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May. 31st 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6049)

Shopping Spree: Gary lost ($5000 to Spend); Cabinet/Clock, Bar Table, Banjo, Dishes

It’s In The Bag: Mary Ann lost $1000

One Away: Ronnie lost; Ford Focus ($18,165)

Showcase Showdown #1: Ronnie wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Squeeze Play: Tyra lost; Hot Tub ($4910)

5 Price Tags: Joseph lost; Chrysler PT Cruiser ($18,810)

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Beverly wins; Dining Room Table and Exercise Equipment

Showcase Showdown #2: Joseph wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Joseph wins; “Personalized License Plates Showcase” Ski Equipment, Pinball Machine, and Ford Free Star ($35,834 in prizes)

Gary, a proud Kentucky resident in full blue takes a chance at shopping in this part of Sunny California. While celebrating her day of birth, Mary Ann’s playing of It’s In The Bag may have been worth 1 commercial break. Too bad it was all for nothing once the second item priced $12.00 was revealed. Ronnie the student nurse and future care worker of Bob (including other Price staff) was 2 (Pricing Games) away from playing One Away. Ronnie’s win of $1000 on the Big Wheel made up for the 1 half’s losses, but what does the 2nd have in store for us? #27 Tyra (see jersey) was unfortunately defeated by the ever so tough Squeeze Play. 80-year-old Joseph wore a shirt featuring pictures of his “Barkers” (Dogs) for today’s special occasion. Beverly of Contestant’s Row finally escapes to the rescue of today’s show. That’s right, this “First Four” lady actually saved the show! Before today’s rather complicated Showcase Showdown #2, Bob reminds us of 67 out of over 6000 shows not having at least 1 winner. Reason for Showdown #2 being sort of complicated? All 3 contestants tied for a Spin Off and Joseph made it through as a $1000 winner. Two $1000 winners face off in today’s Showcase, featuring license plates and “Hot Spots”.

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May. 28th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6048)

Lucky 7: David lost; Ford Explorer

Half Off: Melissa wins $10,000 (Picked Box #7, 2 Halves of “Box Central”)

Switch?: Jessica wins by a “Switch”; Trip to Alaska and Hawaii

Showcase Showdown #1: Melissa wins with 90 cents

Take Two: Terry lost ($3174 was total); Dining Room Table, Riding Lawnmower, Treadmill, Cabinet

Let ‘Em Roll: Danny wins with 3 Rolls; Dodge Neon

Coming or Going: Editha wins by “Going”; Floor Clock ($4725)

Showcase Showdown #2: Terry wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Melissa wins; Coke Machine Replica, Pool Table, Arcade Game, and Jukebox ($34,543 in prizes)

David, another fellow who’s never known life without Price, sometimes wondered how his folks survived before September 1972, and today in May 2004 he was more interested in winning cash than a car. No need to worry David, there’s always the Big Wheel. Gentleman and ladies, Half Off has arrived! This all-new Pricing Game features rows of boxes, but only one contains the grand prize of $10,000 in cash. In order for a contestant, specifically Melissa to find that special box without the high chance of losing, she must pick at least 3 items with a price half its original retail price. Why? Because if she picks at least 1 half priced item, half of the boxes without $10,000 will be removed. As for Melissa, she managed to get 2 out of 3 half priced items right and picked the box marked #7 (not only a lucky number, but the age of her little girl, or daughter for the rest of y’all out there). At Bob’s cue of “Now!” Melissa opened the box to reveal $10,000 in cash. A perfect beginning to a fun Pricing game! Jessica proved that she’s got the Hawaiian spirit by performing a hula dance. As Editha made her run to Contestant’s Row, both of her shoes went loose and seconds later she would bend her microphone. According to Bob, everything was going well in Contestant’s Row until she came along. It’s safe to say there were 2 folks under the name “Terry” on stage today. Terry the Take Two Contestant and Terry (Teri, “The Great Haired One!”) This would be the same Editha that would win her way on stage to decide whether she’s “Coming or Going”. Showcase #1 featured Price’s own version of “The People’s Court” called “Price Court” starring Judge Lanisha, Attorney at Law Rachel, and Mr. Rich Fields as your announcer. After winning today’s Showcase, Melissa says she wants to help control the pet population with Bob, but first he reminds us to have our pets spayed or neutered.

(Another week, another show in the Price VHS archives. Hopefully this one is in yours too. Place your comments on the new Pricing game under “Comments”)

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May. 27th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6047)

Switcheroo: Douglas wins Mop ($15); Pontiac Sunfire ($16,475)

Freeze Frame: Amanda lost; Spa ($5499)

Buy or Sell: Breana wins (+$1100); Desk, Gas Pump Replica, and Brass Bed

Showcase Showdown #1: Amanda wins with 90 cents

Grand Game: Elsie wins $10,000!

