Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6168)

Pocket Change: Paul lost with $1.10 (Cost of Car $1.25); Pontiac Sunfire ($17,250)

Cliffhangers: William lost; Ford Escape

Most Expensive: Michael lost; Cotton Candy Machine, Armoire, and Dining Room Table (Most Expensive)

Showcase Showdown #1: Paul wins with 90 cents

1 Right Price: Eric wins; Stemware and Sofa ($2265)

Pass the Buck: Laura wins; (Car Behind Card #4) Ford Ranger

Pick A Number: Julie lost (Picked Second “9”); Bed ($2696)

Showcase Showdown #2: Eric wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Eric wins; “Double Showcase Winner”, “Stripes” Showcase, Trip to San Francisco, African Photo Safari, and Boat; “The Price is Right Department Store” Showcase, Kitchen Appliances, Jukebox, and Snowmobile ($59,236 in prizes)

After our first four contestants of diverse heights entered Contestant’s Row, Bob wearing an almost invisible neck tie matching the shirt made his own entrance through waves of high fives from lucky members of the audience on the edge of the aisle. Representing Pennsylvania State on & off stage was Paul, who despite pricing the second digit in the Pontiac’s price incorrect and picking up what would be his sole “constant reminder” to not pick up just the slip inside an envelope, was quite a fun contestant for viewers and Bob. William’s cries for the mountain climber to “stop, stop…” unfortunately never had an impact on the game or his outcome. The year “1977” was the price of the Dining Room Table, which Michael never chose aside from the Armoire in Most Expensive. Paul surpassed both his fellow contestants in cents during Showcase Showdown #1. Before the price matching $2265 was revealed in 1 Right Price, most loyal viewers were expecting the camera to zoom in on the price reveal, only it never happened today. Representing a “well adjusted” and loyal California family reuniting under the same roof, as their favorite show was Julie Eskobar of Contestant’s Row, who happens to bare the last name of Gonzales. She would make the walk to Pick A Number under the sounds of applause and shortly after some whistling that’s likely not meant to be a form of applause. Unfortunately this was not a lucky day for the Eskobar family all in yellow shirts (from the great grandmother to the youngest), or so it appears to be all. Paul’s hesitation and reliance on the audience led to the realization that his Showcase’s actual price including the boat was far greater than his bid. As for Eric, bidding $16,000 even was his advantage for a Double Showcase win and that’s what he got the moment Bob read the last 3 digits in the Showcase’s actual price.

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