Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Freeze Frame: Jennifer wins; Cruise to Alaska ($4534)

Let ‘Em Roll: Robert wins $1500; Chrysler PT Cruiser

Plinko: Jose wins $500 with 4 Plinko chips

Showcase Showdown #1: Jose wins with 80 cents

One Wrong Price: Robin wins; Luggage, Couple of Chairs, and Barbecue Grill (Wrong Price $450)

Dice Game: Gay wins; Chevy Cobalt ($14,234)

Take Two: Lynette lost (Golf Equipment and Yard Tools Total $1991); Two Sets of Golf Equipment, Candle Sticks, Washer/Dryer, and Yard Tools

Showcase Showdown #2: Gay wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Gay wins ($43,731 in prizes); “Lost & Found” Showcase, Electric Guitar, Home Gym , and Ski Boat

Jennifer was very wise to bid $1001 on a $3000 Floor Clock. She had once frozen a price too soon, but she convinced Bob that it was her own mistake. Before stagehand “Big” Dave could put Freeze Fame back into motion, Bob requested that he reveal himself for a second. A few seconds later, Jennifer froze her chosen (winning) price. Viewers could see what appeared to be the arm of show producer Roger Dobkowitz as he congratulated Jennifer on stage. Bob mistakenly called Robert by the name “Robin” before the Big Doors revealed the Chrysler automobile. Our host corrected himself a couple of seconds later. Much of the audience said the Glad trash bags were higher in price than Udder Cream, but Robert disagreed and said “lower”, thus costing him an additional roll. In spite of only two rolls, Robert leaves today’s show $1500 richer. Jose, a sailor in the Navy had 3 Plinko fall into the $0 slot, but the last chip gained him $500 among the prizes he’s won today. After a commercial break, Bob revealed that he and the audience were discussing his role in the motion picture “Happy Gilmore” and the chance of another role in the future. Since he openly said that after retirement he would no longer be associated with CBS and Fremantle Media, a nude role in a horror picture is possible. A very funny and memorable moment for viewers of today’s show, I must say. Without hesitation, loyal viewer Robin chose the Barbecue Grill in One Wrong Price, but she still consulted with members of the audience for a few seconds. Bob was quick when he asked for three digits in the price of the Chevy automobile in Dice Game, since Gay’s first three dice rolls were without doubt. Lynette kept the Golf Equipment on both chances, but was unfortunately nowhere near the Yard Tools in more ways than one. Today’s Showcase featured two Motorcycles, an Electric Guitar, and a Ski Boat. Since Jose’s Showcase bid of $60,000 was without a doubt too high, Gay bid $1 on her Showcase. We end today’s show with Gay and her crew (all dressed in black shirts and jeans) in front of the Ski Boat.

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