1 Right Price: Jerald wins trips to Montreal and Mazatlan ($3524)

That’s Too Much: Roger lost; Chevy Cavaler ($15,995)

Showcase Showdown #2: Roger wins with $1.00 ($1,000)

Showcase: Roger wins; Dining Room Group, Security System, and Pair of Motorcycles ($22,375 in prizes)

Douglas of Pennsylvania may have won a kayak, but a certain thing called a Pontiac Sunfire would have been more practical. No time to explain Amanda’s group The Traveling Nurses, since this is only an hour show. Only the studio audience got to hear Amanda’s “nurse tale” during a break. After escaping Contestant’s Row, Breana’s greetings to friends & family were a throw back to “This is Your Life”. Elsie of the great state of Alabama (Montgomery) made the run from audience to Contestant’s Row to the Grand Game and finally the CLR cleaning product. Jerald who lives 600 miles from Montreal will travel to Mazatlan first for 2 obvious reasons: 1. He’s from Canada. 2. He even made a little trip to the artwork of Mazatlan featured in 1 Right Price. Thanks to memories of his drill sargent in the Air Force, Roger delivered not 1, but 2 well done shouts of “That’s Too Much!” A win of $1,000 on the Big Wheel made up for Roger’s previous lost, which would give us another Roger victory run around the stage, along with 4 high fives. After our traveling nurse’s Showcase price was revealed Roger assumed that he didn’t bid close enough to his, but later it would revealed that he did indeed. Yet another victory run, plus celebrating with his crew, and last but not least a victory salute capped off the show. The Price viewers return the salute!

(Tomorrow, a all-new Pricing game will be revealed! Get those VCRs ready to tape this show for the archives.)

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May. 26th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6046)

Plinko: Jennifer wins $1,100 with 4 Plinko Chips

Race Game: Fredrick wins; Armoire, Patio Table, Safe, and Baskets

Money Game: Karen wins $185; Pontiac Vibe ($19,005)

Showcase Showdown #1: Jennifer wins with 90 cents

Safe Crackers: Shirley lost (Combination was 850); Bed and Pet Furniture

Pass the Buck: Elizabeth wins $6000; Ford Focus

Double Prices: Cynthia lost; TV/with HDTV Receiver ($3398)

Showcase Showdown #2: Shirley wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Shirley wins; “Bird Watching Showcase” Binoculars, Drum Set, Trip to Monte Carlo, and Trailer ($34,143 in prizes)

Roger, along with plenty of audience members got the chance to high five Bob. Starr got to shine as the one presenting Jennifer those 3 extra Plinko chips. Fredrick was well dressed for today’s playing of the Race Game, from the shorts to the tennis shoes. At the sound of Bob’s “bang!”, Fredrick took it nice and easy to place those price tags beside their rightful items. After completing that task, Fredrick was quick on his feet to pull the lever to reveal that he’s won all 4 prizes. During a commercial break, an Arizona nudist colony was discovered among the audience, yet they were actually wearing some clothes. It was “El-Cheapo” I tell you, it was 05 that fooled Karen! Rich even bet that she would want that Pontiac Vibe. Unlike yesterday’s big fall, Jennifer managed to stay up after spinning the Big Wheel. From the moment Bob saw Shirley come on down, he knew this lady can be dangerous to him. After nearly attacking Bob before Safe Crackers was revealed, Shirley gave him a small hug meaning no harm. Representing the loudest group so far in the audience, Cynthia escapes both the group and Contestant’s Row to face another odd pair of opponents, a couple of price choices.

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May. 25th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6045)

Danger Price: Margaret wins ($1699 was Danger Price) ; Bicycle, Dining Room Table, Fireplace, and Vacuum

Hole in One: Michael wins; Dodge Caravan

Range Game: Jamie lost; Player Piano ($7500)

Showcase Showdown #1: Margaret wins with 60 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Michael wins; Bar Set and Clock

Card Game: Katherine lost; Ford Focus ($15,575)

Bonus Game: Tamara wins; Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Katherine wins with 70 cents

Showcase: Margaret wins; Trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, Trip to Thailand, Ford Mustang ($45,585 in prizes)

