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Dec. 31st 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6071)

(Original Air Date 10-1-2004)

Most Expensive: Patrick lost; Fire Place, Home Gym, Dining Room Table ($2717)

Plinko: Ashleigh wins $1100 with 5 Plinko Chips

Temptation: Mildred wins; Pontiac Grand AM ($19,475), Vacuum, Piano, Glassware, and Pool/Golf Table

Showcase Showdown #1: Ashleigh wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Squeeze Play: Roseann lost; Trip to Rio De Genera ($6616)

Grocery Game: Steven lost (Total $21.70); Kitchen Appliances and Knives

One Away: Shannon wins; Jeep Wrangler ($18,465)

Showcase Showdown #2: Steven wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Ashleigh wins; “Back” Showcase, Back Packs, Trip to Santa Fe, and Ford Freestar ($36,494 in prizes)

Patrick did right asking for what’s currently the highest bid on the Washer & Dryer, which lead to him becoming today’s first contestant on stage. Unfortunately, he had no idea a certain Dining Room Table would cost more than a Home Gym priced at a relatively mere $1300. It took Rich two times and Bob only one to summon Mary to jump and come on down. After 5 Plinko chips, Bob’s latest use of one “expensive Plinko stick”, a couple of unique Plinko chip falls, and Ashleigh’s chip kiss for luck, she left the stage with more than she came with, $1100 to be exact. Mildred representing the great city of Dallas showed neither fear, nor temptation by the prizes surrounding her (not even the Pool/Golf Table, in which Bob viewed as something that “looks like fun”). Before The Price is Right Train (with Ashley as engineer) introduced us to a sofa, Bob had to prove Janet (assumed Rich said her name, actually it was “Shannon”) wrong into thinking she could fool another old fellow. Squeeze Play featured three “6s”, a first according to Bob’s history of the game, yet a majority of the audience forced Roseann into picking the middle “6” for removal. Steven bearing a “I Love Jenn” (even though his future wife’s name is Jennifer) shirt may a need a lesson in shopping after today’s Grocery Game performance. Not even a can of pineapples saved Steven, which resulted in grand total over $21.00. Shannon, yes the same one that dealt with Janet while coming on down, got the chance to test her “ladies, do I have (insert number) right” skills and even earned Bob’s “pretty little girl” compliment. After Roseann tied Steven’s score of 95 cents on the Big Wheel, Steven earned himself the same score shortly after. We end this week’s shows on this first day of October with Ashleigh and family surrounding her Freestar.

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Dec. 30th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6070)
(Original Air Date 9-30-2004)

Make Your Move: Lisa lost; Hot Tub ($4705), Sofa ($899) and Radio ($59)

Grand Game: Jeremy wins $10,000 (Target Price $9.00)

Dice Game: Garrick wins; Ford Focus ($15,312)

Showcase Showdown #1: Garrick wins with 85 cents

Freeze Frame: Crystel lost; Clock ($6425)

On the Spot: Kimberly wins; Chevy Aveo

One Wrong Price: Mariah wins; Cradle, Motorcycle (Wrong Price), and Bar Set

Showcase Showdown #2: Cystel wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Garrick wins; Trip to San Francisco, Charleston, GPS Receivers, and Chrysler Sebring ($54,556 in prizes)

Another day, another first four set of contestants consisting of 3 ladies + a fellow. Nope, nothing suspicious. Bob almost had a problem with future Grand Game contestant Jeremy’s attempt at correcting his bid of $1401 on a kayak, which was thought to be $1301. Lisa had the knowledge of the concept of Make Your Move, but she made a couple of unfortunate moves with the Sofa and Radio. Jeremy was no problem after escaping Contestant’s Row whatsoever. Even hugged Bob after his $10,000 victory. Garrick representing his group of fellow Marines escapes both the audience and Contestant’s Row during the third segment for a chance at some big dice rolling. Like Bob said, Garrick continued to roll a “2” (excluding a “5”) until he got it right on the fourth roll. Garrick, whom we would find out ranks as a sergeant earns a position in today’s Showcase with 85 cents. Oregon’s very own Crystel (a lovely “Crystal” according to this non-mineral expert typing) waited until a second rotation (and a second time to see price $1976, a patriotic price) to freeze her chosen price, which was about $2000 lower than $6425. One fellow in the audience protested for more male contestants during a commercial break. Since Bob doesn’t carry that responsibility, he left it all in Rich’s hands. Mariah would come on down shortly after this incident. Folks, somebody has finally escaped the black spot of On the Spot, and that would be Kimberly after trying out each path. Viewers may have been concerned about Crytel staying on 65 cents, but her instinct remained positive through Mariah and Kimberly’s spins of the Big Wheel, each resulting in going over $1.00. Showcase #1 featured a production of “The Prizelight Zone”, starring a dark-haired Rebecca Pribonic as a victim of her own home and Ashley in the role of a black & white clown riding a scooter. Our sergeant has another automobile in addition to his Focus won previously.

