Thursday, October 20, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6259)

Freeze Frame: Chelsea wins; 52-inch TV Set ($3499)

Safe Crackers: Jessica lost (Combination 740); Collection of Telephones and Chevy Cobalt

Pass the Buck: Rema wins $5000 (Card #6); Ford Focus (Card #1)

Showcase Showdown #1: Rema wins with 95 cents

Buy or Sell: David wins (made $1500); Telescope, Sofa, and Motorcycle

Spelling Bee: Mabel wins $1000 (5 Cards); Pontiac Vibe

Switch?: Janice lost with a “switch”; Treadmill and Chair

Showcase Showdown #2: David wins with 60 cents

Showcase: David wins; Dining Room Group, Cappuccino Machine, and Boat ($28,816 in prizes)

Chelsea of Virginia was renamed “Speedy” by Bob after finishing Freeze Frame quicker than most winning players have. David of Contestant’s Row actually did the seemly impossible by looking over the bid displays, but looking at the other three bids upside down wasn’t much help to win his way on stage for Safe Crackers. After Mabel was called to come on down, a dog named “Mabel” made her world debut on today’s show. After Mabel was released from her human keepers, she ran off behind stage. Rema’s run around the stage after seeing the grand prize in Pass the Buck ended by grabbing Bob with both arms around him. Rema used her last chance to win the highest amount of money in Pass the Buck after finding both spots that say, “Lose Everything”. David’s celebration of birth continues on stage as a contestant who gets to play Buy or Sell. As Bob was about to find out whether David made some good decisions in this game, he asked our contestant as he was doing some sort of dance, “am I distracting you?” Whatever David’s reasons for such silly behavior on stage were, it was all in the presence of the price revealers in Buy or Sell, whom he referred to as, “ beautiful”. Audience favorite (according to the chants) Mabel’s southern accent was making “an old man out of” Bob as he was trying to remove the cards rightfully chosen off the Spelling Bee board. Mabel got all “As” today, but left the stage $1000 richer after the third card. During David’s spin of the Big Wheel, he not only said “hello” to his mother, but “to all the gorgeous girl of the world”. Today’s Showcases featured a “fabulous hair stylist”, trips to Las Vegas and Fiji, and a Boat. We end today’s show with David and his crew celebrating in the new dining room.

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