Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6200)

Make Your Move: Heather lost; Small Refrigerator ($50), Stemware ($464), Trip to Montreal, Canada ($3659)

Dice Game: Kameron wins (Rolled “1”); Ford Escape ($21,615)

Half Off: Christina lost (3 Halves and Box #5); Box #4 contained $10,000

Showcase Showdown #1: Kameron wins with 95 cents

Side By Side: Patrick lost (Right Side); Grand Piano ($9271)

Pass the Buck: Julie wins $6000 (Card #3 Contained Car; Chevy Aveo

Swap Meet: Anthony wins (Car Tower $599); Sofa, Bookshelf, and Barbecue Grill ($599)

Showcase Showdown #2: Anthony wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Anthony wins; “Treasure Clues” Showcase, Washer & Dryer, Flat Screen TV Set, and Chrysler Crossfire ($43,391 in prizes)

Folks, we have just learned once and for all on this 6200th edition of Price why Bob’s hair is completely white, and all it took was the day he met this particular Heather. She seemed to understand Make Your Move very well under the first minute of playing, but audience reaction would force her into overtime (with overlapping showing up), forcing the possible removal of certain commercials for today’s program. Representing professional dice rollers and Marines across the land was Kameron, whose roll of “2” for the middle number never brought any doubt of him becoming an Escape owner to our minds. Joining us on the day marking her 18th year of life was Christina, whose height close to Bob’s shoulder probably had the contestant coordinators “up in arms” while questioning her age. She was ever so close to becoming $10,000 richer, but unfortunately the number “5” (evoking Christina’s graduation class of 2005, a lucky number outside of “7”, and WKRG-TV Channel 5) was up against Box 4 on the highest row of “Box Central”. Our first Showdown truly showcased different types of strength, with much of the burden (including audience reaction) going toward Christina who eventually went over. Kameron’s powerful spin would be the one to gain loud applause from the audience after “booing” and “awing” his lady opponents. The mother of Patrick’s wife won’t be receiving a new piano to practice her fingers after today’s show, unfortunately. Before “Julie! Julie! Julie!” would make her way into Contestant’s Row, Bob encouraged the current so-called “Terrible Trio” to leap along with him in order to build excitement. Remember that $6000 is more money than the “average person” can ever earn in one day, plus it’s enough to purchase a used automobile. Anthony broke the “Terrible Trio” and with the help of members of the audience, became today’s Swap Meat winner. Audience participation was never a necessity for Anthony during Showcase Showdown #2. Today’s Showcases featured clues, a Chrysler sports car, and a Sauna. Anthony’s bid may have been too low, but Kameron’s bid on a Showcase excluding a car was high enough to be considered an overbid. We end today’s show with Anthony surrounded by his crew and members of the Price staff, including Mr. Rich Fields, congratulating him for an amazing comeback. Good day and good luck!

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