Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6085)
(Original Air Date 10-21-2004)

Spelling Bee: Nicholas wins (5 Cards); Pontiac Vibe

Clock Game: Kali wins (8 Seconds Left) Grill ($849) and Dining Room Table ($899) (+$1000)

Most Expensive: Rebecca wins; Golf Clubs, Speakers, and Cabinet ($2037, Most Expensive)

Showcase Showdown #1: Nicholas wins with 95 cents

Bullseye: Marcus wins ($11.12); Trip to Jamaica

Line ‘Em Up: Suzette lost; Lamps, Trimmer, Game Show Home Board Games, and Chevy Cavalier ($16,345)

1 Right Price: Brian wins ; Bar Set ($3397) and Painting

Showcase Showdown #2: Brian wins with 85 cents.

Showcase: “Ridiculous Insurance Policies in the World” Showcase, Brian wins; Bicycle, Hot Tub, and Boat ($25,256 in prizes)

“$1450, I like you Bob!” was Kali’s response after a rather unique TV was revealed for our first four bidders. When Nicholas was asked for his next number on the Spelling Bee board, Bob asked “all the gray haired” members of the audience if they remember the question “number, please?” asked by another human being on the phone? Our redhead Kali from Seattle (bearing a shirt featuring scenes from “Happy Gilmore”) earned herself an extra 5-seconds in the Clock Game after confusing Bob shortly after the moment she said “$860” on the Dining Room Table. Rich had a good laugh after Bob requested 30 more seconds for Kali. Marcus’ nametag is in need of a nurse, because for reasons unknown it’s been ripped. Georgian peach Rebecca wearing a Georgia Tech shirt left today’s first half a perfect one. After Russell the Yellow Ribbon Dog (was getting a taste of his handler’s ear) was introduced, Marcus bearing a new name tag admits to “not knowing anything about anything” before conquering the Bullseye with 8 Honey Huns. According to Suzette’s shirt, she would want to try out for Price’s modeling position. Brian, representing all keeping the pet population under control, marked a 5/6 today. Showcase #1 featured knee scrape insurance policies, pearl like bubbles, and a pirate causing a ruckus. Brain and Nicholas’ Showcase bid differences with bellow $1000, but it was our 1 Right Price champ who won with a price difference in the $300-$400 range.

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