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Oct. 29th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6091)

Make Your Move: Yvette wins; Cookie Jar ($75), Dining Room Table ($589) 65-inch TV ($4899)

It’s in the Bag: Boze wins $2000

Money Game: Matthew wins $188; Ford Ranger ($15,023)

Showcase Showdown #1: Yvette wins with 90 cents

Squeeze Play: Patricia lost; Trip to St. Thomas ($7032)

5 Price Tags: Richard lost (3 Chances) ; Chrysler PT Cruiser ($18,810)

One Wrong Price: Jacob wins; Chairs, Electric Guitars, and Dinnerware (Wrong Price: $2151)

Showcase Showdown #2: Patricia wins with 40 cents

Showcase: Yvette wins; “Witch Prizemazelda” Showcase, $1000 in cash, Brass Bed, Ford Focus ($30,048 in prizes)

Not only did Yvette (bearing the “I ‘Heart’ TPIR and that’s the Truth & Consequences” shirt) share her story of viewing “Truth or Consequences” thanks to her mother’s extension of her bedtime schedule, but also gave home viewers’ a glimpse of Rich at the announcer’s podium. Boze (yep, both Bob and Rich pronounced his name correctly) stuck with Bob until “popular demand” forced him to quit after winning what remains a large amount of money. Representing Bob’s Disciples, University of Virginia’s Matthew relied on his fellow followers (neither one John, nor Luke) for the Ranger’s price. During Boze’s spin, members of the audience chanted “Bo-Zee, Bo-Zee!” Patricia had 2 choices to make, but which “0” digit had to go? Unfortunately for her, the second “0” was meant to be removed. Richard joins us in celebration of his first wedding anniversary, with a surprise gift at stake. “No, says the board”, quoting Bob after Richard made his first choice. Jacob was close to creating a 3-way tie during Showcase Showdown #2, but his miss would give our bright haired one Patricia a chance of conquest. Yvette’s Showcase (which she openly added up, but decided to stay on the safe side) featured cauldrons, pumpkins, and approval under California law. Patricia’s Showcase featured our witch from the previous Showcase, cauldrons not included. We end this week’s shows with the crew gathered in front of the Brass Bed. Happy Halloween!

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Oct. 28th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6090)

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Lindsay lost; Safe and Desk & Chair (Bigger Bargain: $1300)

Lucky 7: Sheila lost; Chevy Malibu ($19,72 )

Grand Game: Steven wins $100; (Target Price: $5.00)

Showcase Showdown #1: Steven wins with 85 cents

Shopping Spree: Mirian lost ($6500 to Spend); Bar Set, Tea Service, Golf Set, and Cradle

One Away: Kandace lost; Chevy Colorado ($22,735)

Joker: Melissa wins (Card #3 was Joker); Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Melissa wins with 30 cents

Showcase: Steven wins; Living Room Group, Dance Lessons, and Piano ($22,825 in prizes)

Video blacking out (excluding audio and the useless “G” rating set by a strict FCC) during the opening did not, and I repeat did not effect the outcome of today’s first four contestants. Yep, the Mirian who placed a bid of $5500 on a Refrigerator (now under newlyweds Lindsay & Stephen’s control) was pre-selected before today’s excursion. For the sake of future Desk & Chairs under the brand featured today, let’s hope nobody representing the company was listening to Lindsay’s description. Sheila celebrates her day of birth (August 16th, 1960) from the Television City line to the Big Wheel (she referred to the $1.00 as “100”, which is okay, since 100 cents always amounts to that). Unfortunately, her birthday journey ended without a Chevrolet Malibu. Steven of the Ohio “Bob for President” gang’s sentiments were appreciated, but Price remains more than Bob can handle if elected the USA’s Chief Executive. Mirian escapes Contestant’s Row with a more reasonable bid now in the past. Thanks to a young lady in the audience pretending to drink tea, Mirian’s spending total nowhere over $6500. So far, no big winner, and the pressure is building inside Stage 33. Will Army Major Melissa be the heroine of the day? If you’re reading this first, I recommend backing up and you’ll find why today’s show didn’t end up becoming skunked show #69. Our heroine’s Showcase featured a variety of noses (Pinocchio, Richard M. Nixon, and a Bear), plus trips to Walt Disney World, Washington, District of Columbia, and a Trailer. Unfortunately, her bid was only a mere hundred dollars over from the Showcase’s actual price. Tomorrow’s Showcase preview: Halloween theme likely.

