Tuesday, October 1, 2002

This post will contain the results from the 2 previous airings of The Price is Right:

Monday, 9/30/02:

-Shopping Spree- Maria won

-Ten Chances- Dyonna won

-Pick A Pair- George won

-Showcase Showdown- George won

-Freeze Frame- Christopher lost

-Switcheroo- Tara won all 5 prizes

-Most Expensive- Daniel lost

-Showcase Showdown- Christopher won

-Showcase- Double Overbid

Tuesday 10/1/02

-Golden Road- Margie won only the flatware

-Cliffhangers- Laura won…(Dining Room Group)

-Safe Crackers- Rebecca won…(Queen Size copper bed and Luggage)

-Showcase Showdown- Laura won with .60

-Grand Game- Daniel lost…(picked the wrong item when he was going for the $10,000)

-Money Game- Walter won…(brand new Dodge Dakota)

-Squeeze Play- Vickie lost

-Showcase Showdown- Daniel won…also won $1,000 on the wheel

-Showcase- Double Overbid

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