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Apr. 29th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6203)

5 Price Tags: Freddie lost (1 Chance); Chrysler Sebring ($26,145)

Grand Game: Brian wins $10,000 (Target Price $10.00)

Coming or Going: ShiiJeff wins by “Coming” ; Electric Fireplace & Entertainment Center ($6838)

Showcase Showdown #1: Brian wins with 80 cents

Barker’s Markers: Arlene lost; Floor Clock, Lounge Chair, and Heart Shaped Crib

Cover Up: Kindall lost; Dodge Neon ($16,359)

1 Right Price: Mary Lou lost; Dining Room Table ($1977) and Popcorn Machine

Showcase Showdown #2: Kindall wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Kindall wins; “Shushy” Showcase, Refrigerator, Alaska Cruise, and Ski Boat ($24,145 in prizes)

After complimenting Bob on being “the man” more than once, Freddie would face the challenge of choosing only one out of five possible prices for the Sebring. Grand Game’s latest target price made it slightly easy for Brian, whose accumulation of about $10,000 would pay off a student loan. Bearing the unique name of ShiiJeff, he became the proud owner of one hybrid of an entertainment center. Arlene carefully returned her $500 to Bob with dignity shortly after her loss in Barker’s Markers. Kindall was quick on his feet when attempting to correct the middle number, so quick that he didn’t realize that unlike “5” and “9” there was no other “3” in the price of the Dodge automobile. Mary Lou may have lost the Popcorn Machine and a Dining Room Table to serve the snack food on, but she received a free box of the popcorn filled close to the brim courtesy of Bob. Mary Lou relived a incident similar to one in Las Vegas, only then there was no Big Wheel to cause her fall or a TV camera to capture it. Today’s Showcases featured questions starting with “What If”, a snow creature called “Shushy”, and Rich’s uncontrollable laughter during Kindall’s Showcase. We end this week’s worth of shows on a high note!

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Apr. 28th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6202)

Squeeze Play: Ying lost (removed “1”); Catamaran ($4195)

Pocket Change: Ann lost with 50 cents ($1.00 for the Car); Ford Focus ($18,970)

Plinko: Barbra wins $1100 with 4 Plinko chips

Showcase Showdown #1: Ann wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Double Prices: Carlotta wins; Iron Bed ($4649)

Money Game: Autumn wins $253; Ford Mustang ($22,039)

Pick A Pair: Frank wins (Pair of $8.99: Snoring Aid and Vitamin Chews); Trip to Greece

Showcase Showdown #2: Autumn wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; Living Room Group, Dance Lessons, Jukebox; “Ranger” Showcase, “The Lone Ranger” DVD, Combination DVD/TV/VCR, Trip to Yellowstone National Park, and a Ford Ranger

Contestant #1 and new Motorcycle owner Ying relied on popular opinion from members of the audience shouting “1” as the number not included in the Catamaran’s price, a cost deeply felt by her and the finger Bob used to reveal the actual price, causing a disjoint. Before Ann of Texas made it to Bob’s side, our host discovered the perfect small product “thrown in” with the second Item Up For Bid to correct his disjointed finger. If Ann had never made another error to her pricing of the Ford automobile featured in Pock Change, she would have become its new owner with the 50 cents she earned. By the way, most viewers would learn that $2.00 is among the dollar & cents a contestant can earn from choosing one of the numerous envelopes displayed in Pocket Change. Barbra’s walk to the top of the Plinko board was the beginning of quite a lengthy moment of applause, from the stairs to the first Plinko chip falling into the $0 slot. Ann didn’t need to win in cents this time, just a $1.00 on her first spin of the Big Wheel. Named after the season that begins in September and ends in December, Autumn wins $253 on her first wedding anniversary, with husband Justin witnessing what could have been a surprising moment. Frank made no error during his playing of Pick of Pair by choosing two items priced $8.99 on the first try. Autumn enhances her anniversary by winning a spot in today’s Showcase. Today’s Showcase featured dance lessons, scenes from “The Lone Ranger” and a whole different “ranger”, courtesy of the Ford Motor Company. After we learned of this “Double Overbid”, Bob almost forgot that Ann never won an automobile today. We end today’s journey into Price’s excellence with waving and Bob mingling with members of the audience.