(I was this close to almost forgetting to mention Sarah the Dog’s appearance)

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Oct. 27th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6089)

Plinko: Shawnte wins $2700 with 5 Plinko chips

Pushover: Betty lost; Sailboat ($5785)

Ten Chances: Chad wins Foot Spa ($60) and Vacuum ($650); Chevy Cavalier ($16,780)

Showcase Showdown #1: Betty wins with 95 cents

Most Expensive: Brian wins; Sofa, Grandfather Clock ($2325), and Exercise Bicycle

Grocery Game: Aaron lost (Total $21.52); Bedroom Group

Dice Game: Johnny wins; Chevy Aveo ($14,535)

Showcase Showdown #2: Brian wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Brian wins; “Stoney” Showcase, Ring, Stove, and Ford F-150 ($51,227 in prizes)

Bob enters the studio through waves of audience and high fives before asking a Contestant’s Row consisting of a Betty bearing a “IRS Loves You Bob” shirt for their bids. After Shawnte left the stage $2700 richer, Bob finally notices that Betty represents the Internal Revenue Service and is here not only to pursue a lifelong dream, but also to finally break an ice barrier after all these years. Don’t expect this sudden show of love from the IRS to mark the end of Bob’s yearly tax payments or any other supposedly lucky viewer today. Fresh from disability due to a broken foot, Chad is proud to be the owner of a Foot Spa. If only he had reversed the “8” and “7” digits, that Cavalier would’ve been his latest and greatest mean of general transportation. Betty the Tax Lady would not be the only contestant the win with 95 cents during a Showcase Showdown today. After using his time to say “hello” to members of the family, we (and maybe even Aaron himself) would discover that Aaron doesn’t fit under the title of “Loyal Friend & True”. Even though the audience, Bob, and maybe even Rachel handling the cash register saved him from purchasing over 20 Pringles and 10 Eggs, Aaron still went over $21.00 by a half-dollar and 2 pennies.

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Oct. 26th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6088)

Clearance Sale: Stanya lost; Daybed, Flatware, Washer & Dryer

Hole in One (or Two): Larry wins (4th Line); Pontiac Grand AM

Double Prices: Kristen wins; Spa ($8995)

Showcase Showdown #1: Stanya wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Switch?: Tammy wins with “Switch”; Clock and Chair

Punch A Bunch: Troy wins $100 with 4 Punches

That’s Too Much: Stacee lost; Dodge Neon ($15,125)

Showcase Showdown #2: Troy wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Stanya wins; “Bottled El-Cheapo” Showcase, Motorcycle, Trailer, and Boat ($41,621 in prizes)

Stanya of Phoenix, Arizona was in charge of Price’s very own Clearance Sale for the next minute or two, but her outcome of a sale gone wrong would be marked by Bob’s words of “I was afraid of this!” After Larry’s quick escape from Contestant’s Row, Bob gave his mighty (or lovely) legs recognition. Larry’s quick choice of the Seasoning among the items featured in Hole in One was a sign of an upcoming victory; eventually a $500 bonus had to be excluded. If Bob had done his inspiration putt before Larry chose the items, some viewers would’ve been worried. Munster, Indiana’s very own Kristen (and the latest Red space contestant to escape) is now the proud owner of a Spa. Stanya’s request to dance around Bob as the Big Wheel spun was granted (“not much” were Bob’s words to describe the dance), yet she would win $1000 without a dance at Bob’s request. Robert’s fall after Rich summoned him to come on down must have wore off the luck the red spot of Contestant’s Row contained. Houston’s Troy (bearing a shirt featuring homemade decorations) decided to move on after hole #2 featured a $1000 slip, leading him to a prize $900 less. Stacee may be from Detroit, Michigan (“want more?” was Rich’s question after she wanted to know more about the Neon’s insides), yet she assumed that a price in the $13,000-$14,000 would be worthy of a “That’s Too Much!” shout, or something similar to a “shout”. Today’s Showcases featured wine, boats, and “Every Trip in the House”. Our champion of $40,000+ in prizes won on today’s show gave our announcer Mr. Rich Fields a kiss on the cheek while celebrating with her Phoenix crew. Besides a kiss, Rich was the first to earn a close up before everyone else in front of the boat. Lucky fellow!