Margaret represented what Bob refers to as a “weird group of contestants”, featuring Katherine and Margaret as the most enthusiastic and those (Tamara and Michael) between them being forced to endure their excitement. Michael’s shirt told the story of his journey from Ohio to Price, which consisted of a flight to Las Vegas, a drive to Sunny California, and a stay of 2 days on 7800 Beverly Blvd. Did Bob successfully complete his inspiration putt, unlike Hole in One’s previous playing? The answer is yes and so did our first Michael! Jamie sporting a Bob Ross-like Afro has waited all his life to meet Bob and his first words in his like long wait were “I like your microphone”. Before taking on the Range Game, Jamie gave Bob a late birthday wish. Margaret took quite a fall on her back after taking a spin of the Big Wheel, but she managed to make it through to today’s Showcase. Our second Michael’s high fives were a little off course from his Barker’s Bargain Bar victory to the beginning of Showcase Showdown #2. 5 games later, Tamara escapes Contestant’s Row to play the Bonus Game. Before Showcase #1, we learn about a problem that’s been bugging Margaret since appearing on today’s Price, she called in sick on her job and by now the boss knows what she’s really been up too. Winning $45,585 on daytime’s most popular show should be the best excuse ever for Margaret’s boss.

Starr was given the chance to keep Lucy the Dog under control as she was being introduced to the Price viewers.

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May. 24th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6044)

Flip Flop: Cynthia lost; Piano ($8918)

Spelling Bee: Treffaney wins (CAR Card); Chevy Aveo

One Wrong Price: Roland lost; Washer/Dryer, Recliner (Wrong Price), and Cradle

Showcase Showdown #1: Roland wins with 85 cents

Check Game: Randall wins (Check for $1750); Pair of Motorcycles ($3928)

Cover Up: Christopher lost; Ford Escape ($20,617)

Hit Me: Judith lost; Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Judith wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Judith wins; Dodgers Baseball Camp, TV/VCR/DVD, and Boat ($26,487 in prizes)

Starr was demonstrating the piano that Cynthia would never play due to her failing to flop instead of just flipping. Telling by her continuous jumping in Contestant’s Row, Treffaney had something in store for everyone, which included a plan at conquering Spelling Bee either way (CAR Card and Spelling “Car”). One of the chosen cards got itself a brief close up. Roland representing the peanut capital of the world (located in Virginia) unfortunately believed the price of the Cradle was wrong. Could it be that Roland did that on purpose to avoid winning a Cradle among others? Randall showed off his experience in writing checks during today’s playing of the Check Game and yes he actually knows the rules of the game itself. The first 2005 model of any motor vehicle offered Price was the Ford Escape. Judith was very lucky that Mary didn’t bid $1 more than her during the second bidding process in Contestant’s Row. Somewhere along the line, Judith got lost while playing Hit Me. Judith’s “hellos” as the Big Wheel was spinning almost sounded like a speech. Nope, no Double Showcase Overbid today!

In case you missed last Friday’s Daytime Emmy Awards, I must tell y’all this…..

Best Game Show: The Price is Right

Best Game Show Host: Bob Barker

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May. 23rd 2004

Million Dollar Spectacular #12: (Bob’s Induction Into the Television Hall of Fame)

3 Strikes: Paul lost; Cadillac Deville ($48,210)

Grand Game: Michael wins $20,000 (Target Price $10.00)

Coming or Going: Hilary wins by “Coming”; Trailer ($8306)

Showcase Showdown #1: Hilary wins with 70 cents

Money Game: Rebecca wins; Chrysler Sibring ($27,280)

Safe Crackers: Sadie lost (Combination was 760); Chevy Impala and Luggage

Double Prices: Stacey wins; Piano ($13,010)

Showcase Showdown #2: Sadie wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Double Showcase Overbid; “The Price is Right Prize Hall of Fame Showcase” Kitchen Group, Hot Tub, and Ford Mustang (Sports Car); “Hall of Famers Showcase” Audio System, Presley Discs and Cassettes, $7,550 in cash, and Lincoln Town Car

