Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6491)

Triple Play: Victoria wins; Ford Focus ($15,230), Pontiac Vibe ($18,145), and Chevy Impala (price not revealed)

Pushover: Almira wins; Trip to Norway ($5901)

Race Game: William wins Complete Entertainment Center and Desktop Computer; Sofa and Fireplace

Showcase Showdown #1: Victoria wins with 90 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Matthew wins; Brass Cradle and Grill ($1500 Bargain)

Card Game: Dorothy lost ($2000 card); Ford Escape ($19,805)

Pick A Pair: Kimberly wins with $2.99 (Jelly Bellys and Peanut Butter); Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Kimberly wins with 40 cents

Showcase: Kimberly wins ($36,355 in prizes); “Pastry Shop” Showcase, Motorcycle, Golf Cast, and Trip to Sydney, Australia

Matthew, among today’s first four contestants made an interesting impression of himself among today’s audience, viewers, and our announcer Rich after stumbling and rolling down the aisle seconds after his call to come on down. Victoria became the proud owner of a Grandfather Clock priced at $3045, another expensive first Item Up for Bids in recent shows. Victoria almost chose a price much higher than the actual price of the Ford Focus in Triple Play. Expect to see Victoria driving a Chevy Impala, her son Roger in a Pontiac Vibe, and her daughter Desiree in a Ford Focus. Almira never told Bob her preferred pronunciation of the name “Almira” (our host pronounced it “AL-MEER-AH”). William got a second chance to hear Rich’s description of the “Complete Entertainment Center”, as its called. Viewers got to see a video demonstration of the fourth Item Up for Bids today, a Foldable Boat. Along with the boat, everyone got to meet a young dog up for adoption named Dolly. Matthew, our new boat owner plans on becoming a pre-medical student. Dorothy, now $500 richer after her perfect bid, proved to be a very interesting (and talkative) contestant, as she tried to understand the use of an ace in Card Game. Dorothy tried to skip her ace, but Bob convinced her to stay. Unfortunately, and I mean very unfortunately, Dorothy’s bid of $17,800 was $2005 off the actual price of the Ford Escape. Neither her expressions, nor her words expressed hard feelings after the Card Game outcome. Kimberly only had one spin in Showcase Showdown #2, since her fellow contestants went over. Today’s Showcase featured an upstart pastry shop, an Australian holiday package, and three pieces of fitness equipment. We end today’s show with Kimberly as the Showcase winner.

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