Some of y’all may have wanted me to mention Mr. Rod Serling when typing about “The Prizelight Zone” Showcase. Well there you go, I just did!

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Dec. 29th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6069)

(Original Air Date 9-29-2004)

Switch?: Danielle wins with a “Switch” ; Grandfather Clock ($3075) and Chair ($2449)

Ten Chances: David wins (6 Chances) ; Riding Lawn Mower ($980), Auto Vacuum ($50), and Dodge Neon ($15,730)

Now or Then: Amanda wins (“Then” March 1997); Trip to Scotland

Showcase Showdown #1: David wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Coming or Going: Meighan wins by “Going”; Bed ($3432)

Shell Game: George wins with 4 chips (First Shell Contained Ball); Dining Room Group (+$500)

Money Game: Deloris wins $166; Ford Focus ($14,205)

Showcase Showdown #2: Deloris wins with 95 cents

Showcase: David wins; Trip to New York, Big Screen TV, and Ford Explorer ($53,054 in prizes)

Before our first “Danny-Elle” this year made her grand escape from Contestant’s Row, a piece of cardboard was being held by a member of the audience with words unclear to most viewers’ eyes. David is not only the proud owner of a DVD Player and discs, but also every single prize he’s won with 10 chances to use wisely. Fortunately, he wised up when writing the correct price of $50 on his fourth chance, which the audience and Bob had doubt was there even being its reveal. Bride Amanda’s first thoughts on the items’ prices featured in Now or Then were less than positive, but she would eventually prevail with only one mistake left behind. David managed to surpass his female opponents during Showcase Showdown #1 with a combined total of 20 and 80 cents. “Old Hippie” (see shirt) Mignonette’s style of coming on down consisted of a little dance (Rich laughed after Bob mentioned it) and her version of hopscotch. Speaking of Mig (hope she doesn’t mind this short form), she meant to say $1800 as her bid on the storage shed once containing Miss Pribonic and Miss Tuite, but she mistakenly pronounced it with an extra zero ($18,000). Nether the less, the shed ($600-$700 range) costs much less than either prices and Meighan’s $1 bid won her way up for the biggest decision of her day, whether she’s “Coming or Going” to win a bed. Loyal friends & true George and Connie (in the audience) celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on today’s Price, but it was this fellow who won an extra $500 after going mistake free in the popular Shell Game. We were this close (two Ford Focus price digits left)) to a perfect show again, but unfortunately Deloris had no knowledge of “el-cheapo”, as someone shouted in the audience. George may have missed the 80 cents during his second spin in order to surpass Deloris’ score of 95, but a $500 bonus remains something worth telling friends and family about. David earned himself a Showcase including a 65-inch TV set; perfect for all those DVD movies he won before taking six out of Ten Chances.

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Dec. 28th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6068)

(Original Air Date 9-28-2004)

Half Off: Kathleen lost (3 Halves; Box #1 contained $10,000)

Bonkers: Charlotte wins; Trip to Singapore ($2989)

Cover Up: Rebekah wins; Pontiac Vibe ($18,720)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kathleen wins with 75 cents

One Right Price: Peggy wins; Treadmill and Dining Room Table ($1195)

Any Number: Keith wins; Pontiac Sunfire ($15,820)

Pick A Pair: Salah wins (Dog Food and Cleaner $3.99) ; Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Salah wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Kathleen wins; Grill, Motorcycle, and Boat ($26,571 in prizes)

