Monday, January 17, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6140)

Flip Flop: Margaret wins by “flopping”; Trip to Cancun, Mexico ($3764)

Pocket Change: Morgan wins with 50 cents; Ford Focus ($18,530)

Punch A Bunch: John wins $100 with 4 Punches

Showcase Showdown #1: Morgan wins with 95 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Jerome wins; Iron Clad Gas Stove and Bar Set (Bargain of $1000)

Now or Then: John lost (“Then” August 1998); Living Room Group and Keyboard

Any Number: Brittany wins Ford Taurus ($21,390); Dining Room Table ($465)

Showcase Showdown #2: Jerome wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Jerome wins; “Unpacking” Showcase, Range, TV Set, Grandfather Clock, and Chevy Colorado ($31,686 in prizes)

Our week begins with a “Lots” theme in the opening, followed by some hair partially blocking a camera’s view of Bob making his entrance from the middle big doors. Lucky for Margaret, she didn’t have to use “all her strength” as Bob demonstrated during his own “flipping”. The same female variety of Morgans who had no idea what to bid (“I don’t know”, says Morgan after Bob asked for her bid) before discovering that’s she won her way on stage became Pocket Change’s first winner. Representing the Navy, John used most, if not all his strength when punching four holes on the Punchboard. It’s safe to say $100 is quite a lot when used wisely. Folks, meet Timothy the Dog who should be in someone’s care before the night is through. Jerome wearing a shirt with Bob’s image on front escapes Contestant’s Row not for anniversary jewelry as presented earlier, but for luggage and both prizes featured in the bargain bar. A can of Yams with a 1998 price above $1.00 sealed this civilian John’s fate. Like Morgan (a soccer player), our last contestant to escape Contestant’s Row was athletic (in basketball) and is also the proud owner of a new automobile. Today’s Showcases featured boxes, snow, and a Chevy Colorado with a back full of boxes. Before the break, Bob searches for the member of Price’s staff celebrating a day of birth. Before Bob revealed the Showcases’ actual retail prices, he asked the audience to wish Shane another happy day of birth. We end today’s show with Jerome and his wife standing in front of something much more expensive than anniversary jewelry, a Chevrolet automobile sharing a “C” state’s name.

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