Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6239)

Money Game: Timothy wins $220; Ford Mustang ($22,240)

Punch A Bunch: Edward wins $50 with 4 Punches

Race Game: Carol wins; Grill, Karaoke Machine, Dining Room Table, and Golf Set

Showcase Showdown #1: Timothy wins with 90 cents

Check Game: Andrea wins (Check for $2500); Trip to Sedona, Arizona ($3432)

Pass the Buck: Joyce wins $4000; Ford Focus (Behind Card #1)

1 Right Price: Angelo lost; Home Gym and Clock ($2020)

Showcase Showdown #2: Angelo wins with 55 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “Captain Quote” Showcase, Trip to Walt Disney World, Power Tools, and Sailboat; “The Price is Right Department Store” Showcase, Digital Piano, Arcade Cabinet, and Electric Vehicle

Both Bob and Timothy stood in “the good light” on the Turntable before the reveal of the Ford automobile and Money Game in respective order. B.J. was introduced before an audience of potential new dog owners today. Edward decided against the audience suggesting that he goes lower on the price of the Mixer featured in Punch-A-Bunch, which he played with 3 punches before discovering a slip for $100 and a Second Chance in the second hole. After having a combined total of $200 once, Edward decided to take whatever is in the third hole in punched out originally, resulting in the lowest amount of money to be found in the Punchboard. Carol finished the Race Game perfectly in 11 seconds, as Bob stated for the record. Andrea got the full understanding of Check Game after the audience convinced her that she was adding a price too low in comparison to that of the trip. Today’s Check Game total came to $5939, amazingly close to going over $6000 or Andrea would have left the show minus a trip to Arizona. Captain Joyce representing the USA’s Army in uniform and a hairstyle that can be described as “puffy” became $4000 richer in Pass the Buck, yet “just for fun” she found the car concealed behind Card #1. According to Angelo’s hand gestures, he really wanted the Home Gym equipment. Bob threatened Joyce with a court martial after her weak spin of the Big Wheel. She responded by saying, “I know”. Today’s Showcases featured an old sea captain, Power Tools, a Sailboat, and an Electric Vehicle. We end today’s show with Bob meeting members of the audience, our local sea captain waving the hat, and our announcer Rich joining this mysterious “fellow” by the Sailboat.

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