Paul performed a little dance with sandals shortly after Bob asked him about his clothing for this special occasion. Before our contestants in Contestant’s Row got to bid on a trip to Cancun, Barbara had to make her leap from the front row into her spot previously held by Paul. Michael got what he wanted on his prowl spanning many miles, $20,000. Before getting back to business, our first of 2 chairmen/CEOs announces the big news viewers have been looking forward to witness, Bob’s induction into the Academy of Television Arts & Science’s Hall of Fame for all that he’s contributed to the vast land that is TV for 45+ years. Besides a special ceremony in June, a bust of Bob (revealed by Rachel), sculpted by a fellow member of the audience was introduced tonight. Would have been interesting if an image of Bob during his high school years was the one used in creating this bust. David’s shirt with red sleeves/white front & back should be familiar to the most loyal for viewers out there. Barbara gave Rebecca a small hit after being outbid. This is truly a rarity in both daytime and primetime; Rebecca found both ends of a car in Money Game without a dollar sign. 3 shouts of “Oh My God!” came about during her reaction. Our second chairmen/CEO giving Bob a well-deserved honor is none other than the Big Eye of CBS himself, Les Moonves. Either that segment was taped (before or after) or the entire audience has something against Lesley. Contestant Row’s very own Barker’s Beauty Judith may be a golfer, yet Stacey (filled with excitement Rich called her to come on down) was the one that would win those clubs and a chance at playing Double Prices. Yep, Stacey promises to learn how to play piano, mostly from her friend Brian in the audience. The inductees in Price’s very own Prize Hall of Fame are the following: The Refrigerator, The Hot Tub, and of course the Car. Price’s tribute to Elvis Presley continues in the “Hall of Famers Showcase”, including Mobile, Alabama’s very own Henry “Hank” Aaron and Bob. For the first time ever, a Million Dollar Spectacular’s Showcase ended in a Double Showcase Overbid, so what to do for the spin for $1 million? Draw a ticket, raffle style! Brandi was the lucky one to pull a ticket. Jay R. of the audience had the ticket with the numbers 0-8-1 for a spin of the Big Wheel. Yet again, no Price is Right millionaire. We close tonight’s spectacular with a shot of Bob’s bust that’s soon to be placed in the Academy’s headquarters in North Hollywood, California.

Starr was modeling during tonight’s show and as expected she has improved quite a bit. All memories of Lanisha (until the next time she appears on the show) have faded away after viewing Starr tonight. We’ll see if she lives up to everyone else during next week’s shows. Good night everyone!

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May. 21st 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6043)

Swap Meet: Jason wins with Model Ship ($899); Stove ($899), Washer/Dryer, and Dining Room Table

Let ‘Em Roll: Lisa wins with 2 Rolls; Chevy Cavalier

Freeze Frame: Kimberly lost; Trip to Mexico ($4436)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kimberly wins with 85 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Lisa wins; Computer and Painting

One Away: Ralph wins (No Mistake); Chevy Malibu ($21,430)

Joker: Johnnie lost (Joker was behind Card #2); Piano

Showcase Showdown #2: Ralph wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Kimberly wins; Bedroom Group, Set of Golf Clubs, and Golf Cart ($18,637 in prizes)

After all of our first 4 contestants overbid, Jason managed to bid exactly right during the second bidding process. Kimberly has big news for Bob according to her shirt, “Alaska Girls Love Bob”. Lisa would later prove that she’s indeed a loyal friend and true by reminding us that the prizes featured on each Let ‘Em Roll cubes are $500, $1000, $1500, and 3 Cars. So far, Lisa has rolled 4 cubes with a car showing, but the 5th cube rolled on the floor. No need to worry, since Lisa can finish off her first chance by rolling that loose cube from her previous roll, or should I say “roll + slide” the cube. Johnnie (that’s right, it’s a female name too) shocked the audience and Bob with her shirt creating the illusion of a 2 piece swimsuit (front and back). Turns out Johnnie wants to apply for the job of a Barker’s Beauty (a modeling position to be exact). If that were possible, Johnnie would make a big difference in that department on Price. Unfortunately for our Alaskan, she won’t be spending time in a much warmer climate. Our other Lisa wins her way out of Contestant’s Row for a little bargain hunting. Ralph fresh from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (hence the name “Ralph”, as in Ralph Edwards) asked the ladies 5 times to confirm that all 5 of his chosen numbers for the price of the Malibu are right. At last, our Johnnie escapes Contestant’s Row, which gives Bob the opportunity to pull one of his introductions from his days of hosting beauty pageants. Showcase #2 featured the 1st Annual Pricey Awards and yes all models earned an award. Kimberly and the rest of her fellow Alaskans end this week’s shows by celebrating near the Golf Cart.

Folks, I have some new good news and bad news! Good news: Lanisha is gone, but is it for good? Bad news: The latest addition to the model rotation is Starr, who so far reminds me too much of Lanisha, but I’ll give her time to improve in front of the viewers next week. I wonder what are the whereabouts of Candace, who came around shortly after Claudia left for certain parts unknown.

As LeVar Burton said “and remember, you don’t have to take my word for it.”