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Apr. 27th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6201)

Flip Flop: Joe lost by “flopping”; Electric Vehicle ($7695)

3 Strikes: Tracy lost; Chevy Corvette ($51,370)

It’s In The Bag: Flora wins $0

Showcase Showdown #1: Joe wins with 90 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Ricardo wins; Trip to Aspen, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia (Bargain of $2000)

Card Game: Sandra lost ($1500 card); Pontiac Sunfire ($17,125)

Most Expensive: Melissa wins; Banjo, Baker’s Rack, and Bar Set (Most Expensive)

Showcase Showdown #2: Sandra wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Sandra wins; “The Price is Right Department Store” Showcase, Bicycles, Game Table, and Ford Focus ($25,620 in prizes)

After an almost unanimous audience responded with “flop” as Bob reminded Joe of Palm Springs how to play Flip Flop, our player had no choice but to go down this route. Turns out the word “shame” would apply the members of the audience who steered Joe the wrong way. A perfect bid would win Tracy’s way on stage for a Chevrolet automobile in addition to a $500 bonus. As the untimely end was coming closer, Tracy used the time to speak almost non-stop about her loyalty to Bob since “Truth or Consequences”, including a memory of a time when our host wore a fake mustache easily fooling members of the audience back then. Eventually Bob would thank Tracy for reminding him of that moment. Flora of Hawaii’s journey from the audience to the Big Wheel began roughly after it was discovered that her last name was written incomplete on Rich Fields’ list of contestants. Unlike the events leading up the outcome of today’s Flip Flop, it was clear as crystal that Flora wouldn’t even win $1000 with a box of popcorn over a price less than $1.00. Sandra, whom Bob referred to as a “pretty little girl” while asking for her prize to be revealed, unfortunately won’t be the proud owner of something else bigger in price than a $25 gift certificate for “some island restaurant” as she put it. We’ll see what lies behind one of the big doors once Sandra experiences the Showcase, possibly another car. Today’s Showcases, featured a gossiping female, a trailer, and yep a car. We end today’s show with Sandra and most, if not all of her California student body surrounding her personal mean of transportation.

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Apr. 26th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6200)

Make Your Move: Heather lost; Small Refrigerator ($50), Stemware ($464), Trip to Montreal, Canada ($3659)

Dice Game: Kameron wins (Rolled “1”); Ford Escape ($21,615)

Half Off: Christina lost (3 Halves and Box #5); Box #4 contained $10,000

Showcase Showdown #1: Kameron wins with 95 cents

Side By Side: Patrick lost (Right Side); Grand Piano ($9271)

Pass the Buck: Julie wins $6000 (Card #3 Contained Car; Chevy Aveo

Swap Meet: Anthony wins (Car Tower $599); Sofa, Bookshelf, and Barbecue Grill ($599)

Showcase Showdown #2: Anthony wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Anthony wins; “Treasure Clues” Showcase, Washer & Dryer, Flat Screen TV Set, and Chrysler Crossfire ($43,391 in prizes)

Folks, we have just learned once and for all on this 6200th edition of Price why Bob’s hair is completely white, and all it took was the day he met this particular Heather. She seemed to understand Make Your Move very well under the first minute of playing, but audience reaction would force her into overtime (with overlapping showing up), forcing the possible removal of certain commercials for today’s program. Representing professional dice rollers and Marines across the land was Kameron, whose roll of “2” for the middle number never brought any doubt of him becoming an Escape owner to our minds. Joining us on the day marking her 18th year of life was Christina, whose height close to Bob’s shoulder probably had the contestant coordinators “up in arms” while questioning her age. She was ever so close to becoming $10,000 richer, but unfortunately the number “5” (evoking Christina’s graduation class of 2005, a lucky number outside of “7”, and WKRG-TV Channel 5) was up against Box 4 on the highest row of “Box Central”. Our first Showdown truly showcased different types of strength, with much of the burden (including audience reaction) going toward Christina who eventually went over. Kameron’s powerful spin would be the one to gain loud applause from the audience after “booing” and “awing” his lady opponents. The mother of Patrick’s wife won’t be receiving a new piano to practice her fingers after today’s show, unfortunately. Before “Julie! Julie! Julie!” would make her way into Contestant’s Row, Bob encouraged the current so-called “Terrible Trio” to leap along with him in order to build excitement. Remember that $6000 is more money than the “average person” can ever earn in one day, plus it’s enough to purchase a used automobile. Anthony broke the “Terrible Trio” and with the help of members of the audience, became today’s Swap Meat winner. Audience participation was never a necessity for Anthony during Showcase Showdown #2. Today’s Showcases featured clues, a Chrysler sports car, and a Sauna. Anthony’s bid may have been too low, but Kameron’s bid on a Showcase excluding a car was high enough to be considered an overbid. We end today’s show with Anthony surrounded by his crew and members of the Price staff, including Mr. Rich Fields, congratulating him for an amazing comeback. Good day and good luck!

