Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6243)

Credit Card: Kathy lost ($2100 Credit Limit); Motorcycle, Country Music Albums, Hostess Set, Day Bed, and Bowling Equipment

Pocket Change: Kyle wins (75 cents for car); Buick LaSabre ($27,831)

Squeeze Play: Joseph wins (removed “7”); Trip to Mazatlan ($2923)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kyle wins with 95 cents

Grand Game: Ingrid lost $1000 (Target Price $4.00)

Master Key: Ann lost (1 Key); Cookware, Floor Clock, and Chrysler PT Cruiser

1 Right Price: Genevieve lost; Home Gym ($1668) and Dining Room Table

Showcase Showdown #2: Ingrid wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “Tears” Showcase, Hot Sauces, 52-inch TV Set, and Chrysler Sebring; “Failed Retail Chains” Showcase, Gardening Equipment, Range, and Travel Trailer

Credit Card’s “array of prizes” received numerous rounds of applause from the audience, including the Bowling Equipment out of all things. After choosing the Country Music Albums and Bowling Equipment, Kathy assumed the Day Bed would not exceed her credit current. Fellow Mobilian and overall Alabamian Genevieve joined Contestant’s Row representing a local senior citizens center. Bob accepted Joseph’s request to no longer kill his patience with the buildup, so the price of the trip to Mazatlan was revealed a few seconds early. Unlike the buildup in Squeeze Play, the one in Grand Game only led to disappointment for Ingrid. Ann joined us on stage $500 richer after an amazing perfect bid in Contestant’s Row. Unfortunately, the only key in Master Key she earned was the neither the namesake of the game, nor the one that would earn her the car. It was the key that opened nothing. Genevieve escapes Contestant’s Row at the last possible moment for a game of 1 Right Price, where a certain Dining Room Table in the $2000-$3000 range was ready for one’s first glance. Bob assured viewers that Genevieve would return for our second Showcase Showdown. Genevieve didn’t make it into the Showcase, but she left today’s show with fund memories and the hearts of her fellow southwest Alabamians watching today’s show. Today’s Showcases featured Hot Sauces, Gardening Equipment, and a Travel Trailer. We end today’s show like any other show with a Double Overbid at the end; Bob mingles with the audience and the rest of the on stage crew, including our announcer Rich waved goodbye.

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