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Oct. 25th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6087)

Half Off: Bonnie lost (1 Half; Picked Box #2); Box #15 contained $10,000

Coming or Going: Andrew lost by “Going”; Trip to Spain ($6865)

Temptation: Kelly lost; Telescope, Bowl of Cash ($663), Stemware, 27-inch TV, and Ford Mustang Coup ($18,345)

Showcase Showdown #1: Bonnie wins with 55 cents

1 Right Price: Arlene lost; Aerobics Stepper and Dining Room Table ($1977)

Cover Up: Thomas lost; Pontiac Sunfire ($15,820)

Pick A Pair: Chita wins (Brown Rice and Pasta Sauce Cost $1.99); Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Chita wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Chita wins; Hockey Equipment, Computer, and Ford Freestar ($34,761 in prizes)

Bonnie representing both the schools of Mary Land and living proof that “Teachers Love Bob” (according to her shirt) earns the chance to prove her knowledge of 50% off items. Unfortunately, her 4th grade class had to witness their teacher relying on pure luck and hope that Box #2 contains $10,000 in cash. Oh well, like Bob said, both Bonnie and Andrew have a chance to spin the Big Wheel. By the way, Box #15 was my first pick in “Box Central”. We would find out from Kelly after escaping Contestant’s Row that the nicest moment in her life recently was meeting Bob in person. That remark earned her a kiss on the forehead, but no luck was granted for the latest playing of Temptation. It took less than a minute for Arlene to escape both the audience and Contestant’s Row, only to discover the hard way that Aerobic Steppers ($1000 today) such as the one featured are nowhere near $2000. Before Thomas took a whack at becoming today’s first winner, yet he eventually would became another “I’ll see you at the Big Wheel story”, he and Bob discussed the state of the show and the fact that only 68 out of 6087 shows spanning 33 years had no winners. It was new apartment owner Chita who saved today’ s show and relieved some pressure (especially Rich) in everyone witnessing. Our savior of today’s show also won herself $1000 as a bonus, plus a couple of congratulatory hugs from Thomas and Arlene. Our heroine Chita and her Arizona crew crowded the Turntable before celebrating around her van.

(Today’s edition of the CBS Evening News featured a piece on a latest in outdoor and indoor products, a stealth remote control that can control almost every TV set thanks to special codes. A recent edition of “Price”, along with opponent “The View” were among the programs featured on the TV sets shut off in this segment.)

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Oct. 22nd 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6086)

Step Up: Lori wins (Daybed and Treadmill, +$500); Cordless Phones and Containers

Pathfinder: Jennifer lost; Dodge Ram ($22,315)

Flip Flop: Shawn lost by “flopping”; Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ($3402)

Showcase Showdown #1: Shawn wins with 60 cents

Magic #: Josee wins (No Magic Number Needed); Two Chairs and Pool Table

Let ‘Em Roll: Tatiana wins $2000 with 3 Rolls; Ford Focus

Double Prices: Keith lost; Floor Clock ($3785)

Showcase Showdown #2: Josee wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Josee wins; “The Price is Right Library (Librarian Brandi)” Showcase, Electric Stove, Trip to Las Vegas, Chevy Impala ($29,498 in prizes)

