Monday, September 19, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6236)

Golden Road: Bobette wins; Pencil Erasers (81 cents), Luggage Set ($845), Hot Tub ($6495), and Dodge Viper ($85,694)

Half Off: Dustin wins; 3 Halves and Box #3 contained $10,000

Pushover: Zane wins; Trailer ($7039)

Showcase Showdown #1: Bobette wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Switch?: Natalie wins with a “switch”; Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac Sunfire

Dice Game: Brock lost (rolls a “6”); Ford Focus ($16,215)

Pick A Pair: Sean wins (Candy Bar and Cookies 55 cents); Pinball Machine, Pool Table, and Soda Fountain

Showcase Showdown #2: Natalie wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Natalie wins; “Celebrating Our 34th Year on CBS” Showcase, “Miracle on 34th Street” DVD, 27-inch TV/DVD Player, Trip to Washington, D.C., and a Dodge Ram ($66,747 in prizes)

Our journey into Price’s 34th year begins with a couple of familiar faces in the front row bearing the names “Marc” and “John”, whom I recall receiving plenty of camera time during their last visit to the show. Bob makes his entrance through the audience and down the aisle today, where audience members on both sides received a high five. Bobette leaves the stage as this year’s first winner in a Pricing Game, while keeping in mind her plan for family to ride the Dodge automobile “one at a time”. Bob declared Dustin’s question “do I get two guesses?” as the best line of the day. Zane may be our first memorable contestant this year after his reaction before and after successfully winning Pushover, especially for the rough handshake and victory dance following his victory. Bob was again at risk of being harmed by Zane during Showcase Showdown #1, but the level of risk went down to absolute zero once Bobette added 80 cents to the 20 she gained from the Big Wheel. Natalie continued today’s winning streak by becoming the proud owner of not one, but two automobiles by playing “Switch”, not traditionally played for such prizes. Brock rolled a “3” on his second roll before kissing the last dice for luck. He missed his chance at luck, unfortunately. First Lieutenant Sean represented the USA’s Navy on and off stage today, or vice versa. “Ah, no”, said a member of the audience during Sean’s second spin of the Big Wheel after beating Brock’s score, only to go over $1.00. Today’s Showcases featured a trip to Dwight D. Eisenhower’s home as the 34th president of the USA, a Dodge truck with exactly 34 gallons of fuel, a jar with $1000 in change, and a convertible under the Cadillac brand of automobiles. We end today’s show in front of Natalie’s truck, surrounded by “34” of various forms and the cake in honor of the show’s 34th year on CBS. Speaking of “Old Columbia”, Price’s end credits are now at the bottom of the screen, while the network’s promotions run on top. May Year 34 be another good one for Price and its crew. Good day and good luck!

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