Before Kathleen participated in an exciting start (a chance to win $10,000), she was actually booed by some members of the audience for bidding $1 over her neighboring contestant. For the second time in Year 33, Half Off’s grand prize of $10,000 was not won, which I believe should have happened with the choices of Box #1 & #8 in front of Kathleen’s eyes. Camera was already focused on Charlotte’s section of the audience before Rich called her to come on down, extending her wedding anniversary celebration with husband J.B. Yet another expansion in Charlotte and J.B.’s anniversary plans, a trip to Singapore after conquering Bonkers without neither Bob, nor the audience making her live up to the game’s name. Rebekah representing the group Bob referred to as one of the many bright folks that watch Price only seconds ago appeared to have no idea of which spot in Contestant’s Row belonged to her. After Rebekah became the third contestant in a row to escape from the right end of Contestant’s Row, some coincidental humor between Cover Up and her shirt revealing the mid section (stomach for the rest of y’all). Showcase Showdown #1 featured a 3-way tie on 85 cents, later a small move of the Big Wheel by Charlotte in which very observant viewers may consider “cheating”. If it were, she would’ve been likely to spin again. Bob noticed audience member Lawrence sitting in the front row wearing a shirt offering chauffeurs service for Price’s Rachel after viewing the Year 32 show featuring her Lucky 7 collision. Peggy of the “Terrible Trio”, as Bob called today’s first 3 contestants besides Kathleen, finally escaped to play One Right Price, followed by Any Number’s Keith. Salah (excellent name to say) ended the breakup of the “Terrible Trio” for one unlucky young lady who wanted to change her bid (to a winning one) earlier, but was too one second too late and Charlotte was the one to escape. Showcase #1 gave Price the chance to fight back against today’s examples of prime time “game shows”, such as Fear Factor, Joe Millionaire, and American Idol (produced by Fremantle Media which stole, er I mean bought out Mark Goodson Productions during the Pearson years). After winning said Showcase in which Salah passed, Kathleen earned herself a handshake from our announcer Mr. Rich Fields.

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Dec. 27th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6067)

(Original Air Date 9-27-2004)

Pushover: Bobbie wins; Trip to Portugal ($5336)

3 Strikes: Alisa lost; Lincoln LS ($40,732)

It’s In The Bag: Kamisha lost $1,000

Showcase Showdown #1: Kamisha wins with 90 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Jeremy wins; Chest and Day Bed (Bigger Bargain)

Switcheroo: Sharon wins Grill ($23); Ford Focus ($18,540)

Double Prices: Chris wins ; Electric Vehicle ($9390)

Showcase Showdown #2: Jeremy wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Jeremy wins;. Dining Room Group, Espresso Machine, and Spa ($21,457 in prizes)

Bob was right, our first on stage contestant carrying the female version of “Bob” (Bobbie happened to be my guess of who escapes Contestant’s Row first) indeed knew how to play Pushover and will take a trip to Portugal. All Alisa had to do was bid $1 more than Chris in order to view a Lincoln LS up close. I must assure viewers who haven’t seen the show in months or years that the 3 Strikes bag no longer has that number of strikes, as it seemed when Alisa’s first two pulls struck her down. It was the misplaced Icy Hot Patch, or “Ice Hot Patch” as Bob called it that caused today’s second big disappointment, this time involving a young lady from Catskill, New York. After Alisa gave her young supporters mention, Bobbie joined the disappointment club when the Big Wheel was one peg away from $1.00. Bob promised us winners during the second half of today’s excursion. Anthropology and Biology are among what double major/”Student of Price” Jeremy is studying. After acknowledging the fact Chris has been in Contestant’s Row since the very beginning (and that he’s at Studio 33 not to make friends, but to witness Price up close and personal), Bob gave us some insight into Randall and his shirt. Randall may be happily married, but according to his shirt he has a liking for anyone in Price’s modeling position. The wife’s shirt was similar, only it stated she has a liking for Bob. No need to worry about their marriage, just a little humor planned in advance before attending today’s show. Oh, Chris escaped Contestant’s Row at the very last moment! Unfortunately, Chris fell victim to being one peg short to beating Jeremy’s score of 90 cents by a nickel. Kamisha’s Showcase #1 featured a confused astronomy teacher, Milky Way (King Sized) bars, and a Mercury Marquee.

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Dec. 24th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6129)

3 Strikes: Rochelle wins (2 Strikes); Cadillac Deville ($47,190)

Grand Game: Caleb wins $10.00 (Target Price: $6.00)

Bonkers: Brooke wins (1 ¾ seconds left); Trip to The Netherlands ($7206)

Showcase Showdown #1: Brooke wins with 45 cents

Secret X: Joseph wins (X at the Bottom); Chevy Aveo

Cover Up: Kevin lost; Pontiac Sunfire ($17,410)

Double Prices: Lisa wins; Spa ($8600)

Showcase Showdown #2: Joseph wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Brooke wins; “Double Showcase Winner” of the “Hearing Impaired Santa” Showcase, Range, Bed, Ford Explorer and “Santa and the Unsympathetic Therapist” Showcase, Laptop Computer, Trip to the Bahamas, Ski Boat ($72,750 in prizes)

