Friday, June 17, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6122)
(Original Air Date 12-15-2004)

Pushover: Yvonne wins; Ford Focus ($15,165)

That’s Too Much: Samuel wins; Jeep Wrangler ($18,765)

Half Off: Jill lost (2 Halves, Picked Box #5); Box #11 contained $10,000

Showcase Showdown #1: Yvonne wins with 90 cents

Swap Meet: Stephanie wins (Swap Price: $500 for Camera); Desk, Curio Floor Clock, and Vacuum ($500)

Let ‘Em Roll: Delia wins (2 Rolls); Dodge Neon

Double Prices: Esther wins; 47-inch TV Set ($3499)

Showcase Showdown #2: Delia wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Delia wins; Speaker System, Kitchen Group, and Cruise the Orient ($35,480 in prizes)

Esther representing today’s first four lineup was Bob’s latest victim when kidding around after she asked if the trip to the Grand Canyon price includes hotel costs (Bob responded with “no, you sleep in the parking lot”, gaining plenty of applause from the audience and a smile on Esther). Oki (Oklahoma resident) Yvonne is in no doubt a heroine now in her small hometown of about 5500, minus her and her crew in the audience on today’s show. Lieutenant Samuel of the U.S. Navy is reminded that even on Price, you can never give away too many automobiles, or in this case a Jeep. After Bob took Samuel back to the days of the naval academy, Samuel came back with an excellent shout of “That’s Too Much!” When the time came to stop, for reasons unknown Samuel responded by saying he wanted to stay. Since our audience and Bob are so kind, Samuel was allowed to have another chance at giving us the same version of a “That’s Too Much!” as done previously. Jill may have rid 2 halves of the 16 boxes featured on Half Off’s rows known here as “Box Central”, but good old #5 was not a lucky number today, which would have been confirmed if all 3 halves were earned. After a Showcase Showdown in which our lieutenant was forced to spin the Big Wheel again on a score of 80 cents, with leader Yvonne the Oki at 90 cents, our entire audience was silent to the point of almost no breathing. Fortunately, no faces were blue even before Rich summoned our next contestant to come on down. Delia answered Bob’s question of where’s she from, which was Florida but due to 4 hurricanes she left the state for Pennsylvania, which made Bob reconsider ever asking such a question.

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