Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6269)

Danger Price: Shelly lost; Encyclopedias, Sofa (Danger Price $1488), Popcorn Machine, and Music Box Clock

Let ‘Em Roll: Salvatore wins; Chevy Cobalt

Switch: Larry wins with a “switch”; Trip to Maui and Montreal

Showcase Showdown #1: Salvatore wins with 85 cents

Pick A Number: Donna lost (picked “6”); Player Piano ($7500)

Money Game: Muath wins $246; Ford Focus ($16,330)

Punch A Bunch: Mary Ann wins $5000 with 3 Punches

Showcase Showdown #2: Mary Ann wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Mary Ann wins; “Honorary Italian” Showcase, 10 Cuisinart Appliances, Jukebox, and Trip to Rome ($21,775 in prizes)

Bob was given a nice camera close up as he walked from the Big Doors. According to Shelly’s shirt, she loves our host, but suggests that he needs “a red headed Barker’s Beauty” such as herself. Max the Dog received some interesting reaction as he made world debut before potential new owners. Before Let ‘Em Roll ended in victory for Sergeant Salvatore of the USA’s Navy, his last cube actually slid with the car side on top before rolling to reveal another car on top. Fellow Alabama resident and proud Crimson Tide fanatic Larry greets our host on stage with “Roll Tide, Bob” before learning about his trips to Maui and Montreal, Canada. Larry performed a little victory dance before throwing his fist forward after an excellent playing of Switch on his day of birth. Donna represented the Fray (pronounced “fry”) family today, all 20 of them on her husband’s side of the family. Unfortunately, none of the Frays will be gathering around a $7500 Player Piano shortly after today’s show. Muath of Montreal and native to the nation of Kuwait has remained a loyal friend and true to Price since the days of receiving video recordings of the show from his uncle. Mary Ann surprised Bob and the rest of us by giving away the $1000 slip found in her second hole until our host surprised her after the buildup leading up to the reveal of the $5000 slip. Today’s Showcases featured traditional Italian music, a trip to Rome, three chances to be a hero, and a Ski Boat. After Salvatore’s Showcase price was revealed Mary Ann would say “thank you” to the one who sent her the shirt she’s wearing on today’s show. We end today’s show with the traditional Italian music playing as Mary Ann and her crew stand in front of her trip to Rome, or the picture of Rome to be precise.

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