Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6162)

Bonus Game: Priscilla lost (Bonus in Square 2); Ford Focus

Card Game: Ronda lost ($500 card); Ford Escape ($19,995)

Make Your Move: Nicholas lost; Massager ($40), Snowmobile, ($8414), and Flatware ($843)

Showcase Showdown #1: Priscilla wins with 55 cents

Range Game: Elaine lost; Trip to St. Thomas ($6698)

Let ‘Em Roll: Mattie wins $1000 with 2 Rolls; Pontiac Vibe

Switch?: Ronald wins with a “Switch”; Motorcycle and Crib

Showcase Showdown #2: Elaine wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Priscilla wins; Dining Room Group, Jukebox, and Spa ($31,175 in prizes)

The question “When will you bid?” was brought to the attention of Gabriella representing today’s first four contestants. Our first Texan, Houston’s Priscilla turned to out be a Federal Express delivery (literally, according to the front & back of her shirt). Priscilla unfortunately discovered her Bonus Game outcome too soon the moment Bob assumed her first mistake would cost her the Focus. A proud Texan named Ronda would have been a proud Escape owner if only she had a card of $2000 to be within. We would find out that Nicholas now wearing Philadelphia Eagles fan attire is a resident of the state of New York. The same Elaine who beat future Let ‘Em Roll player Mattie during the last bidding process stopped the range a few hundred dollars too soon. A $2 bid on a $1000-$1500 necklace was 80-year-old Mattie’s ticket out of Contestant’s Row before Bob steered her eyes toward more orange (color of the Pontiac) than most would ever see in one day. Speaking of Mattie, at first she chose to spin the Big Wheel herself, unfortunately her strength didn’t give contestants around her age a break this go round. Elaine’s Showcase featured video telephones made the TV set and chances for a balloon ride. Even under a dark cloud, Price made it through under unfortunate conditions today with Bob acknowledging model Brandi’s day of birth (back in January). The old saying, “keeping the faith” is alive and well!

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