Monday, February 28, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6170)

Lucky 7: Gary lost; Chevy Colorado ($24,272)

It’s In The Bag: Mindy lost $1000

Race Game: Benjamin wins Dining Room Table and Lamps; Golf Equipment, and Stemware

Showcase Showdown #1: Gary wins with 95 cents

Pushover: Shamaine lost; Trip to New York City ($3015)

Master Key: Autumn wins Sofa (1 Key); Dinnerware and Dodge Neon

1 Right Price: Pole wins; Clock ($3785) and Bar Set

Showcase Showdown #2: Pole wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Pole wins; “Tricks” Showcase, Magic Set, Pool Table, and High Low Trailer ($26,859 in prizes)

It’s the end of February, spring is near, and a Ohio resident named Gary was so aware of his surroundings in Contestant’s Row, that he made an excellent escape just $1 higher than Autumn’s bid of $900 on an Elliptical Trainer. Signs of Gary’s awareness included the moment he informed Bob about what exactly did his neighbor Shawmaine bid on that prize, which was $600 rather than $1000. Another unique character enters the green spot of Contestant’s Row, only this Wisconsin resident in a green shirt named Mindy seemed to have no idea what to bid before realizing what she had done was right. Speaking of “right”, Mindy picked up Bob’s price tag with her prize’s actual retail price and in return Bob allowed her to keep it as a souvenir, plus she returned the favor with a hug (no physical harm inflicted). Representing Philadelphia Eagles fanatics around the world in a McNabb jersey (#5), Gregory joins the green section of Contestant’s Row. Benjamin’s use of the final seconds in the Race Game make me wonder if he believed there no time left to fix change the price tags of the other two prizes with the outcome of all 4 prizes won being possible in his situation. An unnamed purebred dog was introduced before an audience of hundreds of possible owners. Unfortunately, Shamaine filled to the brim with happiness to make it on stage won’t be spending a New York holiday with family, including her grandma mentioned before Pushover showed up on the Turntable. As someone interested in personal names, Autumn (along with Summer and surname Winter) is definitely one of them. Today’s Autumn was only able to win one key, which won her a new Sofa. Pole (pronounced PO-LAY) who’s very noticeable in those pink pants among most viewers made today’s last minute escape for a road of victory. Today’s winning Showcase featured trick shots, magic tricks, and a High Low Trailer. While Pole celebrated along with her crew, members of the audience can be heard chanting “Gary, Gary!”

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