Friday, July 1, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6097)
(Original Air Date 11-8-2004)

Clock Game: Mitzie wins (5 seconds left); Bistro Table ($799) and Garden Shed ($999) (+$1000)

Pathfinder: Tinna lost; Chevy Malibu ($22,946)

One Wrong Price: Paulette lost; Curio Cabinet, Flatware (Wrong Price: $1740), and Home Gym

Showcase Showdown #1: Mitzie wins with 80 cents + $1.00 ($1000

Grand Game: Kendra wins $10,000 (Target Price: $5.00)

Money Game: Kenneth wins $128; Ford Focus ($18,280)

Safe Crackers: John wins (Combination $850); Floor Clock and Sound System

Showcase Showdown #2: Kendra wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Mitzie wins; Bedroom Group, Luggage, and Trip to Belgium ($23,556 in prizes)

Bob referred to our first items up for bids as “the whole outfit”, as in a Drum Set and Symbols. The full names of Canadian honeymooners Mitzie & Jason (Cologne) will never be forgotten for 3 reasons. Mitzie never witnessed the Clock Game being played, she played the game like a professional, and it appeared she took the joke of a Pasadena, California Garden Shed’s price passing for the homes there into consideration (only in the $2000-$1000 range before coming to $999). Price loyalist from Oregon Tinna may have lost what Bob’s been well known for giving away for over 32 years, yet she would eventually earn herself $1000 on the Big Wheel seconds after saying “Guys, I made it!” Unfortunately for some members of the Price viewing audience and herself, Gina never escaped Contestant’s Row for moments unknown (maybe even Bob’s latest use of the words “pretty little girl” or something similar). Today’s appearance of the Grand Game proves that King’s Hawaiian Bread is quite popular and more than ever since it won Kendra $10,000. Kenneth escapes Contestant’s Row at last to both address Bob as “Mr. Barker” and play Money Game. At the sounds of ever so many shouts of “$850”, John easily cracked (not literally) the Safe Crackers safe. Showcase Showdown #2 was Kenneth’s high point for one-lines, such as “Go over, baby!” seconds before John went over and telling Kendra that she’s already gone “3 Gs”. Well, it backfired for Kenneth at the end, but we must admit that he was one fun contestant for today. Kendra’s Showcase was dedicated to the number “8”, featuring prizes such as a Pontiac & its G8 engine. Mitzie & her new husband Jason shall return to the north of the U.S. with quite a haul, including a Garden House taking much of the weight.

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