Monday, October 31, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6266)

Clock Game: Patricia wins (1 second left); Armoire ($678) and Water Walking System ($899)

Master Key: Matthew wins (2 Keys, including Master Key); Ice Skates, Cookware, and Chrysler PT Cruiser

Grand Game: Sylvia wins $10,000 (Target Price $5.00)

Showcase Showdown #1: Matthew wins with 85 cents

Freeze Frame: Ronald lost; Trip to Holland ($6727)

Card Game: Vanessa wins ($3000 margin); Dodge Caravan ($20,064)

Clearance Sale: Jan lost; Power Tools, Motorcycle, and Daybed

Showcase Showdown #2: Vanessa wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Vanessa wins; “The Price is Right Department Store”, Showcase, Swimwear, Sailboat, and Piano ($38,286 in prizes)

Bob was quite amazed by even the thought of the Water Walking System featured in the Clock Game. According to someone off camera, the prize has been offered “occasionally” in the past. Matthew, a two-year veteran of the USA’s Army joined the show wearing a yellow shirt with the words, “The Army Loves Bob” in dark type. Before Sylvia became $10,000 richer, she earned it through the Grand Game, which our host referred to as “Bonus Game” at one point before immediately correcting himself. Unfortunately for our strong Canadian postmaster, the Trip to Holland costs a little more than a price in the $5000-$6000 range. As Bob built up the excitement surrounding Card Game, Boston, Massachusetts native Vanessa used the time to twist the hair behind her head (probably out of nervousness), but stopped in time for her victory. Vanessa was the last one standing in Showcase Showdown #2, so there was no need to be nervous this time, thus allowing her strands of hair to move freely once the Big Wheel stops at $1.00. Today’s Showcase featured Aristotle Onassis, Ludwig Von Beethoven, and Norma Jean, all whom have risen from “The Graveyard of Prizes” before making their way into “The Price is Right Department Store” Showcase. “Norma” found some Swimwear to replace her white dress ruined from being under the dirt. We end today’s show with Vanessa celebrating with our trio of the “living dead”, with Bob and our announcer Rich on both ends waving good bye. Good day, Halloween and non-Halloween lovers everywhere!

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