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Apr. 25th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6199)

Pushover: Nicole lost; Trip to Antigua ($8114)

Spelling Bee: Reggie lost (C-A); Chevy Cobalt

One Wrong Price: Gregory lost; Chair, Dinnerware (Wrong Price $1950), and Fireplace

Showcase Showdown #1: Nicole wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Clock Game: Barry wins Dining Room Table ($503); Refrigerator Freezer ($999)

Bullseye: Scott lost; Spa

One Away: Elizabeth wins; Dodge Dakota ($21,594)

Showcase Showdown #2: Scott wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Nicole wins; Bedroom Group, Luggage Set, and Trip to Portugal ($15,839 in prizes)

Our new owner of a Drum Set may be loyal enough to see Pushover on numerous occasions, unfortunately a trip worth over $8000 won’t be the prize in return of her knowledge of the game today. Viewers and Bob witnessed two interesting characters during the second bidding process, a Betty who promises to “flip her wig” after winning in Contestant’s Row and a dog named Webster up for adoption. While communicating with an audience known for shouting numbers in a game where letters are placed randomly, Reggie stuttered to say “$40” for Spelling Bee’s first item, which he priced perfectly. Down the line of $500 cards, Reggie kept going even as his chances of becoming a Chevrolet automobile owner were neighboring nothing. After blowing a kiss to all three of her boys back home, Nicole’s spin of the Big Wheel would end on the big red $1.00 space. So far, no wig has been flipped as the second half of the program begins. Barry ascends the stairs below and above the stage for the legendary and almost unchanged Clock Game. According to Scott’s reaction to the Spa’s reveal, it appeared he was ready to make the run for it. Not today Barry, as he missed the bullseye’s $10.00-$12.00 section twice by very few cents. Sadly for Betty, she never made a grand escape at the last possible moment, allowing Elizabeth to make way for a perfect game of One Away, making her today’s only Pricing Game winner according to Bob. The one to continue his or her winning streak on stage was not our “heroine of the hour”, but Bullseye player/runner Scott. Today’s Showcases featured a tailor, clothing under wraps, and a trip to Spain’s western neighbor. We end today’s show with a very close Showcase, but it was Nicole who would survive at the very end. Good day and good luck!

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Apr. 22nd 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6075)
(Original Air Date 10-07-2004)

Golden Road: Danielle wins Chess Set (Starting with a Package of Dyntine Gum at 94 cents); Chess Set ($495), Bar Set ($2910), and Dodge Viper

Range Game: Lyndsey wins; Trip to Greece ($8530)

Half Off: Robert wins $10,000 (3 Halves; Box #2)

Showcase Showdown #1: Danielle wins with 85 cents

Hit Me: Kimberly lost; Dining Room Group

Line ‘Em Up: Madeline wins; Adult Tricycle, Electric Toothbrush, Steamer, and Ford Focus ($14,787)

Double Prices: Brian wins; Trailer ($14,308)

Showcase Showdown #2: Madeline wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Madeline wins; “Accountant Penny Pencilpusher (played by Rebecca)” Showcase, Stereo System, Kitchen Group, and Ford Mustang Convertible ($45,980 in prizes)

