Friday, January 14, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6139)

Lucky 7: Vera wins ($1 left); Ford Explorer ($27,415)

Half Off: Steven wins (3 Halves; Box #9 contained $10,000)

Side By Side: Vanessa lost by “Left Side”; Electric Vehicle ($6933)

Showcase Showdown #1: Steven wins with 65 cents

Buy or Sell: Kurt wins (+$600); Dining Room Table, Fireplace, and Washer & Dryer

Dice Game: Charles wins (Rolled second “1”); Dodge Neon ($16,125)

Hit Me: Angela wins (Stayed at 18; House Breaks 21); Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Kurt wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Kurt wins; “Hot Spots” Showcase, Hot Tub, Trip to Rio De Janeiro and Hawaii ($29,582 in prizes)

The year 1995 (back in Contestant’s Row) and the number “5” were Vera’s lucky numbers today, but we can’t forget old “7” which she got it “right on the nose” early on in Lucky 7. More luck comes between two boxes left in “Box Central” as Steven representing the Marines went his own route between the choices of Box #9 and #3. No luck was needed for Side By Side, but the audience managed to change Vanessa’s opinion on which “Side” makes the price of the Electric Vehicle. “Come on, Vera!” says Vera before spinning the Big Wheel for something greater than 65 or a tie at least. Price loyalist and sporting powerful legs Charles demonstrated for us his rolls, make that “throws”. I still ponder what was on his mind believing that the second digit in the Neon was “1” (lower than rolled number “2”). Angela escapes at the very last moment for Price’s version of Las Vegas blackjack, with the House losing to an Ace and “7”. Today’s Showcases featured “Hot Spots”, mall shoppers, and a Chrysler PT Cruiser. We end this week with Kurt and his small, yet energetic crew in front of the door that revealed his trips to Rio and Hawaii.

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