“Ho, Ho, Ho” were the on screen words to start off today’s Christmas Eve edition, along with a zoom shot of a couple of fellows with the names “Marc” & “John” (no relation, by the way), and our first four lineup. After Bob made his entrance through the audience for the second time this week, he pointed our attention toward the Christmas tree at the back of the studio now up for bids. Not only would Rochelle win herself a tree for Christmas time, but also an excellent, yet enormous gift to place under the tree (it’s a possibility). It was the $6.99 Jelly Belly candy that would mark Caleb’s departure from the stage with only $10.00 in prize money. Nevada’s Marylouise escapes her audience crew minus her Santa Clause hat, so in place of it Bob placed a similar one on the top of her head. Brooke finished Bonkers during the very last second; or else she’d go bonkers herself in an unhappy manner. Vicki wearing a yellow shirt with a picture of Bob’s face during his preparatory school days would lead to the introduction of Bob’s former fellow student Billy. Sorry folks, Vicki never quite learned her tour guide’s last name, but expect Bob to speak with Billy eventually. Our latest decoration up for bids was a reef, which was nowhere on the Turntable or the three doors at the time of this bidding process. Atlanta’s very own Kevin escapes Contestant’s Row full of joy from here to his farewell along with Lisa (both tied 90 cents) during Showcase Showdown #2. With the winter season upon our quarter of the world, Lisa of Bakersfield, California (soon to be “Barkersfield”, if all goes well) is guaranteed to stay warmer over the next few months thanks to this Spa. Today’s Showcases featured a deaf Mr. Clause thanks to heavy metal music, a therapist in need of therapy herself, and a 2005 Ford Explorer. We end our last new show for 2004 with a bang; a type of bang worth over $72,000+ in prizes won today.

(Well folks, we have survived another year with our weekday hour of game show excellence. Viewers who missed some of Year 33’s previous shows will have their second chance from Monday until January, when “The Ultimate Survivor” as CBS dubbed Bob a few years ago, our excellent crew on and off camera, and of course the contestants return with all new shows starting in January. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may the future of Price remain bright as a new General Electric light bulb. Almost forgot, the chance at least some form of winter precipitation remains in Mobile, Alabama.)

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Dec. 23rd 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6128)

Clock Game: Layden wins Dining Room Table ($833); Portable Hot Tub ($899)

Half Off: Terri wins $10,000 (3 Halves; Box #6)

One Away: Tearether lost; Buick Century ($23,290)

Showcase Showdown #1: Terri wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Squeeze Play: Celina lost (Picked “9”); Piano ($8918)

Dice Game: David lost; Ford Ranger ($15,645)

Grocery Game: Darrious lost (Total $21.87); Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Darrious wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Darrious wins; “Game Room” Showcase, Pinball Machine, Pool Table, Arcade Cabinet, and Trip to Morocco

Our journey into Price’s excellence begins with Darrious leaping from his front row, along with giving his fellow members of the row high fives, and finally his spot in Contestant’s Row. Florida’s rare variety of Layden was quite a rare character indeed, from bringing up the question of “Do I get to keep it?” for the first time ever in this game, even though he claims to know Clock Game. “You’re hurting me,” says Layden as Bob jokingly attempted to walk him off the Turntable after questioning the prize he shall keep no matter what. Despite being “so close”, says our Clock Game player, but his character and spirit remains intact at the very end. Like our previous contestant, Terri showed emotion of the rawest kind. I suppose a portion of the $10,000 in cash went toward Christmas gifts. After Tearether demonstrated her “run in place”, she made quick changes in the One Away price set for her. Even after 2 rounds of negative reaction from the audience and two changes (from the first “2” to “0”, which were correct), Tearether would still find out she lost. Showcase Showdown #1 featured not one, but two $1,000 winners including Layden and Terri. Representing a college sorority, Celina nearly rammed Bob into the Turntable before both the Piano and Squeeze Play were revealed. “Yes, Bob I love you!” were Darrious’ first words on stage after escaping Contestant’s Row at the very last minute. No $1,000 winner during this Showdown, but Darrious came back big with his final spin of the Big Wheel, bringing about a winning reaction consisting of leaps and a gorilla like chest beating. Showcase #2 featured the “Automatic Santa Machine”, or ASM. Both Showcase bids didn’t go very smoothly, especially with Darrious who managed to get Bob to understand his bid in less than a minute. We end today’s show with Darrious earning himself both a handshake and a pat on the back from our announcer Rich.