Keith’s $978 on a $2000 motorcycle was twice confirmed by Bob. Hmmm, I wonder why? Either Lori didn’t fully understand the concept of Step Up or she actually believed Tupperware Containers would cost more than a Treadmill. Unfortunately in Bob’s case, the only thing folks across the nation will be talking about is Jennifer being unable to hear the many audience members shouting “2” as the Ram’s second digit. Despite his mighty fingers’ failure to magically stop the Big Wheel at $1.00, Shawn settled with a dime less, but not for long. Instead of saying “hello” to the whole world, Lori simply said it to her children before marking a 3-way tie on 90 cents. Lori would eventually lose to Shawn and Jennifer’s second tied score, getting Bob into the mood of confirmation from Roger (with Turntable in background, along with Lori on his side) if we had just witnessed an historic moment? “Not often” was Roger’s response before Shawn and Jennifer had to spin yet again. Shawn survived and now earns a place in the Showcase. As Josee slowly moved the Magic # between $1-$1050 before finally stopping herself, the game itself sparked some life yet again. After declaring her the winner due to the now-haunted Magic #, Bob and Josee immediately left before a possible explosion takes place. Yep, Bob reminded us of more to come before the commercial break. Tatiana’s pappy happened to be a contestant about 25 years ago. Keith of Miami, Florida escapes Contestant’s Row at the last possible moment, but would leave without the trouble of returning home with a Floor Clock. Josee gave her fellow Canadians back home a few words of joy. When Josee passed her bid Shawn, she called him “Keith”. We end this week’s shows not in Price’s very own library, but around a brand new Impala.

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Oct. 21st 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6085)

Spelling Bee: Nicholas wins (5 Cards); Pontiac Vibe

Clock Game: Kali wins (8 Seconds Left) Grill ($849) and Dining Room Table ($899) (+$1000)

Most Expensive: Rebecca wins; Golf Clubs, Speakers, and Cabinet ($2037, Most Expensive)

Showcase Showdown #1: Nicholas wins with 95 cents

Bullseye: Marcus wins ($11.12); Trip to Jamaica

Line ‘Em Up: Suzette lost; Lamps, Trimmer, Game Show Home Board Games, and Chevy Cavalier ($16,345)

1 Right Price: Brian wins ; Bar Set ($3397) and Painting

Showcase Showdown #2: Brian wins with 85 cents.

Showcase: “Ridiculous Insurance Policies in the World” Showcase, Brian wins; Bicycle, Hot Tub, and Boat ($25,256 in prizes)

“$1450, I like you Bob!” was Kali’s response after a rather unique TV was revealed for our first four bidders. When Nicholas was asked for his next number on the Spelling Bee board, Bob asked “all the gray haired” members of the audience if they remember the question “number, please?” asked by another human being on the phone? Our redhead Kali from Seattle (bearing a shirt featuring scenes from “Happy Gilmore”) earned herself an extra 5-seconds in the Clock Game after confusing Bob shortly after the moment she said “$860” on the Dining Room Table. Rich had a good laugh after Bob requested 30 more seconds for Kali. Marcus’ nametag is in need of a nurse, because for reasons unknown it’s been ripped. Georgian peach Rebecca wearing a Georgia Tech shirt left today’s first half a perfect one. After Russell the Yellow Ribbon Dog (was getting a taste of his handler’s ear) was introduced, Marcus bearing a new name tag admits to “not knowing anything about anything” before conquering the Bullseye with 8 Honey Huns. This was either a CBS or WKRG-TV5 feed problem, but during Rich’s description of Marcus’ trip to Jamaica, both video and audio left the TV set. According to Suzette’s shirt, she would want to try out for Price’s modeling position. Brian, representing all keeping the pet population under control, marked a 5/6 today. Showcase #1 featured knee scrape insurance policies, pearl like bubbles, and a pirate causing a ruckus. Brain and Nicholas’ Showcase bid differences with bellow $1000, but it was our 1 Right Price champ who won with a price difference in the $300-$400 range.

