Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update your bookmarks! TPiR Blog is back online and updateable (hosted on my OWN server this time!). Please update your bookmarks from the old site, as this is the new one that will be in effect and updated!

Thank you for the few of you that still e-mail me, ask questions, and contribute information. As you can see, our daily updater has decided that posting rundowns every day was tiring enough (and I hear him), so I wouldn’t expect to see that feature come back any time soon, especially with my hectic schedule. If you would like to take on that responsibility, by all means, drop me a line at and we’ll talk! Other than that, I expect to update this site on a semi-regular basis, especially as TPiR begins it’s search for a new host, and leads the show into a new era. As always, if you have anything to contribute or note any omissions or errors, please e-mail me!

Thank you!



-”Games Directory” to include Coming or Going, Half Off, and Time is Money
-”Odds of Winning” to include a few more games…
-Added Rich Fields biography
-Edited “Vital Information”
-Edited the e-mail address on all pages
-Added new comments feature (not CGI-based)
-Hopefully fixed all dead links, and updated everything to point to
-Edited logo
-Added a couple Rod Roddy memories since the old site was updated

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