Sunday, April 17, 2005

Million Dollar Spectacular #14
(Celebrating 33 Years on CBS)

Half Off: Willie lost (3 Halves and Box #12); Box #2 contained $25,000

Lucky 7: Sheena wins ($5 left); Cadillac Convertible ($76,566)

Clock Game: Amy wins; Spa ($899) and Sauna ($999) (+ $2500)

Showcase Showdown #1: Sheena wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Cover Up: Philip lost; Buick LaSabre ($31,290)

Grocery Game: Mae lost ($21.90); Chevy Astro Van

Double Prices: Stephen lost; Party Boat ($18,652)

Showcase Showdown #2: Philip wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase Sheena wins; “How Clock Game, Cliffhangers, and Master Key Were Created” Showcase, 45-inch TV Set, Cruise to the Mediterranean, and Travel Trailer ($183,684 in prizes)

Our latest journey into Price’s primetime excellence begins with a female Willie, who in no doubt showed plenty of true affection toward our host for the evening with her constant use of “I love you”. Removing most of the boxes of “Box Central” may have been very easy, but luck was the factor to determine Willie’s chances at winning more than double the regular prize money. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Sheena would become tonight’s first big winner after managing to keep $5 in hand to win a convertible model of Cadillac automobiles. Our first moment from the past was Bob literally under attack by the forces of one lady’s arms, but “The Ultimate Survivor” of one of CBS’ longest running institutions managed to take a seat near the big doors before the break. After years of viewing and studying the Clock Game, Sheila mastered the game perfectly even on a nighttime edition of the show. Next moment involved one fellow’s run from the stage to audience (specifically to hug one other fellow in celebration) reaction after winning all 3 prizes featured on the Golden Road. For the first time in this series of Million Dollar Spectaculars, a contestant managed to get $1.00 on the Big Wheel. After describing this recent moment Bob Barker style, we end Showdown #1 with the fact that Clock Game expert Amy is now $1000 richer. Before Philip played Cover Up, he gave mention to another great moment in his life, the birth of his little boy Bailey. Our next moment in time involves one Samoan lady who managed to raise the young Bob in the air without any harm done. Mae See (her full name) escapes as a proud Refrigerator/TV owner (yep, a color television set) to play the Grocery Game, starting with a pair of tablets worth $10.95, which may have ended her Turntable run, but not her stage run. Next moment froze in Price history is a fairly recent one, but a good one as Temptation player Michael remains patient with Bob while also speaking about his mother in Las Vegas. Before Stephen and Mae could make their grand escape, Bob gave viewers outside Television City mention of the audience’s discussion about our host’s amazing survival over the past 3 decades. Aside from the obvious reasons, the generations of viewers and contestants since September 1972 have played the greatest role in Bob’s reign as master of ceremonies and he appreciates our participation & support very much. Speaking of participation, members of the audience actually participated in Stephen’s way of making his choice in Double Prices, despite any problems Bob noticed in him while in Contestant’s Row. Our final classic moment of the night is the best known in all of Price history. That’s right, seconds after Johnny Olson summoned this particular Yolanda to come on down, she (including her possessions, seen and/or unseen to viewers) would go into Price history. Philip also becomes $1000 richer tonight, this time it was on the first spin of the wheel. Unfortunately, the Big Wheel’s nickel section was not part of Philip’s strategy; thus leaving some viewers a little disappointed. Tonight’s Showcases featured how certain Pricing Games were made, a Mediterranean holiday, and an expensive travel trailer. We end tonight’s special with Sheena and friends celebrating her becoming the biggest winner in Price history so far. Good night, everyone!

Million Dollar Spectacular #15 airs on Friday, May 6th at 7:00 PM Central Time.

(A Note: Folks, after viewing 2 out of 3 shows in this latest series of Million Dollar Spectaculars, it’s safe to say that our favorite game show has broken the evil spell place upon it by the likes of Holly and previously Dian. That’s right, according to this showcase of every current member of a modeling department that longtime viewers noticed to be very consistent, yet placed under a dark cloud on account of the rotten fruits, Price & Company are moving forward and not back at the negatives of the past. Over the past few years since Fremantle Media fired Miss Pennington and Miss Bradley, it appeared to many viewers that Price was collapsing internally before our very eye, yet we stayed in support of the show. If you compare then to now, Price has overcome this stressful period, in fact every terrible period since 1999-2000, and the show is very much the same as it’s been for all these years thanks to viewers like us. Even if the modeling department of 1972 was like a “revolving door of talent” then, it would be still possible for folks like Holly and Dian (plus the others with sour grapes) to make an attempt in destroying the reputation of Mr. Barker and the crew he managed to lead into the 21st century. In short, Price has revealed itself to be the “Ultimate Survivor” yet again after 33 years. If viewers have learned to accept Rod Roddy and Rich Fields as the voice from around the corner of the audience, why not a difference in the modeling department that could have existed over 30 years ago? Congratulations to Price and here’s a toast (of Coke) for many years of excellence without a single worry. The viewers remain on your side!

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