Monday, February 21, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6165)

Swap Meet: Corina lost (Swap Price: $500 for Year’s Supply of Cheesecakes); Freezer ($500), Floor Clock, and Chair

Hole in One (or Two): Chante lost (Line 3); Ford Taurus

Bonkers: Larry lost; Trip to Acapulco, Mexico (Price Unknown)

Showcase Showdown #1: Chante wins with 90 cents

Joker: Kenneth wins (Joker Behind Card #5); Bedroom Group

Cover Up: Lajuana lost; Ford Focus ($19,215)

Double Prices: Laura wins; Hot Tub ($6495)

Showcase Showdown #2: Kenneth wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Kenneth wins; “What If” Showcase, Cotton Towels, Gentleman’s Chest, and Buick ($35,680 in prizes)

Along with a unique game/book cabinet consisting of checkers, chess, and backgammon could have been a year’s supply of cheesecake for Corina, who unfortunately believed a $1000+ Floor Clock equaled in price. We are reminded once more that Bob hates Hole in One whenever his inspiration putt doesn’t live up to the game’s name, and I don’t blame him for that remark considering the outcome Chante would soon endure. Greyhound couple Shawnee and Bubba searched the audience for a true master after years of racing with bets placed on their heads. I wonder if Velma of Contestant’s Row was thinking about bidding $1080 before Larry won his way on stage, since she bid $10,000 before Bob managed to sway her bid all the way down to $800. Larry would be among the losing Bonkers players who relied on an audience of over 300 attendees for advice in only half a minute. Lajuana of Missouri’s only frog may be the one featured on her green shirt, but she demonstrated a frog’s characteristic (“Hop on Down”, says her shirt) while on her way to Contestant’s Row. Representing those taller than Bob was Kenneth, or Ken as he prefers to called, who’s choice of odd numbers by only 3 times lead to the reveal of the Joker (“Come on, Joker!” shouted a member of the audience) behind lucky #5. Lajuana never hopped out of Contestant’s Row, in case you were wondering before her “fascinating” Missouri conversation with Bob. Expect Laura’s aching hips to be in better condition than ever after soaking herself in a new Hot Tub courtesy of Price. Showcase #1 featured only one USA president on this Presidents’ Day and that would be Thomas Jefferson alongside his closet (with one sock hanging). We end today’s show with Kenneth surrounded by his large crew wearing the same shirts as Bob and Rich managed to congratulate them. Good day and good week!

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