Showcase Showdown #1: Bobette wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Switch?: Natalie wins with a “switch”; Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac Sunfire

Dice Game: Brock lost (rolls a “6”); Ford Focus ($16,215)

Pick A Pair: Sean wins (Candy Bar and Cookies 55 cents); Pinball Machine, Pool Table, and Soda Fountain

Showcase Showdown #2: Natalie wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Natalie wins; “Celebrating Our 34th Year on CBS” Showcase, “Miracle on 34th Street” DVD, 27-inch TV/DVD Player, Trip to Washington, D.C., and a Dodge Ram ($66,747 in prizes)

Our journey into Price’s 34th year begins with a couple of familiar faces in the front row bearing the names “Marc” and “John”, whom I recall receiving plenty of camera time during their last visit to the show. Bob makes his entrance through the audience and down the aisle today, where audience members on both sides received a high five. Bobette leaves the stage as this year’s first winner in a Pricing Game, while keeping in mind her plan for family to ride the Dodge automobile “one at a time”. Bob declared Dustin’s question “do I get two guesses?” as the best line of the day. Zane may be our first memorable contestant this year after his reaction before and after successfully winning Pushover, especially for the rough handshake and victory dance following his victory. Bob was again at risk of being harmed by Zane during Showcase Showdown #1, but the level of risk went down to absolute zero once Bobette added 80 cents to the 20 she gained from the Big Wheel. Natalie continued today’s winning streak by becoming the proud owner of not one, but two automobiles by playing “Switch”, not traditionally played for such prizes. Brock rolled a “3” on his second roll before kissing the last dice for luck. He missed his chance at luck, unfortunately. First Lieutenant Sean represented the USA’s Navy on and off stage today, or vice versa. “Ah, no”, said a member of the audience during Sean’s second spin of the Big Wheel after beating Brock’s score, only to go over $1.00. Today’s Showcases featured a trip to Dwight D. Eisenhower’s home as the 34th president of the USA, a Dodge truck with exactly 34 gallons of fuel, a jar with $1000 in change, and a convertible under the Cadillac brand of automobiles. We end today’s show in front of Natalie’s truck, surrounded by “34” of various forms and the cake in honor of the show’s 34th year on CBS. Speaking of “Old Columbia”, Price’s end credits are now at the bottom of the screen, while the network’s promotions run on top. May Year 34 be another good one for Price and its crew. Good day and good luck!

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Sep. 16th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6228)
(Original Air Date 6-3-2005)

Step Up: Brandon lost; Carrousel, Crib, Sofa, and Cookware

Pathfinder: Kevin lost (stepped on “3”); Ford Mustang ($23,214)

Clock Game: Precious wins; Bistro Table ($799) and Refrigerator ($999) (+$1000)

Showcase Showdown #1: Brandon wins with 60 cents

Coming or Going: Douglas wins by “Going”; Trip to London ($7116)

Pass the Buck: Michael wins $4000 (Car Behind Card #1); Chevy Cobalt

Pick A Number: Joseph lost (picked “7”); Gazebo ($6350)

Showcase Showdown #2: Joseph wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Joseph wins; “Batteries Are Included” Showcase, MP3 Player, Scooter, and Pontiac GTO ($40,186 in prizes)

Brandon “The Smaller Price is Right Fan” (opposite “The Taller Price is Right” in the audience) according to his shirt walked the numbers of Pathfinder before coming to a complete stop the moment he lost another chance at pricing the Ford automobile. Precious joined today’s show about 29 years after her grandmama joined Price’s studio audience. While bearing witness to the legendary Clock Game, Precious skipped the rest of the supposed prices between $790-$799 shortly before saying $799. Douglas always wanted to visit London, England and he proved himself worthy of the expensive trip by choosing “Going’s” price of $7116. Representing a group of Marines and the state of Hawaii was Michael, who previously complimented our host with “you are a great American, Bob” seconds after being called to come on down. Before escaping Contestant’s Row at the very last moment, former Army man Joseph shook Bob’s hand before making his winning bid. This event in Joseph’s 33-year relationship with Price was worth a second hand shake, aside from his outcome in Pick A Number. In Showcase Showdown #2, Bob would learn before the spins that Joseph would give $11,000 to his wife Ruth, Michael would give his prize money to his wife back in Honolulu, and Douglas would pay for the meals of his crew in yellow. Today’s Showcases featured two automobiles (Jeep Wrangler and Pontiac GTO), a trainee for a branch of the Service, and an Apple “I-Pod”. It appeared that Joseph’s Showcase difference was not enough to win, but everyone would be shocked to learn about Brandon actually going over his Showcase price by very little. We end this week’s worth of shows with Joseph and Ruth celebrating on stage.

(Note: Next week, a new year for fantastic prizes and memorable moments)

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