Monday, September 23, 2002


Here are the results of today’s show:

1st item up for bids: Motorcycle

Winner: Kellie

Actual Retail Price: $2,599

Game Played: Triple Play, Result: Lost

2nd Item up for bids: Home Theater System

Winner: Robin

Actual Retail Price: $999

Game: Plinko

Results: won 3 chips for a total of 4 chips including the given one and won $3,500

3rd Item up for bids: Pool Table

Winner: Thuetrang

Actual Retail Price: $2,195

Prize: Trip to Australia

Game: Pushover

Result: Won….prize of the trip was $8,493

Showcase Showdown:

Kellie spins .15 and $1 for a total of $1.15 (over)

Robin spins .55 and stays

Thuetrang spins .30 and .35 (winner of the showcase showdown)

4th Item up for bids: Snowboards and Skis

Winner: Charles

Actual Retail Price: $2474

Prizes: Executive desk/chair, Refrigerator, and a Daybed

Game: Most Expensive

Result: Lost

5th Item up for bids: Four 35mm cameras

Winner: Christopher

Actual Retail Price: $890

Game: Pass The Buck

Prize: Jeep Wrangler SE

Result: Won both extra choices for a total of 3 possible numbers to remove and won $3,000 and the Jeep

6th and final Item up for bids: Kayak

Winner: Deborah

Actual Retail Price: $1795

Prize: Grand Piano

Game: Double Prices

Result: Won…the piano was valued at $9,672

Showcase Showdown:

Charles spins .30 and .5 for a total of .35

Deborah spins .30 and .20 for a total of .50

Christopher spins .60 (showcase showdown winner)


Deborah’s showcase: Big screen TV and Convertible

Bid: $22,000

Actual Retail Price: $30,482

Difference: $8,482

Thuetrang’s showcase: 31 Ice cream flavors for a year, $3100 in cash, Cadillac

Bid: $42,000

Actual Retail Price: $48,055

Difference: $6,055

Winner: Thuetrang

Total value of prizes won: $58,743

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