Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6106)
(Original Air Date 11-11-2004)

Make Your Move: Michelline wins; Salad Maker ($50), Dining Room Table ($814), and Cruise to Alaska ($3478)

Hole in One: Duane wins (Putts from Last Line + $500 bonus); Chevy Impala

Race Game: Sean wins (14 seconds left) ; Day Bed, Stemware, Gumball Machine, and Refrigerator Freezer

Showcase Showdown #1: Sean wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Double Prices: Kimmy wins; Catamaran ($4195)

Card Game: Sandra wins (within $1500); Ford Mustang Coup ($18,345)

Cliffhangers: Darryl wins (12 Steps); Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Kimmy wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Sean wins; “Match” Showcase, Tennis Equipment, Camping Equipment, and Ford Focus Pair ($38,841 in prizes)

It was a struggle for Michelline as she escapes the audience row for her temporary spot in Contestant’s Row, but she managed to get out in one complete piece for not only that spot, but to give a fellow audience member a high five. As for Darryl, he didn’t quite make it to his spot before Bob made his entrance. During the first bidding process, the audience was beyond silence this time, a rarity in which Bob acknowledged of course. Our audience finally came around Price wise as Michelline made various combinations ($03 Salad Maker, I’m sure she didn’t mean to leave it that way) and overlaps during Make Your Move until the perfect audience reaction is heard. Darryl may have not been listening to whoever told him to bid $1, but $1000 was not close enough to earn the chance at testing his putting skills. The audience came for guidance for another contestant and that would be Duane on his way to the rarely played from Last Line in Hole in One. Before making his winning putt, Bob was up & ready to make his much anticipated inspiration putt, but due to a certain caddy tampering with his putter, he allowed Shane to imspire golfers for the moment. Remember folks, Hole in One is Price’s version of miniature golf, so don’t ever putt the ball as hard as our caddy in either game. Kimmy made her way around the audience to her spot in Contestant’s Row, but no encore performance. Price loyalist and Celtics fanatic (or specifically, a Bird fan) Sean went from “0” to “4” prices correct during the race every loyalist would want to attempt. So far, we have perfect show and Sean celebrating his day of birth has added a $1000 win on the Big Wheel to both today’s extravaganza and his gift package. Kimmy (another form of Kimberly) recognized that she didn’t want to be end up becoming the contestant to mess today’s perfect show, which never happened to her or anyone else. Sandra wearing a patriotic shirt successfully conquered the Card Game with only a difference in the $700-$800 range from the Coup’s actual price. Darryl finally escapes Contestant’s Row giving Bob the chance to welcome him (a Canadian) to both the USA and Price, earning the position of protecting Cliffhangers’ famous mountain climber, and capping off a perfect show. The “Fiery” Showcase Sean passed for one with the pair of cars featured bottles of hot sauce, a green fireplace, a trip to Tahiti, and a Mercury Sable. Sean’s Showcase bid didn’t have the chance to show up until after the commercial break. While both Showcase bids almost had a difference of $11,000, but it was Sean’s difference in the $9,000-$10,000 that won himself a “Match” theme Showcase.

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