Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6142)

Freeze Frame: Andrea wins; Bed ($5194)

Lucky 7: Aries wins ($1 left); Chevy Malibu ($23,367)

Cliffhangers: Stephanie wins (8 Steps); Home Office and Computer

Showcase Showdown #1: Andrea wins with 85 cents

Switch?: Andrew lost by “staying”; Couple of Banjos and Sofa

Let ‘Em Roll: Stephanie wins $2000; Ford Focus

Range Game: James lost; Spa ($8995)

Showcase Showdown #2: Andrew wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; “Rhymes” Showcase, Trip to Philadelphia, London, and Japan; “FPI: Federal Prize Investigator” Showcase, Dish Washer, Couple of Motorcycles, and Trailer

Among our first four contestants today was a braided haired, yet female Aries and Andrew, one of the few fellows to ever give up in Contestant’s Row (by sitting down) after placing a $6000 bid. Negative audience reaction was heard the moment Andrea chose to freeze her choice, but she proved those show participants wrong. James of Indiana who just arrived in Contestant’s Row was lured back before joining Andrew and Stephanie in their seats in Contestant’s Row. Aries’ chance of giving Bob both a hug & kiss only if she wins the Chevrolet came true after all. It’s interesting to note that Aries’ had no knowledge of Lucky 7 until Bob explained it of her, including every other viewer new to the game. Both of Cliffhangers last two items were priced correctly, winning Stephanie a new home office and a newfound love for the game. Before Andrea said she would rather have her name pronounced Anne-DREE-uh, Bob acknowledged the fact that older men tend to shrink, explaining his lost of a couple of inches over the past decade. Our character of the day Andrew escapes at last to make one important decision as a student of television (future TV producer), only resulting in the first loss of the show. Our second Stephanie played Let ‘Em Roll to the very end of the road, leaving the stage $2000 richer. Hoosier James made it on stage for Range Game showing up last. The only thing Andrew hurt was his hand rather than the Big Wheel or any witnesses. Today’s Showcases featured rhymes, an FPI agent, and distraction “behind the podium” possibly due to the presence of our agent. Unfortunately, our players with a big difference in height went over by so little. Sort of interesting this had to happen on the day before the 55th presidential inauguration takes over Price’s timeslot on all CBS stations.

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