Monday, June 20, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6077)
(Original Air Date 10-11-2004)

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: Joseph wins; Server Clock, Refrigerator, and Curio Clock

It’s In The Bag: Bertha lost $4000

One Away: Lori wins; Chrysler PT Cruiser ($25,820)

Showcase Showdown #1: Joseph wins with 70 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Connie wins; Trip to Chicago and Santa Fe (Bigger Bargain)

Master Key: Heather wins with Master Key; Flatware, PGA Chest, and Chevy Aveo

Pick A Number: John wins (Picked “1”); Bed ($8159)

Showcase Showdown#2: John wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Joseph wins; Cruise to the Mediterranean and Exercise Equipment ($21,860 in prizes)

Before becoming the proud owner of a Bubble Chair (tested by Sonia), Joseph representing the University of North Dakota is the latest piece of the “3 Ladies & a Fellow” pattern for first four contestants. No need for the audience to take up a collection Joseph, they should be patting themselves on the back for taking part in his “Eazy” victory. In addition to this “Easy” theme in pricing games, It’s In The Bag was played by the state of Mary Land’s (Like Bob, I also pronounce it this way) very own Bertha. Unfortunately for her, the $4000 prize, and Bob, Cat Chow doesn’t amount in the price range of light bulbs. Negative audience reaction toward changing the 4th digit to “2” never changed Lori’s mind, allowing her to raise everyone’s spirits and chances of winning in the same spot where Bertha once stood. Speaking of our It’s In The Bag player, despite losing $4000 and going over $1.00 on the Big Wheel, she still enjoyed the Price experience. Contestant Ruby and husband Adran are quite proud of their 50 years together, since both are wearing red “50 Years Together” shirts including the years 1954-2004. Yovanda’s name resembles a certain other, yet famous name from Price’s rich past, but later Bob would learn that her name is not “Yolanda” or even “Yoyanda”, according to her name tag’s hand writing. From Kansas, the land of Dorothy Gale and Mary Ann Summers, Heather slowly walks toward Bob on the Turntable for one her long awaited hug. Sorry Heather, according to Bob this marriage plan formalizing since age 2 would have only worked 57 years ago. Before telling Rebecca that his Pick A Number choice is “1”, Bob suggested to John forget about this president stuff after reading his “Vote Bob for President” shirt. John’s Showcase #2 featured all 31 Baskin-Robbins flavors, Traffic Cones & a Motorcycle, and Rebecca holding pinecones in front of a Trailer.

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