Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6258)

Half Off: Elaine lost (2 Halves and Box #5); Box #4 contained $10,000

3 Strikes: Matthew lost; Ford Expedition ($37,914)

Coming or Going: Elizabeth lost by “Going”; Catamaran ($4195)

Showcase Showdown #1: Matthew wins with 90 cents

Most Expensive: Allison lost; Golf Equipment, Luggage Set, and Dining Room Table (Most Expensive)

Dice Game: Ian wins; Ford Mustang ($23,124)

Bullseye: Carolyn wins; Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Allison wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Allison wins; “Do It Yourself” Showcase, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Trip to China, and Chrysler Sebring ($40,076 in prizes)

The number “5” may be a lucky number for some people, including myself who has always viewed Price on a certain channel 5, but it was a whole different case for Elaine during Half Off today. Matthew almost fell to the floor a second after hearing our announcer Rich say, “a Ford Expedition” as the Big Doors opened. After pulling out the strike twice, Matthew managed to get at least one digit in the Ford automobile’s price before guessing incorrectly where it belongs. Elizabeth ignored the audience reaction out of mistrust after making her decision in Coming or Going. Unfortunately, the Dining Room Table featured in Most Expensive didn’t seem very expensive to Allison, who had better things to come. Ian (pronounced both as E-AN and I-AN by Bob) seems to have a legion of fanatics in today’s audience, according to the louder than usual female applause. Before the commercial break, Bob told Ian to tell everyone back home that he, the gray haired old man is a nice one. Carolyn never hit the Bullseye, but luckily chose the one item above the hidden bullseye. Today’s Showcases featured a Cruise, a couple of Hot Air Balloon Rides, and a Chrysler automobile. Matthew overbid on his Showcase, so Allison becomes today’s top winner.

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