Friday, June 24, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6082)
(Original Air Date 10-18-2004)

Credit Card: John lost (Credit Limit $1600); Convection Oven ($350), Dining Room Table, Washstand ($299), Floor Clock, and Crystals ($844)

Dice Game: Edith lost; Dodge Caravan ($22,165)

Squeeze Play: Vicky wins; Electric Vehicle ($7595)

Showcase Showdown #1: John wins with 75 cents

Hit Me: Sean wins; Bedroom Group

Punch A Bunch: Brandon wins $5000 with 4 Punches

Money Game: Melissa wins ; Chevy Aveo ($14,035)

Showcase Showdown #2: Melissa wins with 80 cents

Showcase: John wins; “The Price is Right Dating Game” Showcase (featuring Brandi) , Dishwasher, Jukebox, and Pontiac GT Coup ($42,408 in prizes)

Today’s opening lineup begins with dollar signs on a Regina and a Vicky wearing a particular type of hat while in a gray skirt. Our two females must wait until John representing the Malone family (all in blue) finish purchasing some items by a rather large, yet seemly magical (credit limit’s early appearance) piece of plastic. Unfortunately, Aritha Malone’s bad credit advice put John in debt after picking the $1000+ Floor Clock. Edith (along with every off spring and her husband in the audience) were assured that the same Aritha would not participate in the decisions of whether to go higher or lower, depending on what price digit is rolled. It may have never happened, but bad luck still managed to slip into Edith’s Price experience from here to her second spin of Big Wheel. Before leaving the stage until the first Showdown, Edith expresses her true reason for visiting Price today, to see Bob up close. Vicky representing the hilly parts of Arkansas becomes the first contestant in many Squeeze Play appearances to finally conquer this game. Thank goodness Vicky had no thoughts of changing her decision during Bob’s discussion of a rather unique Arkansas hotel, featuring 8 floors of basement rooms. Here’s a “thanks” to the audience member reacting with great cheer during Rich’s description of the Peanut Butter featured in Hit Me, which gave Sean (wearing of USA Postal Service hat) the all important 10 (A Queen). Brandon finally escapes from being beside Regina (whom appeared to be co-workers at Television City, according to Bob) to take a quadruple of whacks at the Punchboard. It may not be $10,000, but Brandon was still happy with $5000 worth of college tuition money, plus some items of interest. Regina had only one chance left to escape Contestant’s Row, so she used it wisely for a lengthy moment, forcing Bob to beg for her bid. Almost a minute since Melissa placed her bid, she won her way on stage to play for a Chevy Avio. Showcase #1 Brandi, her other half of a “courtship” the Dishwasher, a giant key (leading up to a Pontiac), and a “KISS” (except for the graphic) straight from the original Chuck Barris program. Since she’s already the proud owner of a car, Melissa passed her game show parodying Showcase to Mr. John Malone. Melissa’s over and John wins, so make way for his fellow Malones, including sister Aritha.

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