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Oct. 20th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6084)

Lucky 7: Anthony lost; Ford Mustang Convertible ($25,27 )

Coming or Going: Sarah wins by “Going”; Two Motorcycles ($5924)

Plinko: Florencine wins $300 with 5 Plinko Chips

Showcase Showdown #1: Florencine wins with 60 cents

Poker Game: Elaine wins; Tools, Table Set, Cat Tree, and Radio Vacuum

One Away: Victoria wins ; Jeep Wrangler ($18,465)

Now or Then: Lindsay wins (“Then” September 1996); Bed

Showcase Showdown #2: Lindsay wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Florencine wins; Living Room Group, Maid Service, and a Trip to New Zealand ($21,778 in prizes)

After WKRG-TV5 viewers were given the exclusive opportunity to meet “The Young & The Restless” role player Sharon Case via their hour long news/variety program, everyone in the CBS Television chain got to meet Ramona, the latest first four contestant this week to be wearing a particular type of hat. She would remain in Contestant’s Row throughout the show. That familiar music viewers hear during the opening, when a contestant is called to come on down, and when someone wins his/her on stage, continued to play even after the big doors opened for Bob’s entrance. After a few chuckles by me, the other piece of Price’s theme played as Bob walked over for his microphone and to greet us. Unfortunately for Anthony, he lost the chance of owning a convertible not only as a mode of general transportation, but as a way to gather all the screaming fanatics (mostly female) for a ride. Florencine of Florida covered both the “0” and “$100” slots on the Plinko board. Sarah’s first Big Wheel score was only a nickel short of Florensine’s 60 cents. After the Turntable revealed an Old Time Gas Pump worth $2590, Bob had the pleasure of joking about how the show could afford such a prize in a time when gas prices can cost above $2.00. The rarely played Poker Game returns to be played by fairly new player named Elaine (previously I added “Joyce” to her last name for reasons “Match Game” fanatics may understand). Representing Travis Air Force Base, Victoria gave viewers a good laugh after her very own before asking for the “6” to be revealed. That very digit “attempted” to roll back to an “8”, but Bob caught it in the act. 95 cents came out up Lindsay’s first spin, making it nearly impossible for her fellow winners to beat it. Elaine wasn’t the only one to give some lengthy “hellos” to friends & family, but Bob allowed Lindsay and Florencine to do the same. Only future Showcase winner Florencine can be compared to Elaine’s length of “hellos”.

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Oct. 19th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6083)

Safe Crackers: Inga lost (Combination $960); Karaoke and Ford Focus

Pass the Buck: Vishnu wins $6000 (3 Chances); Dodge Neon (Behind Card #2)

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Melissa lost ; Popcorn Cart and Exercise Machine (Bigger Bargain)

Showcase Showdown #1: Melissa wins with 70 cents

Cliffhangers: Francis lost; Trip to Ireland

Barker’s Markers: Judith wins (Gave Up $500 to win); Luggage, Guitar, and Baker’s Rack

Any Number: Ernesteen wins $6.51; Dodge Dakota ($19,270)

Showcase Showdown #!: Judith wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “WPIR-AM with Shane” Showcase, Fireplace, Trailer, Water Gear, “The Price is Right Train Depot” Showcase, Dining Room Table, Arcade Game, and Bed

