Friday, November 18, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6280)

Coming or Going: Lenore lost by “Coming”; Trip to Mazatlan, Mexico ($2504)

Punch A Bunch: Haley wins $1000 with 3 Punches

Line ‘Em Up: Bonito lost; Horror Movies on DVD, Chopper, Karaoke Machine, and Dodge Neon ($22,129)

Showcase Showdown #1: Lenore wins with 90 cents

Pick A Pair: Peter wins (Popcorn and Topping Cherries cost $2.29); Patio Table and Hot Tub

Shopping Spree: Rosella wins ($7000 to spend); Safe, Cradle, Portable Tennis Ball Machine, and Home Gym

Safe Crackers: Nathan wins (Combination 760); Weather Station and Ford Focus

Showcase Showdown #2: Peter wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Lenore wins; Dining Room Group, Ice Cream Cakes for a Year, and Pair of Motorcycles ($18,574 in prizes)

Haley of Contestant’s Row attempted to bid $0 on a Soccer Table since she was bidding last, but changed it to $1 under the sounds of great applause. Bob never commented on this moment, by the way. Some contestants would settle for a $500 slip found in the second out of three holes made in Punch A Bunch, but Haley hoped for something more while moving on to the third hole. I have a feeling that Haley will be receiving too much attention (unfortunately) in the Price online communities, not for just her $0 bid, but for her physical appearance. Irene, a former Martinez had a lengthy discussion with our host over her maiden name and the family she’s in now. Representing the USA’s Army was Peter among numerous groups of Service representatives making up the audience today. Peter walked over to the Popcorn featured in Pick A Pair in his attempt at finding a pair priced the same. Celebrating her 80th year of life on the show thanks to her son (in the audience) was Rosella, who now owns gifts worth over $7000 thanks to today’s appearance of Shopping Spree. Another military representative joins Bob on stage and that would be Nathan of the USA’s Air Force. Rosella managed to spin the Big Wheel on her own without Bob’s help. Today’s Showcase featured three types of Screens, Ice Cream Cakes, and a Pair of Motorcycles. We end this week’s worth of shows with Lenore as our top winner. Good day!

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