Monday, May 2, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6204)

Freeze Frame: Brittany lost; Bed ($5534)

Lucky 7: Roman lost; Chrysler Pacifica ($26,23 )

Half Off: Leonardo lost (1 Half and Box #8); Box #2 contained $10,000

Showcase Showdown #1: Leonardo wins with 80 cents

Switch?: Tivoli lost by “Staying”; Desk and Sofa

Any Number: Ruby wins Dinnerware ($628); Ford Focus ($17, 540)

Hi Lo: Warner lost; Trip to Canada

Showcase Showdown #2: Ruby wins with 70 cents

Showcase: Ruby wins; “Millionaires” Showcase, Comedy Digital Video Disks & DVD Player, Professional Range, and Jeep Wrangler ($27,639 in prizes)

Out of all four bids on a Home Gym, Roman’s $6000 was the one that made Bob jokingly ask again what our first row of contestants were bidding on. Well folks, the audience managed to change another player’s mind, specifically the Brittany who shouted “$5534” more than once for confirmation. After Tina the Dog was introduced to an audience (including a potential) outside the SPCA, Roman wins his way on stage surprising certain viewers at home. Following Roman’s (wearing a “Hey Bob, you rock” shirt) moment of bowing to our host was a Chrysler automobile making its way on the stage, meaning Lucky 7 will be played today. Early in Half Off, it seemed that Leonardo didn’t quite understand the prices of these small items featured before finally choosing the proper item priced 50% off on the third try. Leonardo didn’t quite make it into Price’s record book under Roger’s watch at the producers’ corner, but he was still smiling even after admitting that Box #2 was his first choice in mind. There is a good chance our 92-year-old Ruby of the Price studio audience will escape Contestant’s Row later on, but first we must witness players like Tivoli on stage. If a member of the FCC (or any organization that has managed to effect television’s content with useless things like the “V-chip”, 3-hours of required “educational programming”, and a blanket of fear over the broadcast networks) or an easily outraged viewer had mistaken Tivoli’s interesting name for something else according to the ears, I would have urged them to reframe and check her name tag. Yep, Ruby made it out of Contestant’s Row for the Turntable, where Any Number will be revealed shortly. At least it’s safe to say that Ruby won a prize in a Pricing Game at this point, thus ensuring more viewers that Price was not “skunked” today. Warner the last fellow of Contestant’s Row escaped at the last possible moment, yet he won’t be traveling to Canada anytime soon. Ruby didn’t need Bob’s help to spin the Big Wheel for 70 cents on the first try, causing a bit of celebration between Ruby and her young opponent Tivoli. As “The Price is Right Mall” Showcase began, odd noises made by members of the audience can heard before any person appeared on screen. Such noises can usually be heard when an eye-catching member of the opposite gender is in plain view in a packed house, but this possibly can be disputed in Price’s case. Today’s Showcases featured skis, millionaire “Mr. Grump”, and a Jeep Wrangler. We end today’s show with Ruby in front of her new Jeep as our announcer Rich joins the celebration.

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