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May. 19th 2010

Welcome to a new era in TPiR blogging!

Since Blogger ended their service which allowed bloggers like us to post via FTP, we have finally switched over to WordPress.

There will be some kinks to be worked out as we head through the summer, but everything should slowly get back on track!  Please be patient!

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2010 State of the "TPiR Blog"

Jan. 23rd 2010

First, I’d like to thank Mario500 for his years of daily updates. They will be missed but were much appreciated by myself and the thousands and thousands of viewers that came to this site.

With his resignation, a new page (yes, another) is turned in the TPiR Blog’s history. We have existed since myself and my friend Jesse started it when we were in high school (2003). It has grown and grown for the last nine years and we reached record highs in terms of visitors during the entire 2009 year.

With 2010 I hope to bring even more TPiR tidbits to those who have bookmarked this site and those who stumble upon it through Google. I’m not sure the direction we will take yet, although I have been considering (for three years now) switching over to WordPress as our publishing software. In any event, daily updates are (obviously) temporarily suspended for the time being; but they might return in the future. We are the the midst of going game-by-game through the set of pricing games and that will continue for the remainder of this season. Hopefully we’ll have some other big things in store as we move into the spring.

The show has undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years and so have we here. We still look forward to the future. Those of you who drop by, please leave us a message! We are happy to share a little part of our day with you!

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Important Announcement

Nov. 19th 2009


I finally came to a decision I considered over the summer: resigning from The Price is Right Blog. Ever since Year 36, I have not enjoyed the show like I did in the past and posting about the show was becoming less enjoyable. I had given the show another chance, but Year 37 left me with bad feelings about the show and the first show of Year 38 helped in my decision. Coincidentally my local station interrupted the first show of Year 38 with a short report of a flash flood watch for counties neighboring my home county.

I was glad to help with The Price is Right Blog over the past few years, but after all the changes made to the show and the changes in my life, I need to be more concerned about my physical and emotional well being. Colin and Jesse, thank you for giving me the chance to work with you and pardon me for announcing my resignation on a Thursday. I hope this weblog continues with someone who is still dedicated to “The Price is Right” and capable of posting recapitulations Monday through Friday. Good day!

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TPiR Blog: RSS Feed

Jan. 6th 2009

An option that has been long overdue for this blog, we have recently implemented a beta RSS feed that we are now proud to report is fully functional!

For more information on what a feed is, please click here.

To access the feed, please click the link to the right that says “TPiR Blog RSS Feed” or click here and then use your favorite feed software or browser to read about all the updates regarding the show.

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Drew Carey Bio available!

Dec. 11th 2008

Hey guys!

First off, let me assure you that the Games Spotlight will continue, even though we skipped this Tuesday. The reason we skipped the previous segment was because…

… we now have a biography for Drew Carey!

You can also access it by using the navigation bar on the right; where you’ll also notice we have split the cast bios into “current” and “former.”

Does this mean more are coming? Only time will tell!

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Sorry for the recent issues!

Aug. 14th 2008

Just wanted to apologize for the recent downtime and the problem viewing the page because of broken PHP scripting. Everything should be fixed now!

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Aug. 1st 2008

According to, The Price is Right was rigged for a recent taping. Rigged? Well, sort of…

According to multiple TMZ sources, the show’s famous Plinko game had been rigged to hit the $10,000 slot for a commercial they were shooting on set for the “Price” video game before the taping. After the commercials were done, however, some bonehead forgot to reset the game. And that’s when it got interesting for one contestant.

When a woman who won the chance to play Plinko started dropping her chips, they each landed in the $10,000 slot! It wasn’t til she hit it — for a third time — that producers figured out what was going on, stopped rolling tape and explained the mishap to the poor contestant. Then they took all her chips and started the game over! Where’s Bob Barker when you need him??

With no assistance from the rigged game, she only won a measly $3000. The show, not wanting to screw her out of some serious cash, decided to give her the $3k plus the $30k she had already plunked.

Unfortunately, TMZ also reports that this woman will never have her actual moment in the sun– the footage was cut from any TPiR airings…

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New look!

Jun. 9th 2007

TPiR Blog v2.0 is here! Sort of…

For the past couple years, we get e-mails now and then about how people found that their browsers did not deal “nicely” with the old layout, which utilized a frame setup.

So I’ve spent the better part of today wrestling with this new template, trying to bring it up to code. I think I have most of the major kinks worked out, at least to the point where it’s readable! It’s the first design I’ve built from scratch while utilizing PHP scripting and functions– makes my life easier in the long run, but leads to a complicated first few nights!

Over the next couple of days and weeks, I’m going to fine-tune it to get it into a 100% working state. Until then, bear with us! And if you see a page that’s horribly awry– drop us a line and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks for reading! Remember to tune in for Bob’s last episode on Friday, June 15th!

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