We discover a quite polite Francis among today’s first four contestants, who even addressed Bob as “Mr. Barker” after placing has bid. At the moment the “Locked” sign on the Safe Crackers’ safe was given some camera time, it was clear Inga of Tennessee went the wrong way in a 50/50 choice of combinations. I swore I heard a member of the audience (or specifically Inga’s crew) shout out “now you get back over here!” shortly after Inga failed to crack the safe. Florida’s very own Vishnu remembered his pappy’s words of wisdom before deciding to quit with a large sum of money, even though curious Bob forced him into picking what he first believed hid the car. Elizabeth representing a wedding party trio (two brides maids and the bride herslelf) joins Contestant’s Row. Nebraska’s real life cowgirl Melissa, a member of today’s first four contestants, finally escapes for a little bargain hunting. Due to financial reasons, Ernesteen’s name was written as “Ernest” on her nametag. This would be corrected in a jiffy, reassuring us that Price’s staff and entire show itself is nowhere near cheap. Viewer since birth Francis joins us to demonstrate what he’s learned over the past 18 years. May want to retake “Small $50 Refrigerators 101”, Francis. The last of today’s first four alumni escapes with Canadian pride from here to today’s Showcase. Ernesteen still bearing her improved nametag is given the chance of becoming a Dakota owner, but ended up with a piggy bank’s worth of dollars & cents. Showcase #1 featured Shane as a combination of Stern (glasses), Limbaugh (topics), and Mobile, Alabama’s Uncle Henry (excluding the call screening chastising). Brandi is the Train Depot’s conductor for the moment. In addition to this Double Overbid, the latest case of “adding insult to injury”, which Bob also considered an historic moment (for Double Showcase Overbids? Yep). Judith’s bid on the Train Depot Showcase was over by only $1 dollar, which was nothing new to Price if you look back at a certain 1974 airing. We end today’s show with Bob interacting with the audience, while Mr. Rich Fields, Shane, Brandi, and even Starr waved farewell to everyone witnessing today’s show.

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Oct. 18th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6082)

Credit Card: John lost (Credit Limit $1600); Convection Oven ($350), Dining Room Table, Washstand ($299), Floor Clock, and Crystals ($844)

Dice Game: Edith lost; Dodge Caravan ($22,165)

Squeeze Play: Vicky wins; Electric Vehicle ($7595)

Showcase Showdown #1: John wins with 75 cents

Hit Me: Sean wins; Bedroom Group

Punch A Bunch: Brandon wins $5000 with 4 Punches

Money Game: Melissa wins ; Chevy Aveo ($14,035)

Showcase Showdown #2: Melissa wins with 80 cents

Showcase: John wins; “The Price is Right Dating Game” Showcase (featuring Brandi) , Dishwasher, Jukebox, and Pontiac GT Coup ($42,408 in prizes)

Today’s opening lineup begins with dollar signs on a Regina and a Vicky wearing a particular type of hat while in a gray skirt. Our two females must wait until John representing the Malone family (all in blue) finish purchasing some items by a rather large, yet seemly magical (credit limit’s early appearance) piece of plastic. Unfortunately, Aritha Malone’s bad credit advice put John in debt after picking the $1000+ Floor Clock. Edith (along with every off spring and her husband in the audience) were assured that the same Aritha would not participate in the decisions of whether to go higher or lower, depending on what price digit is rolled. It may have never happened, but bad luck still managed to slip into Edith’s Price experience from here to her second spin of Big Wheel. Before leaving the stage until the first Showdown, Edith expresses her true reason for visiting Price today, to see Bob up close. Vicky representing the hilly parts of Arkansas becomes the first contestant in many Squeeze Play appearances to finally conquer this game. Thank goodness Vicky had no thoughts of changing her decision during Bob’s discussion of a rather unique Arkansas hotel, featuring 8 floors of basement rooms. Here’s a “thanks” to the audience member reacting with great cheer during Rich’s description of the Peanut Butter featured in Hit Me, which gave Sean (wearing of USA Postal Service hat) the all important 10 (A Queen). Brandon finally escapes from being beside Regina (whom appeared to be co-workers at Television City, according to Bob) to take a quadruple of whacks at the Punchboard. It may not be $10,000, but Brandon was still happy with $5000 worth of college tuition money, plus some items of interest. Regina had only one chance left to escape Contestant’s Row, so she used it wisely for a lengthy moment, forcing Bob to beg for her bid. Almost a minute since Melissa placed her bid, she won her way on stage to play for a Chevy Avio. Showcase #1 Brandi, her other half of a “courtship” the Dishwasher, a giant key (leading up to a Pontiac), and a “KISS” (except for the graphic) straight from the original Chuck Barris program. Since she’s already the proud owner of a car, Melissa passed her game show parodying Showcase to Mr. John Malone. Melissa’s over and John wins, so make way for his fellow Malones, including sister Aritha.

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