Monday, June 27, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6083)
(Original Air Date 10-19-2004)

Safe Crackers: Inga lost (Combination $960); Karaoke and Ford Focus

Pass the Buck: Vishnu wins $6000 (3 Chances); Dodge Neon (Behind Card #2)

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Melissa lost ; Popcorn Cart and Exercise Machine (Bigger Bargain)

Showcase Showdown #1: Melissa wins with 70 cents

Cliffhangers: Francis lost; Trip to Ireland

Barker’s Markers: Judith wins (Gave Up $500 to win); Luggage, Guitar, and Baker’s Rack

Any Number: Ernesteen wins $6.51; Dodge Dakota ($19,270)

Showcase Showdown #!: Judith wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “WPIR-AM with Shane” Showcase, Fireplace, Trailer, Water Gear, “The Price is Right Train Depot” Showcase, Dining Room Table, Arcade Game, and Bed

We discover a quite polite Francis among today’s first four contestants, who even addressed Bob as “Mr. Barker” after placing has bid. At the moment the “Locked” sign on the Safe Crackers’ safe was given some camera time, it was clear Inga of Tennessee went the wrong way in a 50/50 choice of combinations. I swore I heard a member of the audience (or specifically Inga’s crew) shout out “now you get back over here!” shortly after Inga failed to crack the safe. Florida’s very own Vishnu remembered his pappy’s words of wisdom before deciding to quit with a large sum of money, even though curious Bob forced him into picking what he first believed hid the car. Elizabeth representing a wedding party trio (two brides maids and the bride herslelf) joins Contestant’s Row. Nebraska’s real life cowgirl Melissa, a member of today’s first four contestants, finally escapes for a little bargain hunting. Due to financial reasons, Ernesteen’s name was written as “Ernest” on her nametag. This would be corrected in a jiffy, reassuring us that Price’s staff and entire show itself is nowhere near cheap. Viewer since birth Francis joins us to demonstrate what he’s learned over the past 18 years. May want to retake “Small $50 Refrigerators 101”, Francis. The last of today’s first four alumni escapes with Canadian pride from here to today’s Showcase. Ernesteen still bearing her improved nametag is given the chance of becoming a Dakota owner, but ended up with a piggy bank’s worth of dollars & cents. Showcase #1 featured Shane as a combination of Stern (glasses), Limbaugh (topics), and Mobile, Alabama’s Uncle Henry (excluding the call screening chastising). Brandi is the Train Depot’s conductor for the moment. In addition to this Double Overbid, the latest case of “adding insult to injury”, which Bob also considered an historic moment (for Double Showcase Overbids? Yep). Judith’s bid on the Train Depot Showcase was over by only $1 dollar, which was nothing new to Price if you look back at a certain 1974 airing. We end today’s show with Bob interacting with the audience, while Mr. Rich Fields, Shane, Brandi, and even Starr waved farewell to everyone witnessing today’s show.

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