Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6080)
(Original Air Date 10-14-2004)

2 For The Price of 1: Kathleen wins (Picked Middle Digit); Daybed ($832) and Trip to Cancun, Mexico

Grand Game: Alicia lost $1000 (Target Price $6.00)

That’s Too Much!: Charles wins; Ford Taurus ($20,320)

Showcase Showdown #1: Charles wins with 90 cents

Danger Price: Tommie Sue wins; Wine Cellar, Desk, Dinnerware ($628 was Danger Price), and Golf Set

Switcheroo: Robert wins Mixer ($80); Chevy Cavalier ($16,345)

Coming or Going: Yvonne lost by “Going”; Pool Table ($4395)

Showcase Showdown #2: Tommie Sue wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Tommie Sue wins; “Brandi Versus ‘Chopsticks’ Playing” Showcase, Piano, $1000 in cash, Stereo System, and Trip to Sydney, Australia ($22,707 in prizes)

Representing the great state of Alabama with Crimson Tide pride, Charles is summoned to escape a rather weird audience (well, the majority) that believes green houses cost $1. “You’re sick”, followed by a few chuckles was Bob’s response before revealing who bid the exact price of the Green House ($1200). Bethany was very aware her $1 bid (she was applauding for Kathleen) would never earn her a $500 bonus. After Joanne escaped a close encounter with a couple of fellows strangling each other (or so it seemed), Belle and Bouncer the Kitten Twins made their debut in front of an audience including a few certain ones worthy of becoming their proud owner. As of now, a majority of Alabamians, especially those at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and a certain weblogger who happens to type about Price each day have more pride than ever since Charles earned the chance the say and win “That’s Too Much!” The now 18-year-old Charles wished his Uncle Bill a happy birthday after his second Big Wheel spin, earning him the winning score of 90 cents. That camera shot of the Big Wheel coming to a complete stop and Charles’ victory jump reminded me of the old “Triangle Shot”, in case you long time Price viewers know what I mean. Robert, the same fellow who simply “lays it on me!” as Bob put it, finally escapes Contestant’s Row for his next assignment. After showing off his sci-fi and cartoon characteristics, Robert finally wins at least 1 prize (no matter what) with glee in his eyes. Our unique audience showed plenty of love for our red head named Bethany and our red-shirted fellow Elmo (“Elmo Loves Bob”, with 2 hearts) through chanting. Neither one reached the stage at the last possible moment, unfortunately. We had to say farewell to Robert early (so much energy saved for the Showcase) after going over during the second Showdown. No hard feelings by Yvonne after Tommie Sue eclipsed her score of 65 cents, just a feel claps while walking off stage. Even though Georgian peach Tommie Sue’s Showcase difference was greater, Charles stayed beside Bob to remind us to help control the pet population and have our pets spayed or neutered. Rich can be heard laughing before joining Tommie Sue and her crew on stage.

Charles & Tommie Sue (and lets not forget Louisiana’s Alicia), the Southeast salutes y’all! Thank you and good day!

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