(Tonight, 31st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards live at 8 PM CST on the Peacock Network and tomorrow night Million Dollar Spectacular #12 will air at 8/7 PM on old Columbia)

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May. 20th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6042)

Clock Game: Courtney wins; Dining Room Table ($899) and Stove ($999) + $1000

Shopping Spree; Mark wins ($4000 to spend); Floor Clock, Vacuum, Dinnerware, and Luggage

Pass the Buck: Nelia wins $8000 (2 Chances); Pontiac Sunfire

Showcase Showdown #1: Nelia wins with 85 cents

Squeeze Play; Marguerite lost; Catamaran ($5785)

Secret X: Daryl wins; Living Room Group

Line ‘Em Up: Betty lost; Pontiac Vibe ($18,290)

Showcase Showdown #2: Daryl wins with 70 cents

Showcase: Double Showcase Overbid; “Price’s Tribute to Elvis Presley Showcase” Trip to Graceland (Memphis, Tennessee), Trip to Las Vegas, and Trailer; “Showcase #2” Treadmill, Trip to Orlando, Florida, and a Chrysler Sebring,

After struggling to get our first 4 contestants’ bids (Marguerite bid $5000, Nelia bid $1 after her), it would have been the perfect time for Bob to return home. Courtney assumed that the stove (range) could be operated by remote control after hearing Rich’s description again by request. Nelia’s reactions were literally nice & easy after escaping Contestant’s Row with a bid other than $1 . The audience’s big differences in opinion lead the way for Nelia to only have 2 out of 3 chances for the “Pass the Buck” board. Irene took it easy too while coming on down, along with shaking the hands of fellow audience members. Marguerite, the same Marguerite that bid $5000 earlier escapes Contestant’s Row (she bid $750) for a little squeezing of big numbers. Chief Daryl of the Navy (in dress uniform) faces a certain “X”, a secret “X” to be exact. Today’s Showcase #1 featured Brandi as the King of Rock ‘N Roll. It took 1 commercial break for Nelia to realize she bid way over her Showcase’s actual price. Today’s show ends with no Showcase victory, but with Brandi performing some Presley moves, Bob shaking hands of audience members & contestants, and (gasp!) Lanisha behaving in a way that’s too much for poor old eyes.

(Folks, I have good news, bad news, and worse news! Bad news: The modeling position without rotations remains a thing of the past. Good news: “The Great Haired One” AKA Teri shall return in the following weeks. Worse news: Lanisha returns starting with today’s show)

All I can say is… Dian, Holly, Pearson Television (Fremantle Media), where were your minds in the 90s? Someday I hope that all 3 shall admit to taking part in the model position’s near destruction so that all will know the truth behind the speculation popularized by star exposing media outlets such E! Entertainment Network.

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May. 19th 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6041)

Switch?: Carol wins with “no switch”; Daybed and Hockey Table

Spelling Bee: Jane wins (4 Cards); Dodge Neon

Bonkers: Florencio lost; Hot Tub ($5995)

Showcase Showdown #1: Jane wins with 50 cents

Clearance Sale: Christine lost; Chair, Luggage, and Gas Grill

Cover Up: David lost; Ford Focus ($18,420)

Pick A Pair: Carlos lost; Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Christine wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Jane wins (Double Showcase Winner); Flowers for a Year, Trip to Amsterdam, Jeep Wrangler, Living Room Group, A Floor Clock, and a TV ($61,556 in prizes)

Carol spends her 60th birthday with Bob, which included making the decision of no price switching before Bob even explained the rules of “Switch?” Jane of Ontario, Canada, a Price viewer since age 8 thanks to her mother makes the right decision to go for the Dodge Neon instead of 2500 American Dollars. We are reminded yet again that contestants playing Bonkers shouldn’t look toward the audience for help. At 60, Carol still has the strength to spin a large spinning object, such as the Big Wheel. A surprise to a host of 32 years as he witnesses David, the president of the Rich Fields Fan Club coming on down courtesy of his idol of 4 weeks. Two items prove David is a big part of this growing society includes his shirt (photo of Rich on the front) and last but not least a shirt for Rich himself (with photos of Rich, Johnny Olson, and Rod Roddy). Christine (wearing the “Bob Barker, I Need To Come on Down” shirt) was vulnerable to causing bodily harm to Bob, so he suggests that she should use her strength on either the 4 cameramen, the stage managers, or a certain announcer with his own fan club. Our (Rich’s to be exact) fan club president David escapes Contestant’s Row without harm from a close contestant whom he outbid by $1. After confirming that our Showcase contestants remember their bids (Christine said “thank you Bob” after he complimented her on a fairly good bid), it was revealed that Jane won both Showcases with a difference of $177.

Now if y’all excuse me, I’ll be searching the web for the official site of the Rich Field Fan Club.

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