Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6074)
(Original Air Date 10-06-2004)

Check Game: Donna wins (Check for $2400); Trip to the Grand Canyon ($2638)

Shopping Spree: Erin lost ($5000 to spend); Gym Set, Computer Desk, Fireplace Stove, and Clock

Pass the Buck: Megan wins $1000 (Behind #1); Ford Focus (Behind #6)

Showcase Showdown #1: Donna wins with 65 cents

Side By Side: Sarah wins (Left Side); Piano ($9186)

Any Number: Johnny wins Flatware ($925); Dodge Neon ($16,710)

Bonus Game: Michael wins (1 Chance; Top Space); Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Johnny wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Donna wins; “Blinking” Showcase, “Simpsons” Pinball Machine, Computer, and Pontiac GTO, ($46,195 in prizes)

Megan’s response to Bob asking for her bid, “on what?” Thankfully it took less than a minute for the entire studio to redirect her view from nothing to something, which was a swing set. Donna, the same lady who’s camera time began in Contestant’s Row instead of the audience thanks to a certain cameraman, knew that she was about to play Check Game, but her knowledge of the game play was in need of a refreshment. Only 2 games played and proud refrigerator owner/newlywed Erin was the one to turn Bob into nervous wreck. Despite Erin’s hysterical screaming, hugging, attempt a picking up Bob, and leap kissing, neither one effected his hosting today. Megan escapes Contestant’s Row for the dream of being beside Bob, not only that but a chance to win a station wagon under the word “Focus”. “What do I get?” was Donna’s question as the Big Wheel was coming to a complete stop, raising her score to 65 cents. Like Bob said before Rich reminded us to how to earn tickets to pay a visit to Studio 33, it’s a risk coming to the show. Mr. Johnny Moore in the 7-8 foot range joins Contestant’s Row wearing the same type of hat as James. Sarah representing a group from the state of Iowa joins us without knowing that a grand piano was in store (and later prize garage) for her. All it took was one more contestant to create an all “J” Contestant’s Row and that was Joanne joining Johnny, James, and Jeremy. This historic moment (according to Bob’s memory) came shortly after Bob recognized the remaining 3 as “The 3 Jays”. Sorry folks, no time to count the many times Bob called Johnny by his full name. Michael the self-proclaimed senior citizen, doesn’t look a day over 60 according to our eyes, earned himself another title for the moment, “The Luckiest Man On Earth” after the results of the Bonus Game. Nobody was able to topple Arizona’s very own Johnny Moore and his score of 80 cents from the Big Wheel. Today’s Showcase marked the peak of quotable words (“Pontiac?”) and phrases by Donna.

Contestant coordinators, I salute y’all for bringing Donna in front of the eyes of Price viewers worldwide. This salute also goes to Johnny Moore, who managed to withstand Donna’s energy at the very end.

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