According to my very own ears (neither one are borrowed), Rich pronounced Danielle’s name as “Daniel”, no wonder Bob always says it as “Danny-Elle”, to avoid mispronouncing it as “Daniel”. I’m among the few whom prefer that pronunciation thanks to Bob. Thanks a certain fellow in the audience, Robert’s bid of $1450 on a wide screen TV set gave Danielle the once in a life time opportunity to walk at least part of the Golden Road. After the Dodge Viper was revealed, Danielle gave Bob a few “I love you” shouts. A couple of greyhounds named Donna and Mo (“Mo is not a lady”, says Bob) made their world debut today. Don’t expect Lyndsey’s visit to “Little Greece” to dance the way Miss Pribonic, Tuite, and Sonia Aparicio did. By the way, Bob referred to not one, but our entire trio (even Sonia) a lovely. Could this be a sign of the modeling position’s dark cloud finally fading away? Robert’s crew of “5 beautiful women” should be thanked in his conquest for Box #2 in Half Off. After posing for his many fanatics, Robert spins the Big Wheel with the possibility of becoming $11,000 richer in mind. Unfortunately, he was 5 cents over $1.00 and “Daniel”; oh I mean Danielle becomes

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Apr. 21st 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6074)
(Original Air Date 10-06-2004)

Check Game: Donna wins (Check for $2400); Trip to the Grand Canyon ($2638)

Shopping Spree: Erin lost ($5000 to spend); Gym Set, Computer Desk, Fireplace Stove, and Clock

Pass the Buck: Megan wins $1000 (Behind #1); Ford Focus (Behind #6)

Showcase Showdown #1: Donna wins with 65 cents

Side By Side: Sarah wins (Left Side); Piano ($9186)

Any Number: Johnny wins Flatware ($925); Dodge Neon ($16,710)

Bonus Game: Michael wins (1 Chance; Top Space); Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Johnny wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Donna wins; “Blinking” Showcase, “Simpsons” Pinball Machine, Computer, and Pontiac GTO, ($46,195 in prizes)

Megan’s response to Bob asking for her bid, “on what?” Thankfully it took less than a minute for the entire studio to redirect her view from nothing to something, which was a swing set. Donna, the same lady who’s camera time began in Contestant’s Row instead of the audience thanks to a certain cameraman, knew that she was about to play Check Game, but her knowledge of the game play was in need of a refreshment. Only 2 games played and proud refrigerator owner/newlywed Erin was the one to turn Bob into nervous wreck. Despite Erin’s hysterical screaming, hugging, attempt a picking up Bob, and leap kissing, neither one effected his hosting today. Megan escapes Contestant’s Row for the dream of being beside Bob, not only that but a chance to win a station wagon under the word “Focus”. “What do I get?” was Donna’s question as the Big Wheel was coming to a complete stop, raising her score to 65 cents. Like Bob said before Rich reminded us to how to earn tickets to pay a visit to Studio 33, it’s a risk coming to the show. Mr. Johnny Moore in the 7-8 foot range joins Contestant’s Row wearing the same type of hat as James. Sarah representing a group from the state of Iowa joins us without knowing that a grand piano was in store (and later prize garage) for her. All it took was one more contestant to create an all “J” Contestant’s Row and that was Joanne joining Johnny, James, and Jeremy. This historic moment (according to Bob’s memory) came shortly after Bob recognized the remaining 3 as “The 3 Jays”. Sorry folks, no time to count the many times Bob called Johnny by his full name. Michael the self-proclaimed senior citizen, doesn’t look a day over 60 according to our eyes, earned himself another title for the moment, “The Luckiest Man On Earth” after the results of the Bonus Game. Nobody was able to topple Arizona’s very own Johnny Moore and his score of 80 cents from the Big Wheel. Today’s Showcase marked the peak of quotable words (“Pontiac?”) and phrases by Donna.

Contestant coordinators, I salute y’all for bringing Donna in front of the eyes of Price viewers worldwide. This salute also goes to Johnny Moore, who managed to withstand Donna’s energy at the very end.

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Apr. 20th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6072)
(Original Air Date 10-04-2004)

Safe Crackers: Anna wins (Combination $560); Bed and Sleepware

Let ‘Em Roll: Evan wins with 3 Rolls; Pontiac Vibe

Coming or Going: Adam wins by “Coming”; Spa ($5334)

Showcase Showdown #1: Evan wins with 90 cents

Switch?: Melissa lost; Trip to Toronto ($4994) and Aruba ($4162)

5 Price Tags: Leah lost (3 Price Tags); Dodge Ram ($21,905)

Buy or Sell: Houshmand wins (+$1900); Accordion, Recumbent Bicycle, and Dining Room Table

Showcase Showdown #2: Leah wins with 60 cents

Showcase: Leah wins; Living Room Group, Snow Equipment, and Snowmobile ($19,043 in prizes)

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Apr. 19th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6073)
(Original Air Date 10-05-2004)

Freeze Frame: Vera lost; Jukebox ($6495)

Lucky 7: Marquesia wins (with $1 left); Ford Explorer ($28,658)

Plinko: Kenneth wins $1000 with 5 Plinko chips

Showcase Showdown #1: Vera wins with 95 cents

Race Game: Celeste wins Battery Powered Lawn Mower ($699); Dining Room Group ($1495), Cabinet ($2205), and Go-Cart ($1995)

Bullseye: Stephen wins ($11.59); Living Room Group

Dice Game: Danny lost; Chevy Malibu ($22,521)

Showcase Showdown #2: Stephen wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Vera wins; Bedroom Group, Golf Equipment, and Golf Cart ($16,685 in prizes)

Since Price has been giving away jukeboxes for years, it was bound to happen when 3/4 of the audience knew the choice in numbers for contestants such as Vera. Not today unfortunately, which gave Bob the chance to send a few “ha, ha, ha” in response. Vera was close to thinking Bob’s “ha, ha” bit was for her. After Marquesia’s victory, we had a $1 situation forming before our eyes. Kenneth was victim to the Plinko board’s way of raising the hopes of winning over $10,000. Oh well, at least Celeste is one of the few and proud owners of a battery powered lawn mower. Stephen reaches the stage to hit Price’s very own version of Bullseye, the kind where $11.59 can be used to hit the eye. Yet another contestant in need of rest and that’s what Danny-Boy (as Bob called him) had after losing today’s Dice Game playing thanks to his final, yet unlucky roll. From the mood of losing a Malibu in the worst way to the excitement of winning $1,000 on the Big Wheel. Vera was close to bidding $35,000, but the audience managed to set her bid straight. Her Showcase difference was in the $700-$800 range.

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Apr. 19th 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6087)
(Original Air Date 10-25-20040

Half Off: Bonnie lost (1 Half; Picked Box #2); Box #15 contained $10,000

Coming or Going: Andrew lost by “Going”; Trip to Spain ($6865)

Temptation: Kelly lost; Telescope, Bowl of Cash ($663), Stemware, 27-inch TV, and Ford Mustang Coup ($18,345)

Showcase Showdown #1: Bonnie wins with 55 cents

1 Right Price: Arlene lost; Aerobics Stepper and Dining Room Table ($1977)

Cover Up: Thomas lost; Pontiac Sunfire ($15,820)

Pick A Pair: Chita wins (Brown Rice and Pasta Sauce Cost $1.99); Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Chita wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Chita wins; Hockey Equipment, Computer, and Ford Freestar ($34,761 in prizes)

Bonnie representing both the schools of Mary Land and living proof that “Teachers Love Bob” (according to her shirt) earns the chance to prove her knowledge of 50% off items. Unfortunately, her 4th grade class had to witness their teacher relying on pure luck and hope that Box #2 contains $10,000 in cash. Oh well, like Bob said, both Bonnie and Andrew have a chance to spin the Big Wheel. By the way, Box #15 was my first pick in “Box Central”. We would find out from Kelly after escaping Contestant’s Row that the nicest moment in her life recently was meeting Bob in person. That remark earned her a kiss on the forehead, but no luck was granted for the latest playing of Temptation. It took less than a minute for Arlene to escape both the audience and Contestant’s Row, only to discover the hard way that Aerobic Steppers ($1000 today) such as the one featured are nowhere near $2000. Before Thomas took a whack at becoming today’s first winner, yet he eventually would became another “I’ll see you at the Big Wheel story”, he and Bob discussed the state of the show and the fact that only 68 out of 6087 shows spanning 33 years had no winners. It was new apartment owner Chita who saved today’ s show and relieved some pressure (especially Rich) in everyone witnessing. Our savior of today’s show also won herself $1000 as a bonus, plus a couple of congratulatory hugs from Thomas and Arlene. Our heroine Chita and her Arizona crew crowded the Turntable before celebrating around her van.

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