Friday, January 21, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6144)

Squeeze Play: Melissa wins (removed “7”); Trip to Rome ($7194)

Master Key: Fay wins with Master Key; Sewing Machine, Dinnerware, and Chevy Aveo

Grand Game: Raymond wins $10,000 (Target Price: $4.25)

Showcase Showdown #1: Raymond wins with 60 cents

Race Game: Michelle wins; Day Bed, Food Processor, Desk, Pair of Bicycles

Cover Up: Elie wins; Pontiac Sunfire ($17,681)

Check Game: Marvin lost (Check for $2300); Piano ($4000)

Showcase Showdown #2: Elie wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Raymond wins; “Priceco Warehouse Store” Showcase, Stereo System, Spa, and Party Boat ($40,992 in prizes)

Our San Diego State representative (also attended by the spawn of Price’s producer Roger) was clearly anticipating to play a Pricing game involving cash prizes according to her “Poor College Student” shirt, but a trip to Rome should be something as good. The same Fay who almost rammed herself into the bottom of the stage as she came on down would conquer Master Key with only one key in hand. After finding out she won all 3 prizes, Fay made a run around the stage before arriving back to bow down to the floor Bob looked on in amazement. Following this act of victory, Fay had the energy to hug Bob at the very end before commercial break. Resembling a whole different “Raymond”, our Raymond for the hour would leave Contestant’s Row at a time Melissa wished she had stayed for. Words of encouragement from family, including a use of the word “girl” were shouted during Fay’s time at the Big Wheel. Michelle relied upon the audience only once during the Race Game and that only occurred after pulling the lever to reveal only 2 prizes with the correct prices. Like Fay, Elie was quite a character too, only it all took place on the Turntable. So far, we have 5 winners in a row; will Marvin make this a perfect Friday show? Sadly, this loyal left-handed viewer since he was a “a little guy” wrote an unfinished check above $2000. “There he goes again” says Bob as Elie made his victory leaps during Showcase Showdown #2.

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