(Tomorrow, Christmas Eve at last! Will tomorrow’s new edition of Price until January top today’s show, will a Christmas tree be up for bids, and will Mobile, Alabama receive its first white Christmas ever? Stay tuned to both the TV set and here to find out.)

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Dec. 22nd 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6127)

Range Game: Patrick wins; Pontiac Vibe ($17,835)

Any Number: Dorothy wins $7.62; Chevy Malibu ($19,430)

Punch A Bunch: Allen wins $500 with 3 Punches (Plus Extra Punch)

Showcase Showdown #1: Allen wins with 70 cents

Freeze Frame: Georgia wins; Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ($3622)

Card Game: Ian lost ($2000 card); Ford Focus ($17,025)

Pick A Pair: Leighann wins (Pair of $1.99); Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Ian wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Ian wins; “‘Twas the Night Before Price-mas” Showcase, Pair of Snowmobiles, Quad of Parkas, and Trip to Tokyo ($23,118 in prizes)

(Like Colin and Jesse I was very busy this morning, but it never stopped me from gathering the main details on today’s show. I must give mention to Devin the Dog featured today.)

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Dec. 21st 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6126)

Plinko: Merritt wins $12,500 with 5 Plinko chips

Race Game: Robert wins Punchbowl Set; Dining Room Table, Piano, Curio Cabinet

That’s Too Much: Shirley lost; Chevy Equinox ($23,745)

Showcase Showdown #1: Merritt wins with 40 cents

Check Game: Frederick lost (Check for $2600); Bed ($3606)

Pass the Buck: Amy wins $5000 (Behind Card #6); Card #1 contained Pontiac Vibe

Most Expensive: Darrick wins; Trip to New Orleans, New York (Most Expensive $4025), and Nashville

Showcase Showdown #2: Amy wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Merritt wins; “Tied” Showcase, Collection of Candy, Washer & Dryer, Sailboat, and Chevy Roadster ($63,471 in prizes)

My fellow Central Time Zone viewers (and Eastern Time viewers too), we have survived another cycle to see Bob make his entrance through the audience on the second day of a week full of Christmas decorations and themes. No wonder Merritt ran off for the top of the Plinko board before even earning the free Plinko chip, Bob keeping her almost perfectly still before and during Rich’s big news was building pressure that only those who experienced Plinko can understand. Newlywed and Los Angeles police officer Robert saved the show budget wise after winning only the least expensive prize in the Race Game lineup, which was $300. Shirley escapes both row in the audience and Contestant’s Row for a prize she’d surely enjoy as a Christmas gift (plus a kiss on Bob’s cheek, gaining plenty of audience “awwws”), but unfortunately she would leave the stage minus that. Robert’s powerful spins during Showcase Showdown #1 only lead to a score of 35 cents, only shy of the 90 needed in addition to his first score of 10. Frederick is the latest in a long line of Check Game players who once didn’t know about the game. To both Frederick and Bob’s surprise the combination of the check and Bed’s price means no new sleeping furniture in Indiana by only about $200 over. Amy escapes Contestant’s Row with luck on her side and it came handy when choosing Card #6 with only one chance. “She took my bid, dog!” was Michigan’s very own Darrick’s response before placing his winning bid. Darrick’s logical choice of choosing a city “clear across the country” won himself a trip across the land. Today’s first Showcase featured a Turntable full of candy, some Tied courtesy of Proctor & Gamble, and a Chevy Roadster resembling a car more than a truck. We end today’s show around the now confirmed truck.

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Dec. 20th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6125)

Spelling Bee: Kristina spells CAR (5 Cards); Ford Mustang

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: Deborah lost; Hostess Set, Motorcycle, and Grandfather Clock

It’s In The Bag: Nicholas wins $16,000

Showcase Showdown #1: Nicholas wins with 95 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Devon wins; Treadmill and Dining Room Group (Bigger Bargain $1300)

Money Game: Sandra wins; Dodge Neon ($16,125)

Coming or Going: Amanda wins by “Coming”; Trailer ($7039)

Showcase Showdown #2: Sandra wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Nicholas wins; Backpack Equipment, Trip to Yosemite National Park, and Jeep Wrangler ($40,276 in prizes)

(The Central and Eastern Time zones lost 25 minutes of today’s show to Rather, a room full of reporters, and the center of attention Mr. Bush. Some way of starting the Christmas theme week, isn’t it folks?)

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