Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Today’s airing of The Price is Right:

-One Wrong Price- Tamara lost

-It’s in the Bag- Terry quits after winning $1,000

-Money Game- Cathy won the car

-Showcase Showdown- Terry won with .95

-Range Game- Dana won

-One Away- Jamie won the car (a 2003 Ford Mustang)

-Cliffhangers- Frank won…missed the prices by a total of $20

-Showcase Showdown- Frank won with .50


1st showcase: A bedroom group, Swimwear, and a Hot Tub…Frank passes the showcase to Terry and Terry bids $13,990

2nd showcase: Washer/Dryer, Luggage, and a Caribbean Cruise…Frank bids $10,800

Actual retail price of Frank’s showcase: $12,982

Difference of $2,182

Actual retail price of Terry’s showcase: $15,948

Difference of $1